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Perfect Girls Don't Room With Boys

Cat had to admit, she had more living space than she thought she would, maybe it was due to the lack of a roommate. She still had some books which she had to take back because she had reading assignments, which she left splayed all over the floor. She wasn’t a big fan of the cleaning thing.

A small meow cam from under the table, Dan’s tabby head peeked out as he meowed again at his owner, the dorms allowed normal pets such as birds dogs hamsters etc. Which Cat was really grateful for; she had to put Dan in an animal shelter in town when they moved because the hotel didn’t allow animals. Issac and Dan never got along, hence, her attendant was reluctant to take care of him, not to mention that Issac wouldn’t have time to.

Dan trotted over to Cat who was lying on the sofa, Dan leapt up, using his claws to grab on and curled into a ball on Cat’s stomach, the princess smiled and scratched behind his ears, making him purr.

“At least I have you, Dan,” Cat used her other free hand to stroke his fur. “I can’t imagine being alone all the time,” There was no TV in the dorm rooms and each floor had their own wifi, so that Cat wouldn’t run out of entertainment.

If it was any other animal, Cat would be worried that she wouldn’t be able to look after them, she can barely take care of herself during that time. However, she was with Dan, the cat grew up taking care of Cat, all the redhead had to do was leave the window open and Dan may come and go as he pleased. In addition, Dan was toilet trained, he wouldn’t make any mess and Cat need not be concerned about overspending her expenses. She was given a meal card that consisted of fifty dollars to use for a month and the food in the academy are reasonably priced.

The dorm wasn’t big, it consisted of five buildings which all had three floors each, it seemed like the dorms were just built for rich kids that didn’t want to live with their parents. Or parents who didn’t want to live with their kids. The rule was two people maximum can share a room and a pet may be allowed as long as the other party involved agrees.

Did she want a roommate? Cat had to admit it would be nice if she did, she didn’t think she would be able to keep the place tidy for long, not to mention it would get crazy boring.

“I don’t need a roommate when I have you.” This made Dan purr and snuggle more against Cat, she chuckled as she stroked his grey fur, that was right, she didn’t need a roommate.


“What did you do?” Andrian’s ‘guardian’ asked beside him.

“I have no idea!” How could he possibly know? He was called in randomly and was forced to attend school much earlier than needed, usually, he slept in until half an hour before his classes. “And I should be asking you the same thing!” He threw his hands up in the air in frustration, those six hours of sleep were not doing him any favours.

He was not lying either, Vera looked like shit, her hair was tousled slightly as if she didn’t have time to properly comb it and instead run through it with her fingers, while she was still in her bartender’s uniform, the clothes were wrinkled and her pencil skirt was slightly torn. It was a small tear, almost unnoticeable, so it was probably not a big deal.

“Don’t you dare make this about me, the principal called for you.” Vera narrowed her eyes at him, he felt like a child again, being told off by his babysitter for doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing. “Now answer the question... What. Did. You. Do?”

“I told you I am as clueless as you are!” Andrain exclaimed in a futile attempt to defend himself.

“We’ll just have to see and then your punishment will be issued accordingly.”

“Ah, Miss Storm, apologies for the hasty call this morning,” Principal Boyce finally makes his entrance. “We have to discuss Mr Cronwe’s latest shenanigan.”

Vera threw another glare in Andrian’s way and he sunk lower into his seat, he was so not going to like this. “In my defence-” He could feel Vera’s gaze burning the side of his head, he feared what would happen if he continued. “Nevermind.” He mumbled, making sure not to make eye contact with her.

Principal Boyce ruffled through his opened drawer and fished out a tablet, he then scrolled through it and when he finally found what he was looking for, he turned the tablet towards Vera and instructed her to press the ‘play’ button. The screen was pitch black at first.

Vera raised a brow but, did as she was told to. The video started playing and an image of the back of the school was coming through, half of the screen was still too dark to see while the other was dimly lit with one flickering street lamp. Principal Boyce has his prized car parked there all the time, that 1967 Ford was too precious to be placed in a regular carpark apparently. Not that it was the most luxurious place to park, the weeds were overgrown and bits of algae clung to the edges of the lamp, yeah Andrain would never leave his car in such a creepy place.

The camera view switched to show the front of the school gates, the time was about a quarter past midnight when a car pulled up in front of the gates and a hooded figure exited the vehicle. There was no one around to witness the hooded figure scale the gates, the figure had intended to land on his feet, however, due to a slip-up, he landed on his butt, Andrain scoffed, which earned him another glare from Vera. The figure brushed off the dust from his all-black get up and the camera view switched again, to the back of the school where Principal Boyce’s mustard yellow 1967 Ford was parked and broken into. The figure used his shoulder to shatter the window near the driver’s seat and unlocked the door, it was quiet since the video had no audio for some reason. The car then suddenly jerked forward and crashed into the lamp that eventually timbered onto the car, Andrain just thought that was stupid.

Out of all the things you would want to do with the Principal’s Ford, why just crash it into a street lamp? There were tons of other fun things you can do such as taking a joy ride around town; spraying it pink; add dumb designs all over it; getting a cow trapped in it. And the best this dumbass could come up with was crashing it into a street lamp, what a waste. Andrain felt the air get knocked out of his lungs when he the hooded figure exited the car and removed the hood to reveal non-other than Andrain himself.

He felt faint.

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa... whoa!” Andrain stood and started throwing his hands up in the air. “That’s not me! I don’t who that is but, it ain’t me! I swear! I was framed!” What was the use? The evidence was undeniably against him.

“Then do you have an alibi Mr Crowne?” Principal Boyce placed the tablet back into the drawer, not noticing Andrain’s current state of alarm.

Andrain didn’t, it was a school night that day thus, he didn’t have anyone over, he usually sends his helpers home during the late afternoon. There was no one over at that time, there was no way he could prove his innocence.

“No...” He admitted weakly, he sat back down again while Vera sighed.

“I’m sure we can just look past this, after all, the Crowne family is the biggest benefactor of this establishment, we can easily pay for the damage done as well as a new car,” Vera started, trying super hard to remain polite.

“Even with that, I am sorry to inform you that with this incident, I have no choice but to expel Mr Crwone,” Principal Boyce even had the papers were done and everything.

Vera clicked her tongue, there was no way there could be someone else that was so influential as the Crowne family unless they were royalty, someone was trying to undermine them. She was not going to risk Andrain’s school life for something so small such as this. Who was buying out the Principal? Vera wondered.

“We’re all civil here Mr Boyce, why don’t we be reasonable for this, how about instead of an expulsion we have Andrain suspended in the school dorms for a year? That would be plenty of time for him to prove his innocence, that way, you will continue to have the backing of the Crowne family,” Vera’s face was smiling however her tone was laced with poison.

She knew Principal Boyce would take the bait why settle for a 1967 Ford when you can have a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette? People always want more and Vera was lining the bait.

“Very well then, you have until the end of the year to prove your innocence Mr Crwone. And during that time, you will be staying in the dorms,” The Principal got out another stack of documents.

“Great, I can stay with Karl and George until I find out who framed me!” Maybe there was a silver lining to this after all.

“Hold it right there Mr Cronwe, the rules state that only two people are allowed to stay in a dorm together and since all the other apartments are full as well, you will have to stay with Caterina Howards who has recently moved in, now may I ask whether or not you’re allergic to cats?”

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