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Chapter 8- Perfect Girls Are Cat-Lovers

Dan was on Cat’s lap again, curled up into a tight striped grey ball as Andrain sat beside her, they were close enough to the point that their knees were touching. Andrain had synced the computer with their television, they had been watching the same thing for an hour now: the footage of him hijacking Principal Boyce’s car.

Cat was dozing off, her head was resting against Andrain’s shoulder, she wasn’t even paying attention to the video then, she noticed how warm her roommate was and she lifted her legs to rest on the edge of the sofa. Andrain tensed as Cat pressed herself against him, they had been searching for clues within the video, which is the only thing keeping Andrain ‘suspended’ in the dorms. It actually felt sorta calming to be away from all the parties and noise and consistent flirting (mostly from the girls) who he had zero interest in.

In fact, he had no idea why he even partook in such a thing in the first place, once he got into the academy, Vera inherited her grandfather’s bar and took it upon herself to run it. She usually doesn’t like it when Andrain goes to her for alcohol and that was why he no longer asks any of her. She never came around as often as she used to and while his friends were physically there, Andrain still felt alone, even though he knew his friends cared for him; they could never relate to him.

“Dammit,” Andrain offed the appliances, Cat snapped awake next to him. “I’m sorry to have woken you Catty. Why don’t we call it a night? We have school tomorrow,”

“Don’t you want to keep looking?” Cat couldn’t help but glance at the clock, it was still early, she blamed herself for dozing off due to the lack of sleep from the night before. The nightmares have been relentless, even Dan was awake now. “Maybe we don’t have to go to bed yet,” Please don’t let me return to those nightmares yet.

Andrain closed his laptop and his gaze softened as he watched Cat, she thought he didn’t know, since he was usually a heavy sleeper, however, he has been getting very little of that lately. He has been burning the midnight oil just studying the latest cloaking technology that the culprit used or any software used to edit the footage. And every night, he could hear Cat tossing and turning in her bed, how she would sob and whimper. How could he not? Thier rooms were right across each other.

“Sure, we can just talk. Then I can get the edge off, do you want to start?” Cat nodded with a smile.

“How about something cliche? Favourite colour?” Andrain paused to think of his response.

“Grey. And no it’s not any Fifty Shades Of Grey kink. I just thought that it was a cool neutral palette that seems to spread so easily to any other colour. It’s like what happens when the droplet of black gets in contact with a white pool. It taints them,”

“Interesting. I expected something cliche, like black or blue or something. But, grey is cool. I’m personally a big fan of white, although it’s not really a colour. It can be anything it wants, with no limitations, it’s pure,”

“Alright then, I expected pink or purple. Cat or dog person?”

“Are you seriously asking me that? Why do you think I have a cat? Dan has been with me since I was six,”

“Well, I just thought you would prefer either. I guess I’m more of a horse person, even though I’ve never really owned one, I have relatives in Texas. They would take me to the ranches and I loved all those horses, someday I would really like one of my own,”

This made Cat’s eyes spark with curiosity, back in Floeya, the royal family had a ranch that was manned by the helpers around the castle, she loved going there to visit her mare, Fairy. A red mare with white spots and a black mane, her fondest memories was around Dan and Fairy, with Issac not too far away. Once everything was over, she would want to invite Andrain to Floeya and gift him a horse, after all, what kind of princess would she be if she can’t do whatever she wanted?

“You probably think I’m being stupid. What’s the use of asking the question if I don’t even answer it?” Andrain pouted.

“I think it’s adorable!” Cat giggled.

Andrain loved that only he had that effect on Cat, whether it be out of pity or otherwise, he was glad he was able to make her laugh.

“I better feed Dan before washing up for bed,” Cat stood and Dan leapt off her lap. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Sweet dreams Catty.” Andrain waited until Cat left for her room did he finally get up from the sofa, he picked up the laptop before heading into his own room. Cat would probably scold him for staying up every night just to obsesses over it, she always valued rest.

It was past midnight now, Andrain had spent the last few hours (not kidding) scrolling through the web and occasionally switching back to the video to find clues, only to come up empty-handed. He pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration and sighed, when all of a sudden, he heard screaming from Cat’s room. She never acted like this before, he never dared enter her room in fear of her finding him creepy and pushing him away, however, he felt like he shouldn’t leave her alone.

His door creaked open and Andrain jumped only to find a grey tabby at his door, Dan narrowed his blue cat eyes at Andrain as if telling him to do something. Andrain got up slowly and Dan moved out of his way, the feline’s tail was flicking in the direction of Cat’s room. Andrain pushed the door open slightly and saw Cat tossing in her bed, the bed sheets on the floor, she didn’t stop screaming.

“Don’t take me back!” She kicked. “I can’t do this!”

Andrain had no idea what she was talking about, but, he had no time to theorise. He was beside her in an instant, kneeling on the floor as he took her soft hands in his, she yelled louder.

“Catty it’s me. Andrain,” Andrain used his free hand to shake her shoulders. “Please wake up!”

Cat awoke with a start, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness of the room she formed the shape of Andrain in front of her, she was panting as she felt fat tears roll down her cheeks. Her eyes were sparkling light blue and violet all at the same time, her rosy lips parted as she stared at his form.

“Where am I?” She blurted.

“Safe, your safe Catty,” Andrain squeezed her hand and Cat’s breathing slowed, he stood to get up, but, Cat reached for his shirt, he turned. “What is it Catty?”

Cat was thankful for the low visibility so that Andrain couldn’t see how she turned red as she tugged at his shirt again. “Can you stay? Please? Just for tonight.”

Andrain smiled softly at her and picked up the covers from the floor, he positioned himself at the left side of the bed and tossed the covers over Cat before getting in himself. A part of him wanted to return to his research however, a large part of him wanted the redhead beside him to feel safe and maybe, he can get ample rest himself. He noticed how Cat was just am arm’s length away and no matter how much he wanted to reach out to her, he refrained.


Cat knew it was just on the spur of the moment that she asked Andrain to get in bed with her, she was feeling scared and didn’t wish to fall back asleep alone. She noticed how warm she was, not too warm, just enough to make Cat want to return to slumber, she burrowed her head against his firm chest. She had no idea Andrain was so muscled, or maybe it was the fact that Cat has always failed to notice such things; she preferred to get to know a person than judge them by appearances.

He was still asleep beside her, Cat didn’t know whether or not it was intentional that he had his arm wrapped around her waist, but, she liked it; it was calming and she felt safe. She never really took note of how much taller Andrain was compared to her, they were never standing close enough to tell. He was a head taller than her and his skin was light tan, that went well with his dark brown hair and eyes, Cat never acknowledged it before; Andrain was quite good looking.

He stirred and Cat flinched, she froze as Andrain slowly opened his mesmerizing light brown eyes flecked with shards of yellow and she noticed how his lips curled into a smile when he saw her. Cat returned his smile and she was sure she was blushing already.

“Sleep well Catty?” Andrain asked while Cat merely nodded. “Glad to hear that, shall we get ready for school? I’ll be waiting till your done,” Cat nodded at that as well and Andrain only chuckled as he got up from the bed, he always allowed her to use the washroom first.

Cat liked how only he called her ‘Catty’ it felt like a nickname that she found herself liking more and more, especially since it was Andrain that was saying it, she loved how he would exaggerate the ‘t’ in it. He made it sound like ‘kitty’ and she felt like she can depend on him, no matter how arrogant he could sometimes get, Cat thought it was a trait that suited him.

She used the covers to hide her night attire of her semi-transparent beige nightdress that reached mid-thigh, she was sick of dressing in pyjamas while she was with Issac. It was the only thing they could get on such short notice, she preferred the nightdress material anyways since it was more breathable.

She quickly washed up and finished setting up the plates when Andrain got out of the bathroom, he was always faster than her, which was why she never knew why he always let her go first. She would have been completely fine with letting him go before her.

“You don’t set alarms, do you?” Andrain served Cat her omelette after she fed Dan who meowed in joy before devouring his can meal. “Do you always wake up this early?”

“All the time, I’m just amazed you woke up with me. I thought you were a heavy sleeper?” Cat picked up her fork, there was a unique way that Andrain does his omelettes that just makes it all fluffy and melts in your mouth.

“An alarm clock can’t even wake me sometimes, honestly the only reason I’m never late is cause Damien would visit me since he doesn’t live too far from the school to get to me,”

“He sounds like a very good friend,”

“The best, I can always trust him,”

Cat wished she had someone like that for her, sure she had Issac, but, the only reason they ever even met was that he was being paid to do so. She wanted a female friend that she could share things with her that she never could with Issac, maybe have all those ‘sleepovers’ she read so much about.

They finished breakfast and as always, Dan was behind the door as they left for campus, Cat always liked how Dan would glare at Andrain as if saying ‘behave’ before their departure. The feline was always like a mini guard for her, Cat couldn’t imagine what she would do without him.

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