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Chapter 14- Perfect Girls Go On Dates

There was that kiss during Christmas, it was far different than the one that she was experiencing right then, Cat was sure Andrain just did it in the heat of the moment or something. The kiss was longer, more sensual in a way she has never felt before, it was far from a perfect kiss since neither of them really done much of it, it was obvious they were inexperienced, still, it affected her. She was stiff for a few moments, soon after, she responded, her hands went to his chest, gripping the fabric of his shirt, both being guided by pure instinct, not knowing what to do or what to feel.

That didn’t matter though, what mattered was that they were there, with each other. Andrain was the one that pulled away first, his face was bright red and he had to turn to ensure that she didn’t see how embarrassed he was about it.

“I should be sorry, umm... I shouldn’t have...” She just looked really cute, not to mention the air around them seemed to be lighter now, still, he didn’t want to waste any time, he wanted to claim her, as soon as possible.

“Never mind that, I was the one that got carried away by the snow,” Her eyes were as wide as saucers. “I wanted to say, maybe you should talk with your father. Get him to rebuild the greenhouse, after all, I’m sure he didn’t really want it torn down, everyone does dumb things in grief. Maybe that’s why he avoided coming back, he doesn’t know how to face you.”

He was silent, processing this theory in his mind, he wondered why she always knew what to say to him, with a chuckle he removed his hands from her face. “We should be heading back, we don’t wanna freeze to death out here.”


By the time they returned, Issac was looking furious, his arms were folded across his chest as he glared at Andrain and Cat when entered the room, however, much to their surprise, the blonde didn’t say anything. Harold was kind enough to pack some of the tea leaves and cookies into two bags for her to take home, the butler pulled Andrain away for a conversation before leaving, Cat didn’t know what he said to Andrain, however her roommate looked flustered after that small talk.

“We’re going to keep the cheese in our fridge,” Andrain decided when they were walking back to Issac and Vera’s apartment.

“Vera does like to raid the fridge....” Issac recalled, he had taken the basket from Andrain earlier and the younger man was telling him exactly what was what as if Issac had never been on a picnic before.

Not that he could deny that. The only picnics he even attended was as her attendant, he was never involved in the festivities and instead always had to be alert in case harm came to the princess. Not that she could fault him, it was his job after all.

“Much like Catty over here,” Andrain nudged her playfully and she giggled.

“Are you calling me fat?” Cat tried to sound offended however, she couldn’t even take herself seriously.

“Well, you can afford to lose a little we- Ouch! Catty...” He whined when she smacked his shoulder, she didn’t even think she put that much force behind it.

“Quit acting like a baby!” She stuck her tongue out at her roommate, Issac chuckled behind them.

“How old are you guys?” He mockingly asked.

“Shut up!” The two retorted in unison, earning them another chuckle.

Vera was finishing up when the trio made it to Issac’s house, she was in a brown top and a pair of sweatpants that Cat saw Issac wearing before, after she wiped her sweaty face she caught sight of Issac and glowered at him. Probably angry that he didn’t stay to help with the massive amount of cleaning. He had thrown away the bag that once contained the ring, Andrain told him it was best that he took the ring out of the box so Vera wouldn’t suspect anything.

The ring in question was currently in Issac’s pocket, with a crushed up receipt from their lunch, just in case, Vera did anything inappropriate that would let her feel the outline of the ring. When invited into the house, they two university students refused and said that they were only there cause they wanted to say hi to Vera and departed soon after. They let Issac hold onto the basket and cheese since he already announced that he would take Vera out to a picnic some time after or during new years.

Let’s hope he doesn’t fuck it up.


Cat really appreciated how Andrain would let her wear his shirts whenever she was too lazy to do laundry, which was all the time, she’s gotten used to being engulfed in his huge shirts that smelled a lot like him. When given the chance, she even wears out his jeans, you can’t blame her, those things have actual pockets! For a girl that has only worn puffy dresses and jeans with very shallow pockets, it was a welcome change, finally, she has a place to slot her phone without it falling out. Don’t start.

Andrain doesn’t seem to mind that she raids his hoodies and other clothes, although sometimes, he did get flustered and wide-eyed when she first did it, now, he was used to it. He was still cooking up breakfast, she caught a whiff and practically drooled when she smelled the aroma of waffles.

Dan was actually warming up to Andrain a lot as well, often she would find the two snuggled up together on the couch asleep, Cat almost swooned, almost. Can you blame her? When you see a cute guy cuddled up with a cute cat, that would be enough to make any girl’s heart melt. Andrain sneaks Dan the leftovers even after she said that the feline has had enough, food was always one of the best ways to get to the heart.

An odd object caught her eye as she strolled to the dining table, it was a drone like with a steel exterior with black helicopter blades attached to the top of it, it seemed incomplete, with wires spilling out of the sides.

“Andrain...” She touched the blade with her index finger cautiously. “What’s this?”

Her roommate looked past her shoulder, not moving away from the waffle iron. “Damien was here yesterday after you went to bed, he said he couldn’t concentrate cause his dad came back with some unknown woman and he wanted to get out of the house. Since not many places would be open that late, he came here, that’s a drone that he needed to repair for his internship at Mysticorp, that high-end tech company.”

Of course, Cat has heard of them, they were at the top of their field, engineering new plane engines, researching and finding new ways to harness energy in a way that makes them environmentally friendly.

“Good for him, how did he manage that though, don’t they only accept the best?” She was lining down the silverware, just like how she’s seen her helpers do. “Where’s the syrup?”

Andrain pointed to the fridge as he plated the waffles. “One of his distant relatives is the COO I think, very sympathetic about his abusive father and since he gets straight A’s anyway, that relative thought Damien should have a chance to make a life for himself.”

Cat removed the syrup from the fridge and placed it in the middle of the table. “I don’t really know that much about Damien...”

“It can’t be helped, his a really private guy. From the outside, you would probably think he was a completely normal side character,” Andrain placed a large helping of waffles onto her plate, the rest was his. “I think we have whipped cream too, I’ll get it,” He returned to the fridge and grabbed a can of whipped cream.

“His really smart huh?”

“He is doing some top secret stuff for the company, his what you would call a prodigy.”

Prodigy? No one ever called her that, she was always ‘Your Highness’ or ‘Your royal highness’, it was never ‘Cat’ or ‘that girl’, sometimes it felt like no one knew her proper name. Not that mattered now, she found that she liked being called ‘Catty’.


Damien was always in school before the rest of his friends arrived, weird since he technically lived further away then them. Only a few other students were in school with him, mostly the nerds that only wanted to arrive early so that they can get some studying in.

A familiar brunette bumped into him, she was busy checking her reflection in her compact mirror to see where she was going.

“Oh, sor-” It was Ally, her eyes narrowed into slits at the sight if him and jumped back, trying to get as much distance away from him as possible. “Damien.”

“I guess your hair was never really blonde huh?” He was monotone. “I haven’t been seeing you around since you left for rehab.”

“I just haven’t been around for the past chapters! Plus, you guys are almost never in school!”

“True. Are you still hooked up on Andrain? Or was the rumour true that you actually have a girlfriend now?”

“I am in a relationship with a woman now, however, that’s none of your business. And also, Andrain will always be a dear friend of mine, him and Cat.”

Damien remained emotionless. “Oh really?” He starting walking away in the opposite direction and left Ally stunned.

She never liked him, somehow he always appeared ‘off’ to Ally, whenever he was around Andrain and the rest, he was seemingly normal, even if his reactions were a millisecond too late as if he doesn’t know how to express himself. Why would Andrain hang with someone like him anyway? Ally thought before turning her heel and headed for the foyer, she was checking her bangs with the selfie mode of her camera when she bumped into someone else. Gosh, can she catch a break?

“I’m sorry,” Ally felt her gaze lock with Cat’s. “Oh my god, Ally? You look amazing! Your natural hair colour suits you way better!”

Would it fine to tell her? Ally has never voiced her detest of Damien to anyone before, still, if Andrain considered him a close friend, he would suspicious of her if she expressed her opinion. Back then, she was afraid that he would leave her if she didn’t act her part. She was a new person, she knew that Andrain would probably never entertain this idea, still, Cat was a different story. This was the girl that convinced her that she shouldn’t act like someone she wasn’t, instead, she learned to embrace herself and is now living a better life than she ever did. She had a marvellous girlfriend that genuinely cares about her more than any of her fake friends ever did.

“Cat...What do you think of Damien?” She uttered, tearing her eyes away from Cat’s violet-blue ones.

The princess processed this question in her mind and answered truthfully after a few tense moments. “He’s a good friend to Andrain. If he trusts Damien, I feel like I should too.”

“I’ve known Andrain, Karl and George my whole life, we have been living in this small town ever since we were born. However, Damien only arrived during the last year of high school. No one really knew who he was, not to mention how he doesn’t seem to smile around anyone but Andrain. You can ask Karl or George about this too, they might not notice it... Just be careful okay?” She warned, Cat wasn’t the type of person to brush off such things so easily, every word was taken into consideration. “Ugh... I’m sorry. I need to go see Fiora now, she’s super pissed at me missing our date last night. Bye Cat!” With a wave and a bright smile, the girl rushed past a puzzled Cat.

“Bye Ally...” But the girl was already so far away Cat was sure her goodbye wasn’t audible to her, with a sigh she headed to her locker.

Before they left, Andrain realized that he had forgotten his physics homework and told Cat to go ahead while he searched for it at home, informing her that Damien should already be there and look for him. Although, with what Ally said to her a moment ago... she was a little reluctant to be alone with him.

“Cat!” Speaking of the devil, or at least, she thought of the devil.

“Damien!” She has to act normal, for all she knew Ally could be completely wrong and was just being paranoid, maybe she should bring up what she said to Andrain later tonight.

“Hey Cat... I know this is probably a weird question but... will you go out with me?” She almost fainted.

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