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A widowed woman has always had a Dream Lover hidden within her since she was a young lass in her early teenage years. Will she finally meet him?Or is He only a dream that will haunt her forever? This story will take place in a little village we'll call," Lake Hope ". A quiet little lake town, located somewhere in Ohio...A magical place for those who believe in the legends and folklore of old storytellers of the village... "A Lake of Hope and Dreams."If you dream hard enough and strong enough with a pure heart, a mist shall befall you.and grant your most precious Hopes and Dreams....

Romance / Fantasy
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( 1 )Introduction of Story

Crystal Ramon would come to sit and think as much as she could.The quietness of the lakeshore would help her when she was in need.

Seagulls flew above on the gentle breeze that blew across the lake, in the distance, you could hear other seagulls screeching and geese squawking.

Small quint Islands scattered across the lake with a mystery surrounding them. Some had homes, many did not.

A cool chilly breeze rushed behind Crystal, swift and strong. But it did not bother her even though she shivered at its blast, her mind was far away in another time of solitude and space.

She just needed silence and peach to relax and think through the thing that often clouded her mind. She had always loved it there no matter the weather.

Setting at the water edge the movement of the breeze would blow the water across the lake seem to tell her everything will be ok. But sometimes she truly wounded. She'd try to think positive about things, but it seemed Impossible.

She'd try to let the Lord Jesus take the lead of thing that stood before her. In her loneliness and pain of losing someone she Loved dearly, he was her rock, her threshold, her grounding force when she needed it.

When she felt this way she would close things out in any way she could. If only she could survive and get through another day of loneliness was always her thoughts.

She knew this was not good for her, but sometimes it seemed to be the only way she could deal with it.

She knew there is a reason for everything but she would wish she could find the answers, she needed so desperately.

She felt alone so much of the time, she didn't know why she just did.

She'd pray to the Lord God above to give her some type of answer or the strength to just pull her through another day. She knew he would give her the answers, but it would be in his own time, but the waiting was hard. She tried not to dought his word. But her hope would run low. She'd try not to let it get her down. She'd try to keep it afloat, but once in awhile it would sink beneath the waters, but someway she would manage to get it back when she'd set at the water edge in the stillness of the day.

She always looks to the Virgin Mary, Jesus earthly mother statue that overlooks, Lake Hope, day in and day out no matter the weather rather it be cold, rain or shine has always been there for her, rather near or far from the Lake.

All through the statue of the Virgin Mary, Jesus earthly mother is an Inanimate object, place and built by the human hands, it still has a great meaning to her, as she hopes it will have for others in future times.

Eli Ramon, Crystal's husband of many years has gone to be with the Lord Jesus Christ, almost two years now. But she still feels alone and sad more and more each day that passes.

Her mind starts to wonder once again, to a man that has always found his way into her thoughts as a teenager and still does to this day.

Is it wrong to think about having a new friend or companion to help her, or take her places every once in a while? She does not know the answer to this pinning question that crosses her mind every now and then since Eli passed away. She Loved him so much, it hurts, she would cry for him in the darkness of night and out of sight of family and friends. Even though she had family living with her, she still feels alone, she tries to keep herself busy, but it doesn't always work.

But when she's laying down to rest her thoughts would always return to her husband.

Eli was always there for her, No matter what, rather she needed him or not.

His heart and soul pure and simple, Loved by many, family, friends and Co-Workers.

Crystal's Childhood Background Info.

Crystal's life as a child wasn't easy. She was always the center of many of her classmates jokes, and untrue stories. Even though she didn't do some of the things they would say she did.

She was ridiculed and disgraced many a time in the years she was in School, as well as bullied by many.

But somehow she got through those dark days with the help of family and True Friends.

These are the ones that still stand beside her to this day.

Even though life's highway have separated them and they don't get to see each other as often they still keep in contact as much as they can.

And I happen to be one of them and have been for many years since she was a young child.

My name is "Destiney, Her Life Guide."

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Feb. 2019

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