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Chapter 4- Perfect Girls Are Pure

Cat was facing the first of many crises that will soon come, however, she seemed to have met her match... the all-powerful oven. It wasn’t the fact that she was dumb, she has solved multiple disputes in her country as well as prevent any large outbreaks of famine that threaten Floeya. She just lacked what people called, ‘street smarts’.

Out of the blue, the doorbell rings while Cat was wiping up the mess she had made frantically, it wasn’t Issac for sure or Vera for that matter and Andrain was still asleep as well as Dan. She combed her hair with her fingers and opened the door to see the same black haired boy that almost killed her last time, not that she would bring it up.

“Wait, your Andrain’s roommate?” The black haired boy didn’t make it sound like a question.

“Are you looking for him?” Cat asked. “I can wake him up if you want,”

“Oh, I bet he’ll like that. Do you mind if I come in first?”

“Sure,” Cat had no idea why he was here, but, it couldn’t hurt.

Cat rushed over to Andrian’s room and entered barely making a sound, the curtains were drawn and Andrain, he was laying on his back, blankets splayed all over the place and his lower abdomen was exposed. Thank goodness he still had his shirt on. She sighed and sat down on edge of the bed, his nearly touching her waist, she gently shook him.

“Andrain?” She uttered softly.

Andrain rolled to his side, groaning. “Five more minutes,”

“Your friend is here to see you,”

A grunt was his only response and Cat huffed in frustration, who knew getting someone to wake up was this hard? Cat has always been an early riser by nature, even on days when she wanted to sleep in, she couldn’t.

“Andrain, wake up,” Maybe she should have thrown open the curtains instead?

She did just that, letting the bright rays of light fill up the still messy room. Andrain opened his eyes slowly to see Cat taking her place on the edge of his bed again, smiling at him.

“Someone’s here to see you,” Cat repeated.

“Well is that someone you? Cause your all I need to see,” To be fair he was still half awake, so Cat justed stared at him blankly.

“You’re actually retarded. I fucking swear,” Damien, what was he doing in the room?

Andrain sat upright and he saw a blush crept up Cat’s cheeks, she swiftly diverted her gaze to the door when she finally realized how this would look like. She wasn’t used to being in a room alone with guys and with the lack of a chaperone, she was lost. Her tutors always taught her that she should never trust men so, Cat has always been cautious around strangers, more so with the males. She kept an appropriate distance and would always try to come off polite.

“Why are you even here Damien?” Andrain asked with a hint of annoyance.

“I thought I see how you’re doing, the whole academy knows you’re now rooming with a girl. Trust me, nobody is happy about that, especially Ally,” Damien spat the name with disgust.

The whole academy already knew? Cat couldn’t help but marvel at how fast news travels around this town.

“Whose Ally?” Cat inquired.

“This chick that thinks she’s entitled to me just because we were childhood friends or something, she’s ok. Although I will admit not the best person out there, just be careful alright Cat? She might try something on you,” They exited the room and were now sitting around the dinner table.

“Cause I’m staying with you?”

“Yeah. Ally has always been possessive of me,”

“She’s just a crazy bitch, but, a powerful one still, don’t let your guard down,” Damien added.

Andrain then promised to fill Damien in on the details as soon as he cleaned himself up, although Damien just thought that he didn’t want Cat smelling his morning breath. Andrain was never one for dating, sure he partied and drank as often as the next guy, but, he doesn’t like to take advantage of women. That was why he counted on Damien to keep him safe and make sure he doesn’t do anything he would regret.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t have breakfast prepared for you,” Cat spoke after about ten seconds of awkward silence. “I’m not a very big chef,”

Cat always had someone prepare her meals for her and since Issac wasn’t really much of a cook himself, Cat always ate whatever food was served to her. She had to get used to an odd diet quickly, mostly consisting of fast foods and ramen.

“I’m not one myself, Andrain could probably take care of that though. Let me tell you something, I’m actually glad he moved in here with you,” What could Damien mean? “He always partied the night away in his home, of course, nothing on weekdays. I’m honestly sick of always looking after him when he got drunk,”

“So I can assume he often sleeps with other women?” Cat couldn’t have that, she was looking for a potential husband, if Andrain had a habit like that, he wouldn’t fit the bill.

“Not anything like that. His parents are never around, they run the Crowne hotel chain so you can see why they would be busy. Vera was the one that took care of him, she nailed the whole abstinence thing into his mind. Why do you ask?”

“Cause I believe in abstinence too. Not that I look down on people who don’t practice it, it was just the way I was raised you know? I’m looking for a husband like that,”

“Why are you so eager to get married? We’re only eighteen, people don’t get married till like their late twenties,”

Did she say too much? There was no way Cat could just be honest with them at that moment, she just met them and while they appeared nice enough, once they knew about her real origins, they’ll see her as a tool. Like how everyone else saw her as when she was still in Floeya.

“I don’t mean as of now, I just hope to find a husband like that too you know? Like how I’ll be his first and he’ll be mine? I know it’s kinda dumb but... ugh why am I still talking?” Cat’s ears stained crimson as she looked at the ground, expecting Damien to make fun or something.

“I don’t think it’s foolish to think like that, however, love can hit you when you least expect it. At least keep your options open, if he really likes you then the past wouldn’t matter right?” Of course, it didn’t surprise her that Damien would say that, if only he knew the full story.

It was the tradition for the royal family of Rainbells to only admit people that were ‘pure’ into their family, Cat was bred and groomed to be the perfect queen and she was expected to find the perfect husband to rule beside her. The country stands by that one concept: purity. Purity in their government, purity in their laws, purity in their blood. Which was why she was named Caterina, which meant pure, even their country flag had a unicorn, which meant you guessed it, purity.

“Catty, I’m sorry I had to leave you alone with this smart ass. Trust me you would have fallen asleep after another five minutes,” Cat didn’t notice Andrain materialize to her side and had his arm around her shoulders, Dan’s eyes narrowed at the boy. “I’ll get breakfast started for you okay?” Cat blinked at Andrain and blushed slightly, sure she was used to being waited on, but, she was always the first to make the order. Letting Andrain take initiative warmed her heart a little.

“What about me? I came all the way here for you. And why are you allowed to call her Catty?” Damien seemed offended.

“I can’t help it if I’m more likeable but, this is just for me and Catty, you can go eat when we get to school,”

“You know the stuff there is basically inedible, are you trying to kill me of starvation or food poisoning?”

“Maybe lower your standards,”

“Fuck you.”

Cat had a ghost of a smile on her face as the two boys continued bickering while Cat was smoothing out Dan’s fur, the cat was facing belly up on Cat’s lap and basking in the attention.


Damien and Andrain were right, Cat should have stayed away.

Now she was in the janitor’s closet tied up and gagged, they didn’t do anything physical to her, however, they tied the rope’s too tight and they were chaffing her skin. Cat would have fought back, she could have, but, she thought it was best if she didn’t draw attention to herself.

The blonde that Cat saw on her very first day in school was Ally, as the girl that put Cat in her present state had so kindly offered, while her groupies tied her up and shoved fabric into her mouth. If only they knew what they’re actions would result in, back in Floeya, any abuse towards the royal family resulted with years in prison as well as caning.

But, this wasn’t Floeya, there was no way those girls would have known they were harming a member of the royal family, much less care. She was just someone they needed to get out of the way and she was threatened to leave Andrain alone.

“I’m sorry if that would be hard since we live in the same apartment,” Cat would soon regret saying that, the girls thought she was looking down on them.

“This doesn’t have to ever happen again Kate, just stay away from Andrain and we’ll leave you alone. Sound good?” Ally held the rope and ran her perfectly manicured fingers up and down the material, Cat didn’t bother to correct her, only stared blankly past her.

Ally clicked her tongue, tossing the rope to a nearby brunette she was ordered to bind Cat’s wrists, afterwards, she was shoved into the closet and then gagged. Cat couldn’t help but snort in amusement at how uncreative Ally was, like seriously? A janitor’s closet?

She waited until the footsteps became inaudible and started kicking at the door, they blocked it with something, something that was probably going to draw attention to her location. Cat was staying in school so that she could read the Hamlet in the school library, somehow the environment there was more conducive than in the dorms. That was when the group of bimbos ambushed her as if they had nothing else better to do than waiting all day so that they can tie someone up.

The door clicked open to reveal a red-haired, hazel eyed boy that appeared to be the same age as Cat, he had a stack of books in his hand and seemed shocked that he found Cat in there. If he had heard her kicking, what else could have been in there? A dead body?

Cat glowered at the boy and turned to show him her bound wrists and then she grunted, an obvious sign that she wanted him to free her. The boy dropped his books on the floor and undid the rope then removed the gag, Cat’s wrists were sore and red.

“Umm, I’m Karl Kevins and do you mind telling me who trapped you in here?” Karl helped Cat up by offering her a hand.

“Caterina Howards and to answer your question, it was some girl named Ally that shoved me in there,” Cat pointed a finger at the closet angrily.

“Shit, not her again,”

“I’m sorry can you take me back to the dorms? I’m kinda disoriented now,”

“Sure, I live there anyway, just let me grab my books okay?”

Cat could only nod slowly as Karl picked up his stuff and Cat grabbed his arm, the gesture seemed to take him a back however, he didn’t try to shake her off, he seemed to welcome it. By the time they reached the dorms, Cat was feeling much better and decided to walk by herself, Karl led her to the lift.

“What floor?” He waited for Cat to respond however, Cat leaned over to press the button for the third storey, it was weird they lived in the same building too. “Huh, I’m on that floor as well, I guess we’re neighbours?”

Cat rubbed her swollen wrists and didn’t say anything as the doors opened to reveal Andrain with another boy that looked just like Karl. Andrian’s gaze darted to her wrists than to her dishevelled appearance and reached for her hands, pulling her out, Cat stumbled and ended crashing into his chest. Karl exited the lift and his twin lifted a brow in question.

“What happened to you?” Andrain lifted her hands and inspected the damage, he accidentally pressed too hard and Cat breathed in sharply. “Fuck, I’m sorry. Let’s get inside alright?”

Andrain seemed to forget about the twins, the two just shrugged and trailed behind them, Karl figured he should give Andrain another perspective.

“Whose that?” Goerge leaned over and asked in a hushed whisper.

“Her name’s Caterina, but, I don’t know how she knows Andrain,” Karl didn’t bother to be quiet.

“Wait, she’s Catty?”

“His roommate?”

They entered the apartment and Andrain left Cat on the sofa, a cat meowed in distress and leapt onto the furniture and squeezed to the girl’s side. Cat smiled softly and rubbed Dan’s shoulders, the cat purred at the contact and posed as a guardian for the redhead.

“I better help Andrain, he isn’t trained in first aid. I’ll help him, you look out for Cat okay?” Karl didn’t manage to utter his reply before George ran off.

“Errrrrr,” God this was awkward.

“It’s okay Karl, you helped me enough,” Cat smiled soflty at him. “If it weren’t for you, I’ll probably still be stuck in that janitor’s closet. So yeah, Thank you.”

“It’s no problem.” Why was it always Andrain that was the lucky one?

Andrain was always the guy that the rest had to follow, not that Karl didn’t think that Andrain wasn’t a good guy deserve it, he was just a fun person to be around. Andrain doesn’t do well under pressure and that was why he had his friends to help keep him calm.

George appeared from the bathroom and was engaged in a tug of war over a first aid kit with a very irritated looking Andrain.

“She doesn’t need bandages, ice would do just fine. You always go overboard with this stuff, now. Let. Go!” George snatched the kit away from Andrain, returning to the bathroom to store it away again. “Now go get ice!” He ordered Andrain.

Andrain whined and did as he was told, he brought a ice pack to Cat who placed it on her writs, while Dan seemed curious with the object, he licked it and shook his head frantically before leaping away. Cat chuckled at that and thanked Andrain, she may not have noticed how his eyes lit up at the statement, however, Karl did.

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