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Perfect Girls Don't talk loudly

2 Months later...

Swanford never consisted of a large population, it was a town tucked away in a forgotten corner of England, it may have been small, but it was sure, not quiet.

“Cannonball!” Andrian’ yelled as he launched himself into the pool, resurfacing moments later, wiping the chlorine water from his face. “That was fucking awesome!” The party only getting louder as the night went on.

Andrian always did this kind of thing, when his parents left for their extended business trips, he would have a party every Friday, it always leaves him wasted and hungover, but hell was it fun. He wasn’t the type of guy that slept with random girls, even when they threw themselves at him when he was drunk, he somehow always made it away from the ordeal. His group of friends would always make sure he never did anything stupid.

“Alright guys we should probably stop, it’s a school night,” Andrain went up to the stage near the pool to announce through the microphone. “Eh fuck school,”

That was probably a bad idea.

Andrain woke up on the sofa when he heard his irritating alarm clock go off, he groaned and tried to find the source of his current misery. When the inconsistent ringing didn’t cease, he stood up, grabbed his phone and threw it against a wall. It didn’t break, surprising enough, Andrain picked it up and offed the alarm, just in time to see one of his friends, Damien, in the kitchen, already making pouring out cereal for everyone left.

Damien was always the caretaker of the group, his the guy that would refuse any alcohol at a party and instead stand at one side, just watching out for the others. Damien was quite a lanky guy, standing at five foot ten and around the thinner side, his dark hair contrasted his bright blue eyes and freckled face.

“I got the aspirin lined out for you guys,” Damien informed Andrain as soon as he saw his friend awake. “Save some for Karl and George alright? And bloody hell you reek, wash up will ya? We’re leaving in half an hour,”

“Got it, dad!” Andrain shouted his reply, noticing Damien rolling his eyes.

“Someone called us?” Kral and George, the Kevins twins, when Andrian first met them when they were kids, the two would always try to play mind tricks on him and pretend to be each other.

“I feel like a thousand tiny dwarfs are hammering at my head, fuck,” It was George that spoke, the two twins may be physically similar, however, you can always tell which one was which if you had known them for as long as Andrian has.

George was also a huge enthusiast on animals, the guy volunteered at the animal shelter regularly. While Karl was the bookworm type, that was secretly savage as fuck, he even burns people without even knowing it; it must be a talent.

“Get ready for school will ya? I don’t want to be tardy again because of you guys, now hit the showers!” Damien ordered, pointing to the bathrooms.

The three mocked salute to their friend, earning them a glare.

“Now!” Damien said slowly, while Andrian and the twins dragged their feet to the bathrooms.


“Why can’t you just let me sleep? I wanna kill myself now,” George had his hand on his forehead, complaining. “It’s a good thing everybody else left before we woke though, that should happen more often,”

“I chased them all out for god’s sake, you better thank me for that,” Damien said, his eyes fixated on the road, he was the only one that was in the state to drive. “I’m sure everyone else feels the same way, we’ll just be a school of walking zombies,”

The twins were in the backseat, somehow Karl had fallen asleep again, while Andrain was trying hard not to doze off, he had put up a good fight, but, he was still losing. Before he could succumb to the allure of sleep, the car stopped with an abrupt screech, Andrian awoke with such a start, his head hit the top of the car.

“What was that for asshat?” Andrian glowered at Damien, before looking at where Damien’s attention was currently captivated at in that moment.

There was a girl in the middle of the street, looking distressed, she carried a bunch of books in her arms and her rosy lips were parted as she processed the scene she was in. Andrian had to take a moment to appreciate the girl’s beauty, she had porcelain skin, wavy red hair that looked as if it was a burning river of fire and her eyes the most radiant shade of blue. The girl blinked and Andrian swore he saw her eyes turn violet for a second.

Damien was by her side when Andrian blinked again. The girl appeared to be the same height as the man apologising to her, the girl only brushed it off with a soft laugh and continued walking. The road was deserted, they were already on school premises, she was heading in the direction of the main building, Andrian wanted to follow her, ask her name, maybe get her number.

“That was close, phew. I blame you guys for that one!” Damien accused, he glared at the twins.

“What did we do? We weren’t driving!” George exclaimed, all the while his brother was snoring softly next to him.

“You messed up my focus with all your bloody yapping!”

“Well, it ain’t my fault you almost ran over an innocent girl and gave Andrian a concussion!”

“Andrian’s fine, right Andrian?”

Andrian couldn’t even hear his name being called, his mind was still focused on the redhead girl.

“Alright the bloke’s brain dead, time to prepare his funeral boys,” Damien waved a hand in front of his unmoving friend. “Time to pull the plug,”

“We’re going to be late...” Andrian swatted Damien’s hand away and reminded the rest.

Andrian was sure Damien went past the speed limit, but, as they say, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, or in this case, laws.

(A/N: There is no guarantee that breaking of any laws would make you an omelette, I suggest cooking, with cheese.)

They barely made it in time and they had to carry Karl out of the car since he wouldn’t wake up; Andrian even poured hot water on him and the guy still slept through it. When they entered, the hallways were filled with students whispering quietly in their small groups, while their gaze was set on the girl that Damien almost killed. She didn’t seem to notice though, she was twisting the lock on her locker, not knowing how to unlock it, the books in her hands not making it any easier.

Why was no one helping her? Andrian thought. Swanford wasn’t used to having new residents, the people may be few but the structures were big, the school itself took up three-fourths of the whole town. When someone new enrols, they will quickly become the centre of attention and not that it was the good kind, still, he can’t just head to class and pretend he didn’t see her.

“What’s the combination?” Andrian asked when he walked up to the girl’s side.

The girl fumbled with her books and pulled out a thin slip of paper. “7810. I never used this lock before, I’m sorry to trouble you,”

“No worries, I will admit you need to get used to these things,” Andrian inputted the code, spinning the dial and lining up the numbers, the lock popped open and Andrian held the door open for the girl.

“Thank you very much, Mr...”

“Please, we’re the same age, Mr is for my father. Just call me Andrian, like everyone else,”

“Well then, thank you Andrian, I appreciate your kind gesture,”

“Hold on, you have to tell me your name too,”

“I-I’m Caterina Howards, I just moved here,”

“Figured as much, can I see your schedule?”

Cat handed him a piece of paper, Andrian examined it and spoke up after a few moment. “You have English first too huh? I can show you where it is, this place may seem small, but it’s pretty big, you can get lost easily,”

“Oh thank you,” Cat bowed slightly, her hands still busy with the loose pages of her textbook.

Andrain couldn’t help but smile at the girl in front of him, her demeanour screamed innocence and a hint of maturity in the way she dressed, a pair of navy jeans and a green sweater. They walked together as they ignored the rest of the school population were still muttering among themselves, for a different reason entirely.

“Was it just me going blind but did Andrian just walk a girl to class?” Damien’s mouth was slightly agape in disbelief.

“It appears we need to get our eyes checked, I always knew I needed glasses,” Karl was finally awake.

Andrain led Cat to a seat near the back of the class, while Cat was busy looking at almost everything with awe as if she had never seen a real classroom before. She dumped her books on the table top and dropped her pencil case on the floor because it slid off the surface of a book. By the time she was done, the whole table top was filled with books and she looked satisfied with a ghost of a smile on her face.

“You know you can use the underside of your table for storage right?” Cat’s eyes widened and glanced up at Andrain as if she forgot he was here, she quickly arranged her books in one tall tower and pushed it to the side.

Andrain sighed and removed her mountain of books off the table and lifted the top of the table, Cat stared at the motion, tilting her head slightly. She furrowed her brows and looked under the table and then again at the sides, Andrian placed the books inside and saw that Cat was still puzzled by the contraption.

“You can just lift it up using this handhold,” Andrain moved behind the redhead and tapped on the little gap under the table, he was suddenly aware of how close he was to her.

“Fascinating. Thank you once again Andrain,” Cat tidied up her table a little more.

Andrain flashed her a friendly smile and took his seat next to her, usually, it was Damien that sat there, but, Andrain figured he wouldn’t mind.

“Ugh I hope Mr Enderson doesn’t come in today, he always gives us a ton of homework on Mondays, I mean who does that?” A snarky voice came from outside the class, Cat titled her head in fascination at this too, she wasn’t allowed to talk loudly back at the palace. The voice belonged to a petite bobbed blonde haired, hazel eyed girl who had an entourage of other girls around her. “I’ll be damned if all the work makes me late for my manicure appointment,”

Cat wasn’t aware that she was staring until the girl glared at her as her hazel eyes darted from Andrain to Cat, the redhead only blinked. The blonde clicked her tongue and said something to the other girls behind her who snickered as they looked at Cat’s way. The redhead smiled back kindly, she was taught that she must be polite at all times.

When the rest of the class entered, the blonde and her groupies sat down near Cat and Andrain, while a group of four boys. Of which two were identical sat next to Andrain, the one that almost ran her over stopped as soon as he saw her.

“First you ditch us for a girl and now you give her my seat?” The black haired boy said, placing his hand over his heart. “When will the world end?”

Andrian threw an eraser at Damien which made impact with his shoulder. “Shut up, you can seat elsewhere, I just figured she needed a place to seat you know,”

“But why my seat? Oh, is it because it’s the closest one to you?” Damien tried to stifle his chuckle while the twins had their heads down, pretending to be reading.

“I can move if you want. If you really want to sit here,” Cat was already packing up her things.

“No no,” Damien insisted. “You can stay, I was just poking fun,”

“Poking fun?” Cat titled her head slightly at this, there was no room for fun in her life, she was taught that only serious matters deserved her attention.

“Alright class settle down,” A large burly man entered the class and addressed the class. “I know we have a new student, but you guys can get to know her in your own time, so let’s get on with the lesson shall we? Now take out the Hamlet and do some silent reading, I know you guys didn’t do your weekend reading assignments,”

Cat did as she was told while some of the other students whispered among themselves, including Andrain and his friends. Mr Enderson didn’t seem to notice or care enough to reprimand them, the blonde girl caught her eye and glared again her mouth forming the words ‘watch your back’. Cat couldn’t help but sink lower into her seat.

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