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fail and lost hope

Athena was sitting in the kiss and cry booth waiting for her results from her routine hoping she could go to worlds this time. As her coach waited as well they both were filled with nervousness and then the announcer said ” Athena rose score for free skate is 1.25 which makes Yui Kashi the winner of the women’s singles grand Prix !”

Athena held back her tears and ran into the women’s restroom and hide into one of the stalls crying her eyes out she had lost everything. the competition, her will to move on everything and now she was to return home to her family. As Athena walked out of the stalls she saw Yui and then yui said "awe lookie here miss last place, Athena, why don’t you retire already Athena your not any good everyone knows this your the women’s biggest loser !”

Athena looked at Yui with no emotion in her face as she brushed her away and said ” you won just leave me be and celebrate your win with your family and team ” as she walked off Athena got onto a plane to Kashiba, Tokyo where her sister was waiting for her.

The plane lands and Athena grabs her suitcase and sees her sister nagi and said in a sad voice “im home nagi ” nagi ran to Athena and held her and whispered “I'm sorry!I know your find a way to win next year !”

Athena nods and walks side to side with nagi and they walk in silence to the house as Athena is greeted at the house by familiar faces of her family as she eats some sushi Athena the plopped down into her bed and curled into her bed as her cat reki curled up to Athena , Athena fell asleep crying about her lost.

The next morning Athena woke up then rolled over not wanting to get out of bed or out of her night clothes then she hears a sound from her door and the door said " come on Athena i know you're upset but you need to eat " Athena shook her head and said "NO! I'm never coming out of my room !" The voice then said, " not even for pork cutlet bowls ?" Athena's eyes widen and jumped out of her bed hitting her head as she tripped over her cat reki.

"I'll be right out I've gotta grab something first !" as the voice left Athena rumbled through her clothes and found some shorts and a sport bra and jumped into the shower and washed up as the water ran over her face Athena had many thoughts running through her head " should i just give up on figure skating ? , can i really make it on the ice after what happened at the Grand Prix ?"
As she washes up and the words from others come into her mind " you should just retire Athena you're just gonna keep being in last place", " last place Athena that's where your always going to be " as Athena starts to cry she gets out of the shower and gets dressed and puts her hair in a ponytail and walks up to the table and eats her food.
nagi looks at athena and said, " Athena going somewhere ?" Athena finishes a noodle and said " just running and maybe skate" nagi slams her hands down and said, "ATHENA DONT GIVE UP YOUR AN AMAZING SKATER !" athena looked at nagi and said " thanks nagi but your the only one that thinks that"
nagi looks at athena with tears falling down her face and said " athena dont act like i dont know , i know it all " athena eyes widen while she looks for a clue on what nagi was trying to say then nagi continues to say " i know every compition you trained and praticed over and over till you made every move on the ice perfect flawless making it where the crowed would cry "

athena eyes widen at nagi and a tear fell and then athen said " nagi i never knew you saw " nagi grabed athenas hand and said " athena i see it all , all your hard work if only your choach and the world saw your hard work they know your pasion for skating and know you just got nervous on the ice with the light "athena eyes widen as she never knew how much her sister watched closley to her and then said "well they havent or wont but thanks for watching closely to me "

athena walks out and down the road as she hears the birds and the waves of the tides she see's the building of the skating rink and said " do i still have the magic of telling heart braking stories ?"

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