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Chapter 15- Perfect Girls See Things Through


Recap: Damien asked Cat out and she almost fainted. There


What felt like an eternity passed before Cat finally blurted. “WHAT?” Well, I guess more like shouted.

“I’m not taking that back,” Damien forced a smile on his face.

“But... Andrain...” Wait, she can’t use him as an excuse, sure, they’ve kissed, more than once. Still, what was he to her? She has never felt this way for another person before, she was grateful to Issac and she found Vera admirable yet... there’s no word to describe Andrain.

To her, he was like the wind that would soothe her when she stressed, the guide that carefully taught her everything that she didn’t know, no matter how embarrassing it was. he never once judged her or was mean towards her, he didn’t seem to have an ulterior purpose either. However, she was a princess, can she really drag him into a life that he might never get accustomed to? How would he react? When he found out that she kept this from him.

He was so honest towards her, revealed all his scars and still kept a smile on his face, yet, what can Cat offer him? She was so selfish, keeping all this to herself, being unable to tell Andrain for fear of how he will see her.

“Ah, yes. I know you’re in love with Andrain,” Huh? “I’m only thinking of you. Andrain may be a total loser when it comes to finding himself a girlfriend, however, at least his been on dates before. But you... are very much inexperienced. This works out for the both of us, you can get some experience out of this and I can see if you’re worthy of being his girlfriend,”

“G-girlfriend?” If she didn’t feel faint before, she certainly did now.

Being a royal meant that her partner would only be one of two things: fiance or husband. There was no title such as ‘boyfriend’ in her world, however, she didn’t hate is she was called ‘Andrain’s girlfriend’.

“You really think this will help me?” She was embarrassed to say this.

After a heartbeat, a robotic smile was plastered on his face. “Of course. I’ll pick you up later this afternoon? Feel free to tell Andrain if you want to.” With that, he left to meet with Karl and George.

An arm snaked around her waist pulling her against his hard chest, Andrain buried his head in her soft red hair and she squirmed under him, pressing her hand against his chest and pushed him away. He pouted but didn’t seem that disappointed.

Should she tell him about the ‘date’? Damien said it was fine and she was sure that he and Andrain were close enough to not let such a small thing cause a rift between them.


It was best that she kept it to herself, for now, she didn’t need to do anything complicated either, she can simply tell him she was visiting Issac or something.

“Hey, Andrain?” She mumbled and he blinked before casting a worried glance at her.

“Whats wrong Catty?” He inquired, raising a brow.

“I need to go to Issac and Vera’s place later this afternoon, they say they wanna help me with History, I’ve been falling behind.”

“Do you want me to tag along? I mean I know my grades are nothing to boast about and I’m not that good of a teacher but... I would like to help any way I can.”

Cat loved how he can say such things like that, then again, she also hated it. When she was young, she was taught to be suspicious of a lot of things, she couldn’t even trust her own future subjects, where did trust get her with Luis? Andrain was different in that regard, he was too trusting, too cheerful, too willing to put aside his own interests to help others, even if he would suffer. Thus... she had to be on guard for him.

I’m sorry.

“Er... I don’t they would appreciate another student, I’m sure they probably think you will be fine on your own,” Her heart was beating so fast it hurt. She usually lied without any problems. How was this one lie affecting her so much?

“I see...” He sounded disappointed, after a second, he had another smile on his face. “It’s alright, are you coming back for dinner? I was thinking sushi or something, it’s easy to make and we can just throw a little salad in as a side dish.”

“I don’t think I can make it back for dinner, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine, I guess I can order takeout, cooking for one person usually ends up with a lot of leftovers.”

He was still doing it.

Why are you always smiling and laughing like that?

“NO!” She exclaimed, heads turned their way, she quickly realized this and hid her face in her long red hair. “I mean... I love your cooking Andrain, I’ll try to come back for dinner! So please. Go ahead and cook all you want.”

In that moment, she didn’t care who heard, even if she had to shout it ten times louder, she wanted him to smile like that time they first met. With sincerity, holding nothing back.

“You’ve got it.”

There it is.


“Yeah... she accepted like I knew she would... Please, you may have known her back then, but... she’s not that same princess anymore...Everything will turn out fine if you don’t fuck up on your end... Just do your job Lucas and you’ll be rewarded.” Damien clicked his tongue and ended the call.


Later that evening...

Cat was fine with any kind of restaurant, although she thought Damien would have considered a movie or a walk or something like that. Then again, there was only one movie theatre in the town and there weren’t many films playing and Damien didn’t look like the sort of guy that did romantic walks in the parks. Not that she was looking for romance or anything, she was just here for the experience points.

However, they ended up at a place that served nine-courses for dinner and that apparently did not include dessert, which was another separate three courses. What kinda of place even did that? How was there even such a fancy place in this dull town anyways?

“You know I would have been okay with dinner at McDonald’s even. There’s no need for you to spend this much money on me.” Cat was fiddling with her thumbs and voiced this to Damien.

“You know I work for Mysticorp right? I may just be an intern but, I still get paid a very generous sum. Most of the time my dad takes them though, even when he does, I still have a ton I stowed away,” He explained, she took note about how his eyes looked empty as he mentioned his father. “Anyway... it’s okay to splurge once in a while, this is my first date as well you know.”

“I find that hard to comprehend.”

“You’ll be surprised.”

Before she could say anymore they were ushered to their seat in a secluded part of the glittering restaurant. Cat felt very out of place with her white top and black blazer, she was in jeans and sneakers as well. She knew how you’re supposed to dress when out in these kinds of restaurants, unfortunately, she didn’t consider her dresses essential when she fled. It seemed like her companion was used to this, he even had a tux on and everything.

How was this his first date as well? Not that she wasn’t grateful for this chance to learn but, she didn’t think that he would want to waste his first date on someone like her. Not that she was being picky, what Damien said made sense if she was lacking in some way, why won’t she fix it? Any flaws are to be snuffed out.

He was even kind enough to pull out her chair. “Thank you.” He wordlessly sat down across from her and the awkwardness started to settle in.

She ran through her plan again, the goal was to eat as little as possible and have room for the dinner that Andrain’s prepare, that was why she skipped lunch. However, with the sudden growling of her stomach, that may not have been a great idea.

Damien paused for a second and chuckled, she hasn’t noticed how if he wasn’t around the others, he seems to take a moment longer to react to anything. At first, she just thought that he couldn’t be bothered, but with whatever Ally said to her during the day, these pauses were more obvious to her.

“We can request the food now.” Even his normal dimpled smile made her slightly uneasy, her hands balled into fists, clenching the hem of her blazer, she replied with a nod.


Andrain and Dan were depressed boys that night, the two were lazing around, Andrain was flipping through movies on Netflix while Dan was lying by his side.

I miss Catty. They thought in unison.

“You get me right?” Andrain asked the feline, who opened his eyes and blinked a couple times at her owner’s roommate as if saying ‘We’ll see about that.’

“Alright then. Do you think I’m unreliable? Like, do I not look reliable? I think I’m pretty reliable. I mean Catty had a point when she said I wasn’t the best teacher but... UGHHHHHH!” Dan leapt out of Andrian’s lap and scrambled under the table.

“We heard there was sushi, not a dying person.” A familiar voice rang, how did Vera even get in? He probably forgot to lock the doors again, not that ever did much, Damien and the rest all had keys, cause for some reason, people always went to their place. Who cares if it was on school campus?

Wait a minute... Why was Vera here?

Cat said that she was going to their place to get tutored by them. If they were here then...

“Is Catty with you guys?” He hastily asked.

“Cate? She didn’t even come over,” Issac said matter-of-factly, casting a questioning gaze at the brunette. “Karl or George or whoever was the one that told us about the sushi and you know how much Vera loves sushi.”

“I’m offended you failed to invite us!” Vera scolded, Dan came out from his hiding spot and rubbed against her leg, she bent down to pet him.

“Then where is she? She told me she needed tutoring and had to go over to ask you guys some questions.” Why was he getting flustered about this? The couple looked at him with worry.

“Cate’s way smarter than us, she has always been the kind of person that shouldered burdens all by herself but still... she would never do this sorta thing,” Issac added, his brow furrowed. “You two didn’t fight did you?”

What an absurd question. “No, we didn’t.”

“ANDRAIN COME QUICK!” He really needed to start locking the door. Karl and George burst in and spooked Dan away again, Vera frowned as the cat fled to the safety of Cat’s room. The twins were panting, before Andrain could remark about their unruly appearance, Karl spoke. “We saw Damien and Cat at After Dark just now. We were just passing by when we spotted them looking really cosy together.”

“Andrain...” Vera started nervously, she noticed how he stood up with his back straight, hands balled into fists and how his honey brown eyes swirled with so many emotions they were impossible to list. “I’m sure there’s a very good reason to why they were-” She couldn’t finish when he shoved her and Issac apart to leave the apartment, her eyes widened as she heard the door slam closed behind her, the Kevins twins followed him.

Issac noticed this and took her shaking hand in his, he gave her a reassuring smile. “Well, as responsible adults, we have to follow them to make sure they don’t do anything they’ll regret. What do you say, love?” Her gaze dropped to her right hand to how the gorgeous lavender diamond glittered on her third finger, that’s right. She could trust him, after all, he was now her fiance. “Take care of the place, Dan.” The housecat meowed in response.

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