Bitterly Yours

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Chloe didn't know the lengths Xavier would go to, to be back in her life. And little did she know the man she would be reunited with Xavier and Chloe parted ways because it was what he thought was best for her. Little did Chloe know there were reasons that made that decision for him. Chloe thought losing three men to other women, hardened her heart enough that was till her brother did the same thing to her. Suddenly her properties changed. Xavier never thought he would get a chance to be in Chloe's life again. Till Chloe's father and brother show up on his door- giving him an opportunity back into Chloe's life. But three years had changed him. He wasn't the handsome high school teacher anymore. So what happens when the good guy goes bad? Chloe also didn't know the lengths Xavier would go to, to be back in her life. And little did she know the man she would be reunited with- was nothing like the man that left her at the airport.

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Chapter 1

Welcome to Bitterly Yours

Ready for a dark and mature werewolf novel?

Well first I wanted to tell you that this is technically a sequel to Twisting You. However that story was written for a younger audience and this book will be stand alone- so don’t feel like you need to have to read Twisting You before starting this; however if you wanted some background information on the characters and how they got to where they are, it would be a great read!

This novel, which will be based on the characters in Twisting You, will be written for a more mature audience such as yourself. And don’t worry all the important bits from Twisting You will be covered within this story.

But Twisting You would be a great bonus read to read before starting. However you don’t have to.

So I’d like to introduce you or in some cases reintroduce you to Chloe and Xavier’s twisting love story....

Chapter 1 -Last Scene of Twisting You

I sat in the back of the classroom, not even bothering to rise from my chair when the familiar bell rang out throughout the school. Xavier’s eyes were firmly planted on mine when the bell rang.

Chatter filled the room and all students rose and made their way to the exit. However, I remained seated because I knew Xavier would ask me to stay behind and, instead of fighting it, I just expected it.

Alec didn’t come with me to school today. He actually had to go somewhere with his dad. And I didn’t want to be that whiney chick that couldn’t do anything without her boyfriend. Really, I should be able to go to school without him having to hold my hand.

Once the last student left the room, Xavier closed the door, sealing him and me in the room. I was now relying on my willpower to keep me from doing something stupid.

“Chloe.” Xavier’s voice was so soft and tender. He said my name like it was a precious gem. I was taken aback by his tone.

“Xavier.” I closed my textbook and pushed it to the side. “I was guessing you would want to speak to me?”

“We haven’t talked since, well, that night.” Xavier looked uncomfortable, as if he were raw on show for all. I was nearly fooled by his act. As if Xavier could show his real emotions.

“How are Emily and the boys?” I smiled confidently. “Dad informed me they’re back in your care.”

That’s it, Chloe. Just keep remembering his wife and family. He could speak to me as softly as he wanted, but at the end of the day he wasn’t mine.

“Yeah. The boys keep asking when you’re stopping by.” Xavier crossed his arms. His eyes dropped to the ground. “Emily’s fine.”

“Good.” I nodded my head. The pain was ripping me in half. “I’m leaving once the school year finishes.”

“You’ve been happy the last few days.” Xavier’s voice was low. It wasn’t a question. It was a statement. “I’m guessing someone has been influencing that.”

I thought about the last few days. Alec and I had spent each day together. Alec had made it his mission to entertain me. We went rock climbing the day before yesterday, and yesterday we went ice-skating. Much to his amusement, I actually was better at surfing than skating.

“Yeah. I’ve been hanging out with Alec. Though I wonder how you would know that?” I asked, frowning, studying Xavier’s face as his eyes stared down at the floor.

“I feel your emotions.” Xavier shrugged his shoulders. “I have been able to since your birthday.”

“WHAT!” My voice got a little higher. “That’s not right, you can’t...”

“I can. I don’t know why.” Xavier cut me off and looked into my eyes. “Though over the last few days, it has gotten weaker. The bond is…”

“Not as strong?” I finished his sentence. “Well, that is how it is meant to be.”

“No it’s not.” Xavier’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not meant to be losing you. I’m meant to be keeping you.”

“Xavier, are you going to leave Emily?”

“I can’t,” he stuttered, as if he were torn.

“You won’t,” I corrected him, not angry with him or hurt by his decision. I was coming to terms with the fact we weren’t going to be together. “You don’t want to.”

“I love you, Chloe.” Xavier’s eyes filled with tears. He meant it.

I rose from my chair and went to stand in front of him. With a shaky hand, I cupped his cheek. “I love you too. How can I not? You’re my mate.”

Xavier reached out and took my other hand. “I’m stopping you from being free. But it is so hard to let you go.” A small tear slid down from his right eye. I wiped it away from with my thumb.

“It’s not easy,” I admitted, speaking the truth while fighting my own tears. “But you have two beautiful boys.”

Xavier’s eyes were locked with mine and all I saw was love and hurt. “I thought I could keep you.”

“You love Emily. Even if you don’t think you do.” As I blinked, the tears slid down my cheeks. “I know you love me too.”

“I’m sorry, Chloe. I’m sorry for how I treated you. I’m sorry for ignoring you. I’m sorry for making you jealous. I’m sorry for lying to you. I’m sorry that I have wasted a year of your life. I’m sorry that I can’t leave Emily. I’m sorry I can’t spend the rest of my life with you. But most of all I’m sorry for twisting your emotions. I will always love you.” Gently he wiped the tears away from under my eyes. “You’ve always deserved better.”

“I love you, Xavier. You have to know it’s going to kill me to walk away from you right now.”

I stepped slowly away from him. A grim smile was on his face. “If it helps at all, I can’t feel your pain. I suppose that means you made the right decision.”

A sudden feeling of regret washed over me. I never knew he could feel my emotions. But now knowing he couldn’t anymore brought an unsettling feeling to my stomach.

“You might not be able to feel it, but it’s there.” I dropped my hand from his cheek. “It always will be.”

Xavier nodded his head. His steamy eyes, which I once lost myself in, were now dipped in grief. “I’ve taken leave for the rest of the year. You won’t be seeing me after today.”

I swallowed the bitterness of hearing those words. “I’ll still see you at pack meetings.” Was I clinging to the possibility of seeing him again?

“I spoke to your dad. We have arranged that the family and I will take a vacation. We come back the day after you leave.”

My mouth fell open a little. This was it. I wouldn’t see him again. “So this is goodbye?”

Xavier nodded his head, “I don’t want it to be, but I can’t cause you any more pain. Another month of suffering, I can’t do that to you.”

His words were making sense, but that didn’t mean I wanted to hear them. “And when I return from traveling, you will be here?”

Xavier’s face twisted, his pain showing. “No.”

“You’re moving away.” I spoke through the tears. This was really it. “I suppose that’s for the best.”

“For the both of us,” he added, as if trying to comfort me.

“This isn’t fair.” I choked, feeling as if my heart was caving into my chest. I was suffocating, from my own heartache.

“I know you will be ok.” Xavier didn’t reach out to comfort me. “You’re strong, and I’m leaving you in good hands.”

I nodded my head. I knew he was right. But that didn’t mean I wanted to hear it. But I had to face it. Xavier and I were really over.

Xavier moved forward. “I’ll leave, so you don’t have to.” My hand clung to his shirt as he pulled me into his chest and softly planted a kiss on my forehead. The moment lasted for a second, but to me it lasted forever, because I never wanted to let him go.

“I love you,” he said, and slowly stepped away. Gently, he took my hand from his shirt, and gently left a goodbye kiss on the back of my hand.

“Goodbye, Xavier,” I whispered, finally looking up at him through teary eyes. “I love you too.”

Xavier slowly stepped back. Just like me, he didn’t want this to end. He smiled softly through his watery eyes. “You’re going to lead a great life, Chloe. I hope one day we will cross paths again.”

“One day,” I whispered, and Xavier and I locked eyes one last time before he turned his back to me. He didn’t look back and I knew I wouldn’t see him again.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive. Xavier was gone forever. But surely I would see him again, wouldn’t I?

Why was I even considering seeing him again after everything he had put me through?

“Chloe, you’re home.” Dad walked out of his study, surprised to see me. “I thought you might be staying at Alec’s tonight.”

Seeing that I had stayed there the last few nights, I suppose that was a good guess. I knew Dad could see my ruined makeup and stained eyes, but he didn’t comment.

“He is gone, Dad. Xavier, he let me go.”

Dad gave me a weak smile and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into his chest. “So he told you he leaves tonight?”

“Tonight?” I frowned and pulled back to look up at Dad. “They’re leaving tonight for their vacation?”

“Vacation?” Dad frowned. “No, relocation. They’re moving.”

“But he told me he was going on vacation and then coming back to move after I leave.”

“He most likely told you that so you wouldn’t realize it was actually goodbye forever. I’m sure he was just trying to make it easier on you.”

“Easier on me?” I shook my head. “How does that make it easier on me? He’s leaving tonight and I’m never going to see him again.”

“This is why he didn’t tell you,” Dad pointed out, with a calm voice. “Chloe, you know it had to be done.”

“But that doesn’t mean I wanted it to be tonight.” I pulled away from Dad and quickly made my way out the front door. Running down the steps, I heard Dad yelling behind me, asking me where I was going. But right now I didn’t have time to stop, not when my mate was about to fly away forever.

I pushed people out of my way as I ran through the airport. I searched the thousands of people for Xavier. But I couldn’t see him.

I ran down the terminals, passing shops and cafes. Where was he? I looked over the tops of heads and still couldn’t spot him. I didn’t even pay attention to the glances I was getting from people as I rudely forced my way past them.

Then a familiar voice caught my attention and I came to a complete stop. Walking around a few people, my eyes scanned the seats. Then I found the source of the voice that would always stop me in my tracks.

Xavier was calmly separating Nathan and Charlie from each other. They seemed to be fighting. I was taking in every detail of Xavier, knowing that soon I would not be able to admire him.

I wasn’t sure how long I watched before Charlie’s little eyes landed on mine and he pointed, yelling “Choc!”

Xavier spun around, rising to his feet. My eyes wouldn’t leave his, though we both didn’t make a move to get closer.

Surely one more word had to be said. Surely there had to be more for us.

Boarding was being called over the speakers. I knew our moment was coming to an end. Emily was the one that pulled Xavier’s eyes from mine. The frozen state we were in for moments was now over.

I raised my hand, and he did the same. I noticed the peace in his eyes. He seemed glad that the last time we saw each other wasn’t overshadowed by a lie.

I watched him walk down the gangway with his family. His head turned over his shoulder and he shot me a small smile. As their bodies disappeared, I walked towards the window, looking at the plane they were boarding.

I didn’t know where they were going. I knew I could find out by looking at the destination board. But also I knew that it didn’t matter and it was for the best if I didn’t know.

He had to be with Emily, and finally he realized he had to let me go.

I would love him forever, but tonight marked the night Xavier stopped twisting my emotions and left me; and I’d never been so heart broken. I was never going to see him again, I knew that when the plane took off.
I would forever be forever without my mate.

Alec was my best friend and the thought of leaving this town to travel the world with him, was the only thing keeping my legs moving towards home.
I needed to leave.
I needed to escape.
I needed to forget Xavier completely.
I loved Alec but my heart would always belong to Xavier.

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