Best and Honor

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I can smell the salt in the air as the perfect breeze flows in through the window. Cassidy is focusing hard on getting the fragile orchids in the perfect position above the curls that are loosely gathered just over my right shoulder. I’d thought I’d lost the opportunity to have a best friend when I ended my friendship with Rachel. Meeting Andrew’s sister and falling right into a new friendship was unexpected. I guess it would make sense that I’d feel a connection to her since the connection I have with her brother is so strong.

She steps back and gives me one last look from my bare feet up to where the soft white silk dances around my knees before curving tightly past my waist and stops at the top of my breasts in a beautiful heart shape. My tan skin stands out against the bright fabric, courtesy of all the time we’ve been spending at the beach, which is just a short walk from the quaint home we found. Our yard is full of roses and climbing wisteria, but the best feature is the small path that leads to the beach not too far from our front door.

There was never a question that we would stay in California. We’ve been in our little piece of paradise for just over a year after trying out a few other locations in the city. Cassidy smiles at me and then pulls me into a hug. A small knock at the door lets me know it’s time to go and I grab the bouquets from the small table and hand Cassidy, my maid of honor, her flowers. It just felt right to have her stand up there with us as we made our vows to each other.

She opens the door and steps out onto the sand, accepting the waiting arm of Andrew’s closet’s friend, Aiden, from work. The two of them are always together, working on cases and helping each other out while building the firm’s office in California. I don’t miss the way he looks at her as if she hung the moon, or the way she blushes when he whispers that she looks beautiful.

I didn’t think I could get any happier than this, but then my father steps up to my side and extends his arm for me to take. He kisses my cheek and I try to keep the tears at bay as we round the corner from the small bridal suite and begin our walk down the sandy aisle. A small wedding on the beach is perfect for us. The only people here are close family and a few friends. In case you’re wondering, Evan and Rachel did not make the guest list. Their divorce has them tied down as they continue to fight over assets.

Everyone stands when my father and I step onto the rose pedals that decorate the soft sand. I feel my stomach twisting with excitement as I let my eyes drift up to the end of the aisle where Andrew is waiting for me. His eyes are locked onto mine and his lips are spread in the biggest smile as he watches me take the last few steps towards him. I know I’ll remember the way it felt for him to look at me so lovingly for the rest of my life.

As the sun sets over the ocean behind us and the sky ignites in beautiful purple and pink hues, we promise to love each other forever and to be faithful as husband and wife. Trust is not easy in the world that we live in, but trusting Andrew comes as easy to me now as breathing. I’m sure we’ll have our moments where sharing our lives will be hard, but I’m confident the love and respect that we have for each other will pull us through.

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