Best and Honor

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Chapter 14


This might just be the best night of my entire life. Her toned body is rubbing up against me and I can feel how badly she wants this. I smile and nod my head before kissing her neck again and work my way back up to her ear. “Get your purse and meet me outside. I’ll leave first and try not to let anyone see me go. You get out of here as soon as you can and meet me outside.” She is already nodding her agreement and I suck the silky skin of her neck into my mouth one last time before leaving her on the dance floor.

I spot Evan at the bar with a few of the guys and he shoots me an angry look when our eyes meet. I hold my phone up and give him a look I hope he will buy as me needing to take a call outside. His small nod is all I get and it’s good enough. I’m not letting him stop me right now. All that matters is getting Sophie back to my room like she asked. If I can’t pick up where we left off on the dance floor, I might be the first man to actually die from the pent up sexual tension.

The air is refreshing as I wait for the door to open and deliver my girl. When she finally emerges, I feel a rush of relief and reach for her hand. I know she needs to walk slower than I do because of the heels, but I can’t help but pull her along, urging her to get back to the hotel as quickly as possible. I’m at the edge of my restraint and I’m feeling it slip with each minute her hand is in mine.

We finally step into the hotel lobby and I press the button for our floor, not looking at her for fear I will forget all about being in public and let my needs take over no matter what the consequence is. The elevator dings and the doors slide open. Much to our credit, she and I step in calmly like any other couple returning from a small walk along the strand. As soon as they slide closed again I turn to her and put both hands on the side of her face, holding her as I press my lips to hers, tasting the salt and margarita. Her hands grip my forearms and she opens her lips inviting me into her mouth with a small pass of her tongue against my lips.

We are breathing heavy and holding on to each other as if letting go would mean the end of all of this. The elevator stops at our floor and we pull away from each other as the doors open. I’m so thankful there’s no one waiting for it because it’s so obvious what we’ve been doing. Her hair is looser now, random soft strands framing her flushed cheeks and bright eyes. Her lips are swollen from our kisses and her chest is rising and falling quickly. I know I must look as disheveled as she does and I make a small adjustment to make the walk to my room bearable.

I pull my wallet from my back pocket and find the room key. She stands behind me as I unlock the door and I can feel the energy radiating off of her. She wants me badly, but nowhere near as badly as I want her. It’s just not possible since I’ve had years to fantasize about what this moment might be like and now that I know how she tastes and how her hot skin feels beneath my touch I know reality is going to completely demolish everything I’ve done with her in my dreams.

I swing the door open and hold it for her, loving the shy grin that is curling at her lips as she looks up at me. Spinning around and walking into the room backwards so she can keep her eyes on me, she kicks off her heels one step at a time and I close the door and flip the latch wanting to be sure nothing is going to stop the forward momentum we have going right now. I need this. I need her.

She crooks her finger and beckons me to her causing my pants to grow increasingly tighter as every once of blood I have seems to be rushing to the same aching place. Reaching out, I capture her wrist and pull her against me, burying my head in the crook of her neck, breathing her in as I find the zipper on the back of her dress. I slide it down as I suck lightly on her skin, losing my breath when her hand brushes down my stomach and grips me through my pants. “Fuck,” is all I can manage as she begins to slowly stroke me over them.

I run my hands up her back to the top of her dress and part it with my fingers, purposely letting them dance across her back until I see the goose bumps run down her neck and arms. Yes, two can play at this game. I slide the dress from her shoulders letting it pool at her feet. She wasn’t kidding. Her breasts are full and heavy in the thin red lacy cups of her bra. Her panties ride low across her hips in the tiniest of triangles that I know leads straight to a G-string behind her. She knows I love the dress, but was so right to assume I’d love what she had on beneath it more.

I don’t know where I want to put my hands. I want to feel it all, taste it all, but I don’t know where to start. I tuck my fingers into the waistband of her panties, but she shakes her head and begins to pull my sweater up my body. I reluctantly release her and help to pull my sweater off before reaching for my tie, not bothering to untie it, only making it loose enough to get it over my head.

I don’t let my eyes leave her body for even a second as I start to unbutton my shirt. Her hand is rubbing me into a frenzy, my fingers slipping from the buttons as she tugs my belt through the loops and then slowly slides my zipper down and pushes my pants off my hips. She rolls up on the balls of her feet and tangles her hands into my hair, pulling my mouth to hers and diving right back in where we left off in the elevator. My brain completely forgets what I’m doing and I wrap my arms around her waist, needing to feel her breast against me.

I haven’t been this turned on from kissing a girl since I was a teen. The small whimpers from her are ramping up the throbbing in my boxers and I press against her needing a little relief. Her hands leave my hair and grab onto my collar. Instead of working each button through its hole, she pulls my shirt apart quickly sending little buttons flying in every direction. I couldn’t be more grateful for her urgency. The softness of her hands exploring my chest and abs is the most erotic sensation and I shrug the shirt off my shoulders. Toeing my shoes off and then finally breaking our kiss long enough to remove my socks.

Instantly my hands are back on her, expertly unclasping her bra and pulling it away from her chest. Loving that her breasts are bared to me, I let my palms softly run up her stomach before filling them with the perfect curves. A low moan escapes her lips and I quickly cover her mouth swallowing down any sounds she makes. I let my thumbs brush lightly across the tips before sliding my hands back down her body so I can tuck my fingers beneath the waist of her bright red panties. As much as I love this pair, I want to make sure I’m the last man to see her in them. I rip the band with just a slight pull and toss them to the side.

The only barrier between us now is the thin fabric of my boxers. Her hands sweep down my stomach and her thumbs tuck under the elastic band, pulling them down to my thighs so that they’ll drop to my feet, freeing my very ready erection. Her lips press to my neck and she trails warm, moist kisses down my chest. I suddenly remember I need to get a condom out of my wallet. “Condom,” is all I can manage and she lets her tongue circle my nipple before pulling away. “My wallet.”

I can’t even make a complete sentence. She laughs softly and pulls my wallet from the pocket of my pants and hands it to me. I open it but I’m quickly too overwhelmed with sensation to focus on finding the foil package. Her warm wet mouth is now wrapped around me and I feel the pleasure tear through me and race up my spine. My head rolls back as she slides her mouth up and down. I feel the faintest sensation of teeth as she moves to the tip and then pulls me back in all the way down to the base.

If this goes on any longer the night is going to be over before it even starts. I find the condom and toss my wallet onto the dresser. Ripping open the package quickly, I use my free hand to pull her up before sliding the condom onto my dick. Sophie moves back towards the bed and I motion with my head for her to climb on, finding myself stalking up towards her as she crawls backward towards the headboard.

I stop when my face is between her legs and kiss her just on the inside of her knee. Her legs fall further apart as I continue my kisses up the inside of her thigh until I finally reach her center. She’s holding her breath as I let my tongue lick across her core and within minutes she pulling me up on top of her. “Please.” It’s a whisper but it rings loudly through my body and speaks directly to a primal urge inside me. I position myself between her legs and groan when her hand grips me firmly to guide me to her entrance.

All the years of thinking about her, dreaming about what it would be like to be here with her like I am now doesn’t come close to the way it feels when I finally sink deep inside her. Her legs wrap around my waist and she tangles her hands in my hair again, pulling my mouth to hers. I need to move, but I give her a minute to adjust to me before beginning a slow steady rocking that has her clawing at my back and whispering my name in my ear.

I can feel her tightening around me and I increase my pace, reaching between us to slowly circle the small bundle of nerves at her core. I feel my orgasm building as she meets my thrusts with her own. This is by far the best sex of my life, and we are not even in some crazy position or partners that have been together long enough to know exactly what gets each other off. That’s the most amazing thing about this—if it’s this great now it will be phenomenal in the future.

“Andrew,” her voice sends chills down my spine, winding that pleasure feeling tighter until I’m about to explode. I feel her come undone around me and press deep inside her one last time before finding my own release, chanting her name softly as wave after wave of euphoria crashes through my body. I’m ruined in this moment, completely owned by this woman I barely have my hands around. As I kiss her lips tenderly I wonder if her world has just been turned upside down like mine and despite that, when we can do this again.

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