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Marcus Harrison's Paradise Sequel

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Marcus and Charlotte are now together. Their love story continues in these one shots.

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Chapter One - Charlotte

“How about this one?” I asked Marcus as I showed him a grey short sleeves t-shirt. “It’s nice, isn’t it?”

Marcus was sitting in front of me with arms folded on his chest and with a big scowl on his face. “I am not wearing any of these?” he said to me while gazing towards the piles of brand new t-shirts I bought for him.

I frowned, “Why not? What’s wrong with these?” I asked him as I inspected the shirt in my hand. It looked okay to me.

He sighed and shook his head, “Seriously Charlie, it has ‘Hey I found your nose. It was in my business’ written over it.” He pointed out the phrase that was written in bold white font in front of the shirt.

I chuckled and shrugged, “Yeah, so?” I asked.

Marcus gave me that ‘give start with me look’. I laughed and dropped the grey shirt on the floor. I picked up another black t-shirt and showed it to him, “No matter what you say. You are wearing this.” I said to him. Marcus chuckled as he read the word ‘taken’ written over it. “Seriously, you have to wear this. I don’t want girls to think that you are available in any way.” I added.

Marcus chuckled, “No other girl wants to be with me – so, relax.” He said.

I narrowed my eyes, “Either you are blind or you know that it is true, but you just want me to keep telling you that there are girl out there who ogles you and wants to be with you. I think the second one is more accurate.” I said while tapping my finger over my chin.

Marcus laughed and stood up on his feet. He took the shirt from my hand and threw it behind him before grabbing me by my waist and pulling me closer to him, “I don’t care how other girls look at me. I just care how you look at me. And the way you are looking at me right now wants me kissing the soul out of you.” He said and brushed his thumb under my lower lip.

I chuckled and circled my arms around his waist, “Well, what are waiting for then?” I asked as I tip toed and leaned in. He smiled and angled his head. His plump lips brushed over mine. I opened my mouth and bit his lower lip. He hissed and put his hand under my chin.

“I love you.” He mumbled over my lips.

I smiled, “I love you too.” I replied and pressed firmly my lips over his. It has been three months since the incident. Three month since I have been feeling these lips over mine but, it still feels like I am being kissed for first time. I still feel tingly, I still feel Goosebumps all over my arms and legs when he is close to me.

“Marcus! Charlotte! Come down! For the love of God – she is your child! Take responsibility of her.” Our special moment was interrupted by yelling Silas. Marcus groaned and rested his forehead over mine and closed his eyes in frustration. I closed my eyes tensely – I completely forgot that Silas is waiting for Marcus downstairs. I asked Silas to look after Kathie for five minutes and came up here to show Marcus the shirts, jeans and shorts that I bought for him for our trip to Maldives. “I am coming up and Kathie is with me – if you two are busy then, put some clothes on if you don’t want your child to see you two naked. I am coming in – I am coming in!” Silas yelled from behind the door to alert us. Marcus rolled his eyes and I chuckled.

I took a step back and mashed my lips together to stop my laughter when I saw the door knob jiggling, “What? Seriously, you two locked the door?! She is scratching my face! Open the door and take her. I have to go – open up!” Silas knocked the door loudly.

I laughed and moved forward to open the door but, I was stopped by Marcus. He circled his arms around my stomach carefully – my scar still aches. It isn’t really bad but, Marcus is really carefully while touching me. He buried in face in my neck from behind and inhaled audibly. I giggled, “Marcus, what are you doing? He is at the door. If we won’t open it – he will knock it down.” I whispered.

“I doubt that.” He replied and kissed my shoulder blade. I shivered in delight and bit my lower lip. “He is not that strong.” He whispered.

“Marcus! Open up – she is about to cry. Oh no – no, don’t cry. Don’t cry. Her lips are trembling. Tears are filling up in her eyes. I swear to God, Marcus – open the door.” Silas knocked the door loudly. “Kathie, please don’t cry. If you will cry Uncle Silas will cry as well. Don’t cry.” I heard Silas talking to Kathie. My heart twisted when I heard him. My baby was about to cry and I couldn’t let it happen.

“Marcus, she will cry. Let me go, please.” I said to him as I tried to get away from his hold.

His lips were still on my neck. He kissed my earlobe, “He is lying. She isn’t crying. He is just saying to get us open the door.” He mumbled in my ear.

I frowned, “How can you be so sure? What if she is really crying – please let me go.” I pleaded.

He sighed and leaned back his head, “I know this because he has done this before.” Marcus told me.

No matter what Marcus says my heart would be in peace when I will personally make sure that she is okay. “Please Marcus.” I pleaded.

He sighed and took a step back. “Fine, go and see it yourself.” He waved his hand towards the closed door.

As soon as he let me go – I rushed towards the door and opened it to see a giggling Kathie in Silas’s arms. I frowned and looked Silas to see him grinning, “I can’t believe it still works.” He said and pushed Kathie forward. “Take her, please. What do you feed her? She is getting heavy.” Silas said and handed Kathie to me. Kathie came in my arms and kissed my cheek. I smiled and kissed her cheek back.

Marcus came from behind me and chuckled, “I told you so.” He said and kissed Kathie’s forehead. Kathie whined and jiggled to get out of my arms. I puffed and let her down. She shrieked and giggled before she rushed in our room. I twirled my head around to see her looking in the shopping bags. Thankfully, I have bought anything that would be too inappropriate for her to see. I turned back around and saw Silas grinning.

“Sorry, but I have to go. I will see you two tonight at the dinner.” He said and turned around to walk away. He halted and twirled his head, “Hey, do you guys need ride to the airport tonight?” he asked us.

Marcus shook his head, “No, I have driver to drop us off to the airport.” He answered.

Silas nodded his head, “Okay, well – I have to go and see if the plumber fixed those showers. I will see you guys tonight then.” He said and walked away.

Silas left his old house – there were too many bad memories for all of us in there. This time he bought a penthouse not so far away from ours. Tonight he invited us for dinner at his new penthouse before we leave for our trip to Maldives. I sighed and smiled as I saw him walking down the stairs. It is good that Silas left that place – he needs a place and a new start just like Maria. I feel a little sad that Maria has gone to Chicago – she promised me that she will visit us after we will come back. There isn’t a single time of a day when I don’t miss her. When she first told me that she is moving to Chicago – I went nuts. She is my family – it is hard to live so far away from some so close.

“Oh no.” I heard Marcus mumbling from behind me.

I frowned and looked around to see that Kathie has taken all the clothes from the shopping bags and now they were all over the floor while she sit and play with one of the empty bag on the floor. My handbag was also on the floor and some of my things were out of it. I gasped when Kathie looked around – she had lipstick marks all over her chin, hands and neck. “Oh God, Kathie.” I said and rushed to take the opened lipstick from her hand. “How does she do it all so quietly?” I asked Marcus – who just chuckled in return.

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