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Chapter 5- Perfect Girls Are Efficient

Cat was intrigued by the whole, post whatever you want concept. Back in Floeya, her social media was controlled by her father’s advisors, she wasn’t allowed to leak anything that hasn’t been approved by the council. Anything that was uploaded was never by Cat and this new control made her shiver with anticipation.

“What should I post?” She asked Andrain in passing.

“Post what normal girls post like those, hashtag no makeup and filter stuff that we all know has some filter on it. But they can just get away with it cause why not?” Cat furrowed her brows as Andrain’s voice got increasing louder. “But then every time I take a selfie I just look like ass,”

Cat chuckled and patted Andrain on the back reassuringly. “Is it that time of the month?”

“Don’t you dare Catty. I already have to face this shit from the guys; you have to be on my side,”

Cat snatched his phone out of his hands and decided to see the pictures that he claimed were ‘ass’ and all she saw was a bunch of blur images. She swiped and saw even went through some other pictures that weren’t screenshots and they were all equally unpleasing to the eye.

“Could it just be the pictures and not you?” Cat nervously said. “I think you look fine,”

Andrain arched a brow at her and retorted. “Fine, doesn’t do it for me Catty! I’m anything but ‘fine’. I’m gorgeous,”


“Don’t mock me!”

“I’m just trying to bring you down from your high horse,”

Andrain remained expressionless and opened his palm, asking for his phone back, Cat grinned at him before returning it and then flopping back onto the sofa as she waited for Andrain to join her. Before he could sit, Dan leapt up startling Andrain, the cat meowed and Andrain groaned.

“Just take a picture of Dan or something, people go crazy for cute cats,” Andrain glanced at Dan and added. “Well as cute as he can be,”

Cat allowed Dan to crawl into her lap, the cat narrowed his eyes at Andrain as if he was staking his territory by brushing up against the redhead as she scooped him up and cuddled with him. Dan started purring and rubbing his head against her chin.

When Andrain heard from Karl that it was Ally that hurt Cat, he was ready to punch something, he knew it was going to happen and he did jack shit about it. He wanted to confront Ally, they may have known each other since childhood, however, Ally changed in a bad way when her parents divorced.

He knows that deep down Ally only clings onto him because of his the only person that was always by her side and she was afraid of losing him despite that, she had no right to threaten Catty the way she did.

A bright flash snapped Andrain out of his thoughts, Cat was holding her phone up to his face, she blinked and her cheeks stained as red as her hair.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to leave the flash on! I thought I could just take a picture of you and...” Cat held Dan up to her face as if he would shield her from shame, Dan just went along with it like it was just a normal Saturday.

“It’s okay Catty, I don’t mind getting my picture taken... even if I do look like shit,” Andrain sighed.

“I think you look dashing. You don’t need pictures to prove that,”

“You’re just being nice,”

“I’m being honest,”

God, could this girl be any more perfect? She was beautiful, had a great personality and was already catching up on all the classes, Andrain can totally see her getting the best student of the year title. When she heard about Andrain’s situation and how he would be expelled if he didn’t find the culprit, Cat offered her help without once doubting him.

They continued to stay silent, the other not knowing what to say and how to start a conversation, the only noise was Dan’s purring and Cat’s stroking. Never would Andrain think that he would be jealous of a cat, however, the feline did look mighty comfortable on Cat’s lap. Andrain didn’t want to pull his phone out and seem rude to her, her first question now completely forgotten.

“Maybe we should get a television in here,” Andrain blurted.

“Can we? I read the rules cover to cover, they didn’t say anything about adding furniture,” Cat raised Dan’s paws in the air and waved them around childishly.

“If they didn’t mention it then it’s probably allowed. After all, there was nothing in it about not allowing a girl and a guy to room together,”

“True, and I guess I could use another form of entertainment. Oh! We can even have what people call ‘movie nights’!”

“I’m down, I just let me text Vera and she can get one for us,”

“Are you sure that’s alright? I don’t wanna trouble her,”

“She works night shifts anyway, she wouldn’t mind. Maybe,”

“If you say so...”


Vera couldn’t believe that Andrain hired her (not that she was being paid) to buy and deliver a television set to the dorms, in addition, she didn’t think Cat would agree with him. Cat’s roommate must have insisted that it was fine for Vera to slave away for Andrain, just because she saw him as a brother that didn’t mean she wouldn’t beat him up. She was so getting a payback of sorts from him.

Despite the trouble that he forced her to go through, Vera must say that she was grateful for an excuse to visit Issac. She didn’t have a license for driving a car, which was why she drove a bike around all the time. Vera was what people would call a ‘bad girl’, she had all the cliche aesthetic, with her leather jacket, tight navy jeans and sunglasses, she had that vibe about her.

Still, she was far from a town tart, she didn’t like sleeping around, she made some mistakes in the past because of her naivety, but, she learned. Which was the reason she had to make sure Andrain didn’t make the same mistakes she did, at any cost, she would protect him to the ends of the world. Even at the risk of her own happiness.

Issac had started working and he never returned to Le Chats after their first night, he was only kind enough to drive her to the dorms and assist her and Andrain back to the Crowne mansion because Cat said so. She learned that he had started working in Cafe Doux, she may have been trailing him when she came across his workplace one day.

Vera had thought that she would come off as creepy if she just happened to ‘bump’ into her one-night-stand the very next day. She waited for an opportunity to arise and Andrain provided her with one.

The cafe was deserted, of course. Doux was frequented by teens and were all mainly students from Swanford Academy, not people went there during weekends. She spotted her target and left her bike on the sidewalk, removing her sunglasses as she entered, folding them and pocketing it.

“Hey ya stranger,” Vera said as Issac’s back was turned to her, he was washing some mugs.

Issac turned with a start, his grip loosening around the mug he was holding. “Vera. What can I get for you?”

“I’m not here for drinks darling, something came up and I need help for it. It’s just a small errand for Andrain,” Issac’s face soured when he heard the name.

“Ugh, I still don’t like him,” He declared.

“Is it because of Cate?”

“Of course, but what does he even want?”

“He said he wanted a television for the dorm rooms and apparently, Cate agreed,”

Issac paused for a moment, he didn’t like how Cat was getting all chummy with Andrain, Vera may insist that he was a nice guy, however, Issac didn’t trust any guy to be around Cat. Vera was leaning against the counter, he didn’t fail to notice how her current attire seemed more fitting to her figure than her uniform. She raised a brow at him. God dammit, she knew he wasn’t to refuse her.

“My shift’s ending soon anyway, Winston should be coming at any time now. Can you let me change and then I’ll think about it?” Issac

“Take all the time you need...” Vera fluttered her fingers as she watched Issac enter the backroom.

Like hell, she was going to let him take his sweet time.

When the door closed behind him, Vera took her chance and slipped in after him. He didn’t notice her arrival and Vera was happy that she finally got him alone again, she really wanted a repeat of their first night.

“Jesus! Your going to give me a heart attack one day Vera,” Issac had removed his apron and his long sleeve shirt was buttoned down a little, his barista uniform consisted of a black long sleeve button up shirt and brown pants.

Vera leaned in close and pressed herself against him, a smirk on her face as she cornered him against a wall, her hands trailing down his chest, her fingers moving to unbutton his shirt. Issac gulped but, didn’t make any attempts to move, he kept still as he gazed into Vera’s stormy blue eyes and he was hooked. He found out that Vera was a huge fan of teasing and foreplay, not that it wasn’t a bad thing, it was just torturous for Issac. He grunted as Vera nibbled on his earlobe and tugging a little with her teeth.

“Want to say yes now?” Her voice was low and sultry.

“Fine. But, I want my reward later today,” Issac traced her curves as she smirked.

“I’m going to miss so many work nights because of you,”

“I can pick you up after, I’m off on Sundays,”

Vera giggled, a delightful noise that made Issac’s heart flutter, he was so whipped, she was like a drug he couldn’t get enough of. Even if they are just using each other, these moments are when Issac can forget his duties and focus on someone else for a change. Cat did always call him an old prude when he told her that he planned to serve her till he died.

“You’re okay with waiting for me?” Vera asked and her hands went to Issac’s messy blonde hair, she tugged roughly.

“As long as it takes.” He captured her lips and she melted against him like butter.

The door creaked and Issac, with his fast reflexes, used his body to hide Vera against the wall. Winston apparently the son of the owner and often came over to work shifts when fewer people were around. Mr Cross said it was only because his son could barely make a decent cup of coffee but needed the work experience.

Winston froze when he saw Issac’s awkward position, but, didn’t really say anything and just continued on, the two didn’t know each other very well so it would be weird if he did. When he crossed to the other section, Issac sighed in relief, while Vera smiled mischievously with her hands were behind her back.

“I’ll see you soon darling!” She left the cafe with a skip in her step and left Issac completely dumbfounded, Vera was so going to be the death of him.

Vera was given a credit card by Andrain’s parents just in case she needed to buy anything for him, which included paying the helpers and getting him birthday gifts (from his parents as well). Since the current Mr and Mrs Crowne were too busy travelling the world for their hotel chain company they rarely ever returned to Swanford. Vera was just a girl they happened to cross paths with and she was then given the responsibility of taking care of Andrain.

She never knew love as a child but from the moment she gazed into baby Andrain’s honey brown eyes she knew that she was going to give him the childhood she never had. She would read up books on babysitting techniques and made sure she knew all of Andrain’s likes and dislikes.

Andrain’s parents made sure Vera had enough money to cover both their expenses, so when Andrain called for a new television, Vera placed the order under the Crowne name. Issac stayed true to their agreement and helped her load the television into the back of his car, he was also apparently very skilled with technology because Issac said he could help install it. Vera was sure that tiny detail had slipped Andrain’s mind.

They arrived and Andrain greeted the two older couple with a grin, Cat was beside him in the carpark, fiddling with her phone ring. The redhead looked up at Issac in surprise.

“You were the one she asked for help?” Cat couldn’t help but let her eyes settle on Vera, even though she was talking to Issac.

“Is that such a bad thing Miss?” Issac seemed exhausted.

“It’s Cat remember? By no circumstances are you allowed to call me ‘Miss’ here,”

“Got it, Cate,”

Cat smirked at her attendant and threw another glance at the girl who was chatting with Andrain, Vera smacked him on the back of the head and he only chuckled.

“You two look good together though,” Cat blurted.

“She doesn’t want anything more. She made that very clear,” Issac mumbled, eyes follwing Vera.

Before Cat could open her mouth and say anymore, the Andrain waved Issac over, asking for help with the equipment, Issac groaned but, obeyed anyways. By the time everything was set up, there was bubble wrap everywhere and Dan was playing with it since they were all over the main room. Issac was trying to teach Andrain the settings while he just said that he knew how to read, which seemed to aggravate Issac even more.

Needless to say, it was an eventful day, for Issac and Vera at least.

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