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Going Nowhere

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Chapter Three - Scarlett

Around 5pm I grabbed an outfit Isla had bought me for my 23rd birthday from the closet. Her buying it for me had been a giant joke. I was a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, something I’d got from my mother, but this outfit, it was the opposite of my usual laidback style.

The outfit consisted of tight black shorts, that barely covered my butt, and a black sheer top that was low cut at the front and almost non-existent in the back. I’d called stripper get up and Isla had laughed, I’d worn once before, for her; as a joke. After that though it had been shoved to the back of my closet with all the other clothes I’d never worn.

I stood in front of the mirror wearing the revealing atrocity and almost laughed. I was far too sober for this get up. I looked awkward, not sexy. I walked back over to the closet to search for something more suitable, but before I could grab anything else my phone buzzed.

Hey, come now, I’ve made coooooosmos! - Isla

Getting changed, I look stupid! - Scarlett

It’ll get stale, Come now, you can wear something of mine! - Isla

Fine! Be there in 10 - Scarlett

Reluctantly I grabbed my purse, and left the house wearing the sad excuse for an outfit.

Although I need gas, I drove straight to Isla’s place without stopping. There was no way I was stepping outside of my car like this until I got to her place. Her front porch like was on, staring at me like a spotlight. I parked my car up the driveway as close as I could to the path and ran to the front door. I banged on the solid wood like a madman, wanting to just be inside, where no one could see me.

The door clicked open a few seconds later and I pushed passed Isla. I sighed once I was in the safety of her house, away from the eyes of anyone you might have seen me like this.

“Oh. My. God. You look amazing Scarlett!” Isla exclaimed as she handed me the Cosmo she’d mentioned in her text.

“I feel stupid.” I groaned, as I downed the glass of whatever it was, in one go. It was sweet with a slight punch. “More?”

“You look hot.” She smiled.

I pulled at the shorts and frowned. I felt naked, why had a worn this?

After another Cosmo, Isla gave me a pair of knee length boots to wear, and talked me in to leaving the outfit on for just a while. As the night went on, and numerous drinks were drunk, began feeling tipsy, and what I was wearing suddenly didn’t bother me as much.

It was late when we caught a cab, and headed to the brand new club Isla had mentioned. The alcohol had filtered through my body, and my fears of places like this disappeared.

Once we were inside, Isla and I danced with little regard for anyone else, and for once in my life, I felt free.

Until I the one of the people that had burned me worse than Xavier had… Ryan. The boy who had dragged my name through the dirt so he could have his fifteen minutes of fame. The boy who’d made it look like we’d make a sex tape. Bile rose in my throat, He had some blonde girl on his arm. She was beautiful, graceful, she wore a beautiful red dress that clung to her beautiful curves. I wanted to warn her that he was a gross excuse for a man, but maybe she already knew. Before I knew what I was doing, and against my better judgment I stalked away from Isla and walked over to my ex.

His eyes surveyed me, then he raised an eye brow and licked his lips like I was a meal. The harsh nightclub lights illuminated his face with hues of red and yellow, he looked demonic, and I wondered how I had never seen it back then. His date scoffed, I turned my attention toward in time to see her looking me up and down. “Skank.” She mumbled under her breath.

I shrugged and grabbed her drink off her. I didn’t care what she thought me, she was nothing and neither was he.

“You ruined my life you fucking jerk.” I shouted over the music as I threw the contents of the glass in Ryan’s face. I shoved the glass back in to the girls hands. “Sorry about the drink.” I muttered, feeling anything but.

“Scarlett?” Ryan croaked as he wiped the liquid from his face. He looked again and nodded, a smirk crossed his face, like he was congratulating himself.

“You’re not still hung up over the sex tape are you? That was years ago now.” He laughed like it was nothing. The humiliation I had suffered for years was nothing to him. “Besides, I think I did you a favor looks like you’re not a frigid bitch anymore.” He pointed at my outfit, then licked his lips again.

Without a second thought I lifted my hand and swiftly whacked it against the apple of his cheek. The alcohol that was controlling 99% of my mind and body didn’t feel the sting against my own hand, but I could see the outline of my hand come up on his face before a few seconds had even passed. I smirked, then turned on my heel and walked back over to a visibly shocked Isla.

“That was...” Isla stopped and wrapped her arms around me. “Impressive!”

I didn’t feel impressive, I felt weak and shaken. He’d called me a frigid bitch. He’d blamed the sex tape he’d made with someone else on me. I needed more alcohol. I needed to forget. Now.

“Four tequila shots.” I called out to the barman, who pulled up the shot glasses and poured the shots.

“Oh hon, I think I’m past tequila.” Isla said apologetically, holding up her hand.

I shrugged and lined up the glasses in front of me. Then one after another I drank them. By the fourth one I couldn’t even taste the bitter liquid as it ran down my throat anymore.

“Maybe we should go home, I think you’ve had a little too-” I held my hand up this time, as I swayed back and forth.

“I’m fine, I need to dance...” I groaned pulling myself from the bar, Isla grabbed my hand and followed behind me until we were both on the dance floor.

I’m not sure how it happened. One minute I was with Isla, and the next, I was dancing with a man I didn’t know. He was attractive, freshly shaven, His eyes looked green, but under the lights of the night club I couldn’t quite tell. His lips curved into a smile and he was talking, I couldn’t hear him over the deep bass in the club, but it didn’t matter, I was comfortable and I was having fun.

Somewhere during the song his intention changed. His pulled me in against his body forcefully, until our hips were aligned and he held me there. My strength was no match for his, and my intoxication levels did nothing to help the situation. His breathing was uneven and now I could hear him whispering in my ear “Please come home with me.” Over and over again.

I felt sick and dizzy, the situation was out of my control. This wasn’t me, I wasn’t this person. I tried to move away, but the man wouldn’t let me go. His once attractive face now looked menacing. Time slowed down as he forced me to move through the crowd, holding my body hard against his, giving me no room to breathe. My heart pounded hard against my chest and I tried to remember what I’d learned in the self-defense classes mom had made me go too. But the alcohol was clouding everything.

Where was Isla?

We were almost near the door when I finally felt a pair of strong hands yank me from the grip of the sleaze. I watched the heroic man walk back over to the possessive guy.

“You fucking animal.” The mysterious man said, grabbing him by the throat. “She wanted to get away from you.”

The man pushed the sleaze into the wall. Unsteady on my feet I moved backward until I was leaning against the other wall. I wasn’t sure who my hero was, but I watched him as he held the sleaze in place. I let my eyes drop down and appreciate his features, his ass looked good in his tight black jeans. My head began to spin all of a sudden, I couldn’t focus on what was happening. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing.

“Oh my god. That’s Vax from Going Nowhere! And he’s got that guy by the throat.” I heard someone in the club say, they stopped to pull out their phones and took a picture just as the man threw a punch. The sleaze fell to the ground as my hero let him go. It was then that I saw his long air was beneath his jacket, in an obvious attempt to disguise himself. It was Xavier. He turned to face me, he had concerned hazel eyes and a thin lipped frown, I felt like I was in trouble but I wasn’t sure why. He walked up to me and slipped an arm around my waist.

“Let’s get you home.” He mumbled, his voice was cool. He was still angry about what I had said. Not that I blamed him.

“Xavier, why are you here.” I groaned as I pushed him back, away from me.

He rolled his eyes and pointed up to the VIP area. “We’ve been here all night.”

My heart sunk. “Oh.” I found myself saying, confused. Why the hell was I sad that he wasn’t there for me?

“You got a good shot off on Ryan, but he still got to you. Didn’t he?” He whispered, as he pulled me in for a hug. I went to push him away but he held me tight against his chest, and for some reason I felt 100 percent safe. He had me so close, I could feel his heart beating… fast. The drunk part of my mind wanted to ask why, but it was too loud, and there were too many people around.

“You’ll want to stay like this.” He murmured under his breath. “I’ve been recognized now. I know you like the blending in thing. So unless you want rumors of a rock-star couple to start... keep your face hidden.”

“You were caught punching that guy.” I groaned. He’d be in the tabloids because of me. I knew what it was like to deal with negative press.

“I’ll deal with that. It isn’t my first bar fight, probably won’t be my last. Come on. I sent Isla home already. She didn’t want leave you here, so I assured her I would get you home safely. My car is parked up around the back. Let’s go.” he commanded, giving me little choice in the matter. Not that I minded, leaving was the one thing I was sure I wanted right now.

“You’ve been drinking?” I questioned, my words were beginning to slur together, and the tequila was finally catching up on me. Xavier said no softly, then walked with me, my head still buried in his chest through the club.

Once we were outside I tried to move away from him, but my body wasn’t working cohesively and I almost fell. Xavier caught me by the waist once again then sighed.

“I know you don’t want me touching you, just let me get you home.” He said, his voice was tight.

“Why do you even care?” I laughed. He had never cared about me before, why would he start now?

Xavier didn’t say anything, instead he unlocked his car as we reached it and opened the passenger’s door for me. He drove, while I rocked back and forth, trying to rock the nausea from my gut, and the spinning from my head.

“I can’t believe you’re a rock star and you still drive this broken old Ford GT” I managed to say at a red light.

“I haven’t had time to buy one here.” He replied. “Besides you used to like my car.”

“I did?” I murmured, I did like Ford GT’s but I was still having difficulty trying to remember liking anything about Xavier in high school.

“Until you realized it was mine.” He replied dryly.

“Oh.” I sighed.

“You dressed different tonight.” Xavier said a moment later, he sounded amused.

My body tensed and I felt my face blush. I moved my hands to stretch the fabrics so that they covered more, but it was futile.

“You look fine, gorgeous actually, stop worrying.” Xavier whispered, his voice was low. “I just like casual you too.” he added.

He liked casual me. What the hell did that mean? I was under the impression that Xavier Smith had never liked anything about me. Let alone ‘casual me’.

“Why are you being so nice?” I asked as I stopped rocking to look at him.

“One day maybe I will tell you.” he said with a knowing smile. “But right now, just accept my help.”

“Tell me now, I’m plastered, I won’t remember a thing in the morning.” I croaked.

Xavier pulled into a driveway. My driveway. How had we made it here? How did he even know where I lived?

“How... how do you know where I live Xavier?”

Xavier undone his seatbelt and got out of the car. He walked around to my door and helped me out.

“I asked around.” He whispered, as his hand once again slipped around my waist. Oh god. He couldn’t come inside. I hadn’t cleaned and my cats would be postal now without me.

“I uh, I can take care of myself.” I whispered, attempting to push his arm away.

Xavier laughed. “I doubt that very much. I’d prove it to you by letting you walk alone, but I am sure you don’t want to graze your knees.”

I scoffed, but deep down I knew he was right. There was a reason I didn’t drink, and this was it, I lost all control. Control of myself physically and mentally. It left me vulnerable and reliant on others. Things I hated being.

Somehow after a drunken stumble we ended up inside. My cats, as expected bolted for me. Choc and Pudding, chose to meow then run out the door, but Vax and Aster persisted with an incessant meowing at my feet.

“Shut it Vax.” I groaned.

“Huh?” Xavier said, his voice was confused, the blush in my cheeks returned and I realized I was going to have to explain.

“My cat’s name.” I replied in a quiet almost mute whisper.

Xavier chuckled and looked down at the cat. “Never had a pussy named after me before.”

My mouth fell open in obvious shock. Xavier grinned, his eyes were locked deeply with mine. He looked like the Vax I had pined for, but he also looked like Xavier.

“No, you probably just spend all your time trying out as many human ones as you can.” I replied without thinking. I regretted the words the instant they left my mouth, realizing how awful I was being to the person who had just helped me out of a potential bad situation. Everything else aside, without his help tonight could have ended much worse.

Xavier’s grip loosened and he sighed so heavy his breath reached me and grazed my neck. “I need to go, let’s get you to your room.” His voice was low again, and I knew I had crossed a line.

He stopped to lift me up. If I hadn’t been drunk I would have fought him, but I was and my slow coach drunken dawdle wasn’t fast enough for him anymore. I’d offended him again, except this time I felt guilty. I wanted to apologize, but the words wouldn’t leave my mouth.

I rest my head against his chest again. He smelt like aniseed and vanilla and I liked it more than I should. I inhaled deeply hoping the sweet scent would stick to my senses. By the time we made it to my room I was dreading him putting me down. I wanted to stay right here. It was a surprising turn of events, but with him, I felt safe.

“Really.” He laughed again, this time as he stood beside my bed looking down “I knew you liked Vax.” He murmured as he placed me down. I looked down at the bed and groaned, I found myself wondering what else I could possibly do to embarrass myself and it had presented itself with almost comedic timing.

The poster I’d unfolded after dinner the night before was still sitting on my bed unfolded in full Vax glory. Despite his hair covering his face, I couldn’t understand how I had never put two and two together.

“I...I... I never said I didn’t.” I replied as I drunkenly shoved everything back in the box.

Xavier smirked as he took the box from me and placed it down on the ground.

“Bed.” He warned. “You need to sleep this off.”

Xavier walked into my bathroom with the empty water bottle that he must have found on my night stand, and I guess I was supposed to climb in to bed. But I didn’t.

I don’t know what came over me, it had been an odd night of firsts and I’d stepped so far out of my comfort zone already. Attempting to seduce Xavier just didn’t seem so farfetched.

I lifted the little black top over my head, and flung it somewhere around the room, I shimmied the shorts off at the same time. Finally stood there in nothing but lacy black panties. The alcohol swirling through my brain had wiped out my normally watertight inhibitions. I was his for the taking.

Xavier walked back into the room and almost dropped the now full bottle. His eyes widened and I could see that I’d managed to catch him off guard. It had only taken a bottle of tequila and 23 years to get him on the back foot, but I had done it.

I smiled, and dipped my head.

“Do you want me?” I whispered, I sounded like the shy innocent virgin I was, but god damn I hoped he wanted me. I looked back up my eyes locked with his for a fleeting moment. Despite being almost naked, I felt hot, my cheeks burned with the fear of rejection.

He bit his lip, and took a step closer to me. I closed my eyes, I waited for his touch, I wanted him to grab me like he had in the bathroom, only this time I wouldn’t push him away. This time I’d give him anything he wanted.

Only in my drunk state could I admit I wanted him to touch me in the places no ever had, and I wanted to touch him. I could pretend he was just Vax, and not Xavier, maybe it would get him out of my system.

All of a sudden I could feel him move closer, and hear his uneven breathing. I took my own uneven breath, to prepare myself for what was about to happen. He was right in front of me, but I needed him to make the next move. I needed to know he wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

When I heard the zip of his jacked slowly track down, my legs began to shake. Soon he would touch me. I’d always imagined Vax the musician to be demanding and strong, with the right balance of sensual and loving. My body ached at the thought that I might get to have Vax… Xavier in reality.

When he touched my wrist I sighed, but he didn’t move his hands any further against my skin. I felt fabric slide over my arm as he pulled his jacket up to cover my nakedness, slowly he zipped it up. Confused and hurt my eyes flung open and if I hadn’t be so totaled I’d have died from embarrassment.

Xavier, stood in front of me, a pained look on his face. His hazel eyes stared at me with an intensity I didn’t understand.

“I’m only telling you this because I know tomorrow you won’t remember it.” He whispered, as he led me to my bed. I lay down on the 400 thread count cotton sheets, but they did nothing to salve the sting of rejection.

“I want you Scarlett, but I won’t take advantage of you.”

He placed a kiss on my forehead, pulled the blankets over my almost naked body and walked toward the door.

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