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Chapter 7- Perfect Girls Fight Their Own Battles

Andrain knew exactly where Ally would be, outside near the large statue of some old minister or someone else (he has no idea who), the statue itself was badly preserved and crumbling. God knows why Ally would want to be near such a thing, her friends were gathered around her, their obnoxious laughter was starting to make his ears bleed.

“Ally!” He called, the blonde looked up and pushed her through her friends, she was in front of him in a second, more like all up in his personal space. “First of all, move back,” he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her a little. “Second of all, can we go somewhere more private? I need to talk to you.”

“Oh, Andrain, if you’re going to declare your love for me you can do it in front of all of us,” Ally grinned and Andrain wondered why he was ever friends with her.

She wasn’t so clingy or mean when they were kids, she was quite pleasant to be around, now? Ally was nothing but a menace, she has ruined lives of other girls in the academy that she deemed were less than her, to the point that she caused one of the previous students to move.

“I knew I should have asked the guys to back me up,” Andrain couldn’t help but utter.

“What was that sweetie?” Great, she was in his personal space again.

“I want you to leave Catty alone. I heard what you did to her last week and I don’t appreciate it, so please, for the both of us. Stay away,”

“She needs to know her place! I bet she tries to seduce you every time your alone together, I know how that annoys you. I’m just trying to help you! She’s a slut and she knows it!”

“Catty has been the perfect roommate and friend. At least more than you ever were, can’t you see she doesn’t mean any harm?”


“Andrain what are you doing?” He knew that voice, it was the same one that woke him every time he wanted to sleep in, Cat jogged over to the two. “Oh, Ally hello,”

Now that Cat has a closer image of Ally, she looked far less threatening than when she shoved her into that janitor’s closet, Ally had horribly bleached blonde hair that really looked like she should have asked for a refund. Along with her obnoxiously bright clothes and slightly too tan skin, Cat found herself feeling pity for her, from what she has seen of Ally, the girl was nothing but an attention seeker. From Andrain and the people around her, no matter what had transpired in Ally’s past to make the way she was now, still, she needed help.

“Hello...” Ally reluctantly replied.

“Do you mind if I take her away for a while?” Cat asked Ally’s groupies, all the while not taking her eyes off the blonde in front of her. “Very good. Thank you,” The princess didn’t even wait for a reply, she took Ally’s arm and pulled her away, leaving Andrain and the others stunned.

“Hey watch it! You don’t get to just drag me away!”

“Really? Wouldn’t it have harmed you if your friends saw you after what I have to say?”

“What do you have to say slut?”

Cat smiled softly at her, she has dealt with people with Ally’s attitude before, on paper at least, Cat was sure she can resolve this as easily as she can a math question. The redhead led Ally to the hallway of the school, everyone was usually outside during lunch, hence, Ally and Cat were all alone.

“You seek Andrain’s affection, if you didn’t you wouldn’t have made me stay away. You didn’t need to resort to such methods in my opinion, after all, you are closer to him than I am, so, why do view me as a threat? Is it because I’m more beautiful, smarter or more sophisticated than you? Or all of the above?” Cat was lining the bait.

“Bitch you watch your mouth,” Ally snared.

“But, you need to remember, you are all of those things too. You try too hard to play the queen bee, not that you aren’t doing a good job, you need to be more confident about it. I can read you, you're the only child in a divorced family, you’re living with either your mother or father or another relative,”

Cat saw how Ally’s eyes widened just a fraction of the second option. Ally knew Andrain would never tell anyone about her family’s current status, he was better than that and she didn’t doubt him for a second. Cat was saying all this based on observation and she hit the bullseye.

“Father it is. Your father seems to have high expectations of you, however, priorities his business over his daughter, even though he had the time to spare with you. I bet he has a mistress, someone who he flaunts around the whole house,”

Ally’s lips parted slightly and her hands were twitching, eager to form a fist. Cat doesn’t stop.

“He does, doesn’t he? Now, this mistress doesn’t seem to like you and likes to kick you around while your father ignores all of it, even while you suffer in front of his eyes, his too blind to see. In order to take a load off, you result in drinking and drugs, bedding men and then dispose of them like an old newspaper. You only want Andrain to see what his been missing out on, so he can comfort you in place of the father figure you never had,”

Ally’s eyes were downcast, her eyes filling with unshed tears no doubt.

“Get help Ally, seeking someone who doesn’t see you in such a light is a waste of your time. You’ll hurt each other when it really comes down to it. Move away to your mother or relative if need be. I can’t bear that happening to both of you, you haven’t lost Andrain yet. He will be there for you, and someone else will be there for you. You just need to find him,”

“Her,” Ally muttered.

What an unexpected development.

“Excuse me?” Cat blinked.

“I like woman okay? I mean I use guys for their bodies all the time, I just see every other guy beside Andrain like my dad. I have sex with girls all the time too, I just convince them it was for experimental purposes ya know? I feel like I can connect on a deeper level with a woman, I can never be serious with a man, no one knows though so you better not fucking tell anyone till I’m ready,”

“Of course. You will take my advice, right? Will you be honest with yourself finally?”

“Yeah, I’ll be out of your hair Cat. Andrain will be better off with you,”

“I don’t want him though,”

“Ha, we’ll see. I’m rooting for you two. No one ever saw through me like you did, you didn’t even hate me for what I did to you,”

“I just didn’t want me to come in between your friendship with Andrain, you can still change and then you go find yourself an awesome woman who will give you the world,”

“Thank you. I really need to get back now,”

Cat bowed slightly as Ally turned and headed in the opposite direction with a large smile on her face, Cat couldn’t help but feel proud of being able to reform the girl. Hopefully, with the right amount of help, Ally can finally be who used to be, turn over a new leaf and be herself.

So why does Cat feel like she can’t do the same?


Issac had a feeling that Vera has been on edge lately, well less of a feeling and more of an I-know-somethings-about-to-go-down feeling, she hasn’t been doing a very good job of easing his worries. Issac was always worried about something, whether it be about Cat or Vera, or even what coloured tie he should wear.

His one night stand with Vera quickly turned into a two-night stand, and them a weekly nightstand, Vera didn’t even need prowl after him now, he found himself going to her. He enjoyed that cute smile she has on her face when she sees him after work, how she would giggle when he says the word ‘bubbles’ (he apparently said it with an awful Scottish accent).

However, recently Vera has been looking over her shoulder constantly, she stares into space and only snaps back to reality when Issac pokes her. Every time he asked what the problem was, Veraa would brush it off and return to her jittery behaviour, he did not like how she refused to open up to him.

That day, they were in Le Chats again, Vera had closed earlier that day, she was downing shots vodka like water while Issac sat beside her, watching with concern.

“I just need to take the edge off that’s all, make sure I don’t overdrink okay? I’m a stupid drunk,” Was what she said, still when Issac did try to stop her, she was slurring her words and went way past her own limit.

“Vera, we need to get you home, you’ve had one too many shots” Issac tugged at her arm and she just pushed him down onto the loveseat, he sighed.

“I don’t want to! His... coming back tomorrow... and then...”

“Whos coming back?”

“I don’t want him back! He made my life... like shit...”

“Vera love, I don’t know who you're talking about,”

He didn’t know if he could trust the words of a drunken woman, yet, he found himself not liking whoever this man Vera was talking about, it was getting harder to focus on her words too. She had her pencil skirt riding up her thighs as her hair was splayed over Issac’s chest, her hands resting on his shoulders.

“Lucas... Lionheart is my ex.... b-boyfriend” With that Vera fell asleep on Issac.

“Ex?” Issac mumbled.

He gently lifted Vera’s arms and rolled her to the side before he stood and picked her up bridal style, she was going to have an awful hangover and she probably needed someone to take care of her. Issac got her into the back seat of the car and used the keys that she always kept in her breast pocket, no matter how well he thought he knew her body, he couldn’t help but marvel at what a piece of art she was. After a silent ride back to his current abode, he placed her on the only bed in the house and covered her with the sheets. He woke up the next day with a sore neck.


Vera strained to open her eyes, she didn’t even want to get up, her mind was a muddled mess, Andrain was the only person on her mind, if Lucas is indeed back, he would seek him out first. Honestly, Vera couldn’t remember how she even met Lucas, and she just assumed him to be a good person; god, how wrong she was. It would fine if it was just a crazy ex, but, Lucas took that term to a whole new level.

He was ruthless and Vera would mentally hit herself for not noticing the red flags sooner, she was young, desperate and naive, she cannot rick dragging anyone else into this, not Andrain, not Cat and definitely not Issac. She had no idea who she was to him, but, she didn’t wanna lose this relationship with him, Vera has never been devoted to another human besides Andrain; feeling this (odd) way for Issac concerned her.

She got up slowly and groaned when a headache returned, she reached around for her phone only to find a bottle of Tylenol for her on the bedside table, along with a glass of water and a note. Vera picked it up and assumed it was from Issac, on it read: ‘Out for work, make yourself at home and stay as long as you like. I left your keys to Le Chat on the dining table.’

Vera took two pills and washed them down with the water she was provided with the returned them to the bedside table, she noticed how she was still in yesterday’s clothes, sighing she grabbed her keys and headed out.

Chills went up her spine when she spotted a familiar blonde haired man and it appeared that he noticed her too, for the first time in 3 years she felt truly terrified again. It was as if the air was sucked out of her lungs, he hasn’t changed much, he had the same all-black attire and messy wavy blonde hair. Then there was his eyes, dark brown to the point they appeared black, his lips curled into a smirk as he regarded Vera.

“I didn’t know you moved,” His voice was the same too, a little deeper but, still smooth like butter.

“I didn’t,” Vera gathered her courage to say.

Lucas raised a brow at that, he could sense that Vera was nervous around him and he liked it. He snorted and turned in the opposite direction, Vera felt her legs turn to jelly when her ex-said something about ‘paying Andrain a visit.’

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