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Chapter 12- Perfect Girls Read Fiction

What on earth was he doing here? In Swanford of all places? And to the extent that he had to change his name to Lucas Lionheart? Did he remember her?

Cat had far more questions swarming her mind, however, she was rooted to the ground, not daring to move away from Andrain and closer to the man who almost sold her, that’s right she still remembered that.

“My my, little Kitty Cat is all grown up.” Luis... Lucas? Cat didn’t care, she just knew she didn’t like the man.

“Is he talking to you?” Andrian’s whispered, his eyes still on Lucas.

Cat couldn’t even find it in herself to form words, it was if someone took an eraser to her mind and wiped it clean, she could only nod meekly.

“Answer me! Issac?” Vera grabbed Issac’s shoulders and forced him to turn to her, her navy eyes filled with so many emotions, they were impossible to list.

“You must be her new lap dog, hows that treating ya? You even left your post, to instead guard her.” Lucas threw a glance at Vera, she didn’t even acknowledge him. “You aren’t being paid enough.”

“Who is he?” Vera asked slowly, Issac couldn’t bring himself to meet her eyes.

“So I can assume the rest of you are out of the loop? You don’t need to hear my story, just type up the name Caterina Rain-”

“Shut the fuck up you scum.” Cat’s eyes widen as she glanced up at Andrain, she has never seen this side of him before, his light brown eyes were dark with anger as he narrowed them at Lucas. “What gives you the right to pry into her business like that?”

Lucas burst into laughter, suddenly, he switched to his serious mode again, his black eyes meeting Andrain’s, the younger man didn’t back down. The tension in the atmosphere was thick enough to cut with a knife, they can’t start anything here, even if all the others would undoubtedly back Andrain, Lucas would be dumb to not call for his own reinforcements.

“Don’t get involved in this kids,” Issac finally said, he gently lifted Vera’s hand off his arm, she didn’t even flinch. “Don’t listen to a word he says.”

“We’re not children,” George stated, he didn’t know what was going on at all, why Lucas would be familiar with Cat, apart from Cat herself, Issac and Lucas, no one knew.

“Is something going on here?” A burly middle-aged man, who had on the typical police uniform walked up to the group. Sheriff Briar. Cat didn’t know much about him, apparently, he was appointed quite recently and happened to be a distant relative of Vera’s. “I would appreciate if you lot didn’t loiter around the area.” Sheriff Briar’s gaze was directed at Lucas, who shrugged and mounted his bike before taking off. “You folks better not get involved with that Lionheart kid, especially you Vera, I can’t bear to see you like that again.”

Vera didn’t even answer before she walked off, Issac hesitated and shot a pleading look at Cat, the redhead nodded to indicate her approval. The blonde turned heel and chased after Vera.

“Better be heading home now y’all.” Sheriff Briar got into his car and drive off without another word.

Cat didn’t want to leave Andrain’s warm embrace just yet, he seemed to be thinking the same as he squeezed her forearms. Still, Cat was the one to push herself off his chest, she had tons of questions and not enough answers.

“You heard the man, we should be making our way back now anyway.” Andrain led Cat away and the rest of the boys followed, except Damien, since he lived outside the dorms, he headed in the opposite direction.


Cat was basically dragged all the way to the dorms, her mind was abuzz with unanswered questions, she let Andrain hold her arm until they got back. Karl and George were chatting or complaining until they left upon reaching their floor, she didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye, maybe they were still stunned as she was.

“I hate him.” Was all Andrain said as he left Cat on the couch, with those three words, her mind was awake.

“I can understand that he caused Vera’s misery and injured her as well. Seeing as how close the two of you are, you have the right to hate him.” Cat pushed herself off and Dan strolled into the room, making his presence known by rubbing himself against Cat’s ankles.

“You don’t get it Catty. I also resent myself because I allowed Vera to be abused by him, worse. I rubbed it in her face, I was the one that told her that her relationship with Lucas wouldn’t work, I made her want to go back to him.”

“How does that work?”

“Vera never liked it when people told her to do things, shes’s stubborn sometimes, when I joked about how dumb she was to be with him, she took it to heart and she wanted to go back to him to prove a point. I should never have been so insensitive, it’s all my fault, all my fault she was injured and abused back then, if only I understood what she was going through, I would have done a better job at consoling her,”

“You can blame yourself all you want, wouldn’t change the fact that what happened has already happened. Sure, you made a mistake, don’t we all? We’re all young and naive at one point, there’s no point looking back at it now, you were still there with Vera when it counted, you saved her life Andrian. Now, just make sure she doesn’t get hurt anymore, plus, you’ve got Issac guarding her as well.”

She’s right, Andrain realized. What was the use of brooding over something that he can no longer alter, he had let his guilt eat him from the inside out and never even considered the fact that Lucas would return and seek revenge on him. Which brought up another question, how did Lucas know Cat? Was it even alright to ask her?

“By the way... what Lucas said about you. How did the two of you cross paths? What did Lucas mean when he said that Issac was your lap dog?” Cat stilled.

“I thought you might ask me that, trust me I hold no grudge against you for that. Yes, Lucas does know me, but that was a long time ago, I was a different person back then.” Not that I’ve changed much. She thought internally. “I would appreciate it if you don’t bring up my past.”

That was the end of it, he didn’t want to make Cat anymore uncomfortable than she already was.

“Ahhhh... this is giving me a headache,” Andrain whined, he looked over at Cat who was resting as Dan laid at her side. “Hey Catty? Do you mind doing me a favour?”

This made the redhead look up. “If you need to get your mind off things, what do you want me to do?”

Andrain sat down on the couch next to her, Dan must felt it as he awoken, after stretching, he leapt off and left the pair alone. Andrain made a mental note to treat the cat with extra food that day. He patted on his lap and Cat regarded him with a questioning look and a tilt of the head.

“Put your head on my lap,” Andrain instructed, patting his lap again. “Actually Wait a moment.” He got up and entered his bedroom, where he held an ear pick in his hand and this only made Cat more curious.

“What is that for?” She finally inquired. “Are you planning to clean out your ears?”

“You never had someone clean out your ears before?”

“I always did it by myself, I didn’t want to be pampered too much, then again, this does sound intriguing. How does one partake in this act?”

“For starters,” Andrain returned to his spot on the couch. “You can lay your head on my lap.”

“I remember this act had a name...” Cat stayed silent in order to remember it.

“A lap pillow you mean?”

" Ah, that’s right! Isn’t it an something that couples usually partake in?”

“Well... I mean couples do this kinda stuff I guess... still you can always say no,”

“No... no, I meant that I want to do this, besides it gonna help you take your mind off things right?”

“You don’t have to do it for me... I just don’t want to impose on you.”

“No, it’s okay! I’ll be overjoyed to help you in any way I can.”

Cat then took this time to rest her head on Andrain’s lap, it was a strange feeling, to be so close to him and feel his warmth. They’ve been close before, still, her heart hammered against her ribcage and she forced herself to breathe, it wouldn’t be any good if she fainted on him, would it?

“I haven’t done this in a while... mostly cause the guys will make fun of me. I used to do this a lot for Vera, although she was super ticklish and couldn’t stay still for even five minutes. Let’s see if I’m rusty shall we?” Cat braces herself for the cold odd feeling that would soon penetrate her ear.

Andrain expertly handled her like she was a doll, his hand movements were gentle but, still managed to send tingles down her spine. She made a weird noise that she was unable to describe and Andrain stopped.

“I guess that moan answered my question.” She could picture him smiling on her mind.

Moan? When did Cat ever moan? This was very peculiar, was he just that good? Not to mention how relaxing, she felt as if she was lying on clouds and the tension dissolves from her body.

“I’m sorry.” She mumbled, the tips of her ears staining red.

“Don’t apologize, it makes me happy to make you feel at peace, just stay still and we’ll do your right ear after this okay?” He spoke in a low husky voice that aroused a foreign feeling in the redhead on his lap.

Cat closed her eyes and allowed Andrain to take the lead, he hummed softly as he did this, letting the mundane task set in and take him out of his thoughts. Cat was fidgeting a little and would whimper when he touched certain spots of her ear, he couldn’t help but notice how his heartbeat turned irregular and he struggled to understand why.

“Let’s do your right ear now.” Andrain allowed Cat a moment to adjust herself, she turned her head to face his stomach while her legs were curled against her abdomen and her arms folded against her chest, she can still hear the sound of her heartbeat and prays that Andrain doesn’t notice. “Okay... are you ready?”

Cat’s response was a mix between a sigh and yes, she wanted nothing more than to bury a hole and die in it. He began once again, she was still squirming a little, her right ear was more sensitive than her left, it only made her treacherous heart beat faster, which she thought impossible.

“I know you probably don’t wanna talk about it, but, I feel like you should be able to talk to me. Just know that if at any time, something is bothering you, you can just come and vent to me okay? Then we’ll work together to solve it, you are doing a lot for me as well. Not to mention the guys seem to adore you.” Cat felt herself melt.

“Thank you Andrain, I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate.” He smelt of pine and citrus, she noticed how Andrain was one of the few guys that didn’t often wear cologne, she did prefer it that way, he smelt natural. “But enough about me, I wanna hear about you. You should feel the same way about me: you can tell me anything. You have my absolute trust.”

“I thank you as well Catty. I do have something I wanna get off my chest, you know how I’m supposed to take over Crowne Hotels since my family runs it?”

“Isn’t that why you can afford all the things you own?”

“Well yes, material things are just one of the perks of being rich, alongside the setbacks.”

He sounded a lot like her.

“What kind of setbacks?”

“The kind that left me feeling lonely all the time, I have the guys sure, still they can’t relate to how it feels. And I’m sure you think I’m just being a sissy about this but still... there’s no one I can be completely honest with... I need to keep up my image,”

“Then we’re more alike than you know... I’m grateful you felt like you can share this with me,”

“Yeah well prepare yourself cause I’m going to say really stupid now,”


“I want to do flower arrangements,”

That was indeed unexpected, Cat has expected Andrain to be into sports, seeing as how he would diligently work out. And plus, didn’t boys like sports? Maybe she should stop reading those fiction books.

As if.

“Huh... I must say I am a little surprised but, what even got you into it? I heard flower arrangements are most common in Japan,” Cat felt more comfortable now, Andrain was still gentle with her.

“My grandmother stayed in Japan for a huge chunk of her life, she really took to life there, even after to got married to my grandfather, she still practised it. She even taught me a few things,”

“She sounds like a very pleasant woman,”

“She was the best. She bought new food every time she came over, I swear she was trying to make me and Vera fat as children,”


“She passed when I was ten,”

“My condolences, I’m sure she would have loved to teach you more, you must have really admired her.”

“Yeah well, I only wish to make her proud. Still, don’t think of me doing this for her, I’m going to do it because I want to. I’ve even been brushing up my skills.”

Andrain sounded really excited and Cat’s heart warmed, she loved it when he was happy. To be surrounded by people, yet, you feel alone, he really was just like Cat.

She knew he was going to ruin her for anyone else.

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