A Queer Summer

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I stayed back with Collin and Diego to make sure no one was left behind so when we got into the auditorium the place was basically full.

“Where are we gonna sit?” Collin scanned the crowd for empty spots.

I did as well and noticed a hand waving at us. It was Ciara. “Look” I pointed at her already walking forward.

“It’s CeeCee!” Collin chimed and hurried over. When he got to her he placed a kiss on her cheek. Sigh I guess she’s already taken then. Ciara stood up to hug him and they started catching up on old times.

“They’re really close but she’s not seeing him. Don’t worry”

“Who’s worried?” I looked away but I could feel the slight heat on my face.

The four of us sat together and waited for the assembly to start.

“Thanks for saving us a seat Ciara”

“So Reece is your new roommate you mentioned?”

“Yeah you met him at the gate right?”

“Reece” She leaned over Diego and forced me to lean forward as well so she could whisper in my ear. “My brother can be an overly dramatic klutz sometimes but please take care of hi-”

“Brother?!” I sat up suddenly and bumped my head against Diego’s forehead since he’d been leaning forward to listen to us. “Ouch”

“Sorry” He hissed as he nursed his forehead

“No it was my fault” I replied with a wince.

“Idiots” Ciara rolled her eyes and Collin just shook his head.

“So you guys are siblings?”

“Yea I thought Diego told you. He’s my older brother by one year.” Now that I think about it I can definitely see the resemblance.

“Ah and what about Collin how do you guys know each other?”

“We kinda always knew each other since the three of us have been going to the same school for a long time but we didn’t get as close as we are until the first summer we spent together here. This place is really great for making lasting memories.” The three of them looked like they went down memory lane for a little bit so I just sat there feeling awkward.

The speakers squeaked a little and a woman came up to the mic. “Welcome and Welcome back everyone to the seventh annual Camp Korncrow Summer Program. As most of you already know, I am Mrs Sleeter, the head of this institute. We have a lot in store for you guys starting tomorrow but for now I just want to take this time to refresh your memories on the rules and goals of this program…” Blah Blah Blah I already read the handbook. My eyes glanced around at the many different faces sitting among us. There were roughly 160 teenagers in this camp ranging from sixteen to twenty years old. They also came from all over the world. I wonder if Diego is actually from Spain or if Ciara can speak fluent Spanish as well. They said they went to the same school as Collin though and he didn’t seem Spanish.

I glanced in Diego’s direction and my eyes immediately locked with his. He was staring at me? He looked away quickly enough to make it look like he was staring. I guess that’s kind of normal. I was about to stare at him too after all…Yea it’s normal.

“…I hope you all use this time to get plenty of rest. The welcome back bonfire shall be tomorrow night so please look out for it. Thank you.” Claps sounded through the hall as Mrs. Sleeter stepped down from the podium. There were a few more announcements before we were all sent to our Cabins for an early lights out. Apparently those who traveled from overseas to get here needed the rest.

Diego and I walked back together among the other campers. We seemed to get separated from Ciara and Collin at some point but it didn’t really matter. We weren’t talking at all. Things were still feeling a little awkward for some reason so I didn’t really know what to say. I’m not usually one to start conversations either so I don’t want to say the wrong thing.


A purple golf kart stopped in front of us.

“Hop on guys” Ciara pointed at the back seat and we both complied. We drove silently down the path in the cool evening air. It was around seven by now and light’s out was at 8:30 tonight though it’s usually at 11:00. Ciara said that at light’s out time, the Coordinators normally have to patrol the compound to make sure no one is out when they shouldn’t be.

She and Collin were having a light conversation at the front while Diego and I just watched scenery pass by; mostly walking kids. The boys got off at the crossroad and Ciara drove into the girls’ quarters. Collin said his goodnights as well and Diego and I entered our Cabin.

“You can use the bath first if you want.” He went over to his bed and plopped down.

“Thanks…Is there, uhm is there something wrong?”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know…I just feel kinda weird right now…”

Diego didn’t answer me so I just went ahead into the shower.


I watched Reece enter the bathroom from the corner of my eyes. Sigh what the hell is wrong with me all of a sudden. He’s just a guy yet from the moment I saw him I felt this weird attachment and it’s starting to bother me a lot. I can’t tell him that though, he’ll probably think I’m some weird faggot or something. Diego Ramirez is no homo! I could never do something like that to all my lady fans out there…could I? It’s not like I’m a homophobe or anything. I have tons of friends who are that way and we get along great. But I’ve never had a relatively queer thought about a guy in my life! So why now?

I thought he was good looking from the start. When I walked into the waiting area and I saw him standing with such curious and bright green eyes directed to me. His body looked quite athletically built as well, so lean and muscular. He was a little paler than I was and taller as well but it only made him all that more attractive. I thought I was just appreciating a beauty when I saw one but now I’m not too sure. It got even worse when he called me cute this afternoon. I’m sure my face was red… He’s going to get a lot of attention from the girls around here.

I rolled around on my bed a few times before settling on my back and staring up at the ceiling. My phone buzzed in my hand but I ignored it. It was most likely the other assistant co-ords again. We’ve been communicating with each other all day trying to plan out of schedules, breaks and so on but I’m not too worried about that stuff. Ciara will tell me what to do if need be.

The door opened and Reece stepped out. He had on a pair of black shorts and a towel around his neck. Holy six packs his body is even better without a shirt. And the way his damp blonde hair rested on his neck… I picked up my phone in order to distract myself. Stop it Diego. He’s a guy. You like girls. You like boobs.

“The shower is yours Diego” Oh and that voice, it’s so naturally soft, smooth and Sexy. I want him to speak again….Ok I’m gay. NO I’M NOT! What’s wrong with me?

“Thanks” I hurried into the bathroom. Maybe I should ask to change roommates? Ha like hell I’d be able to live with him and another guy sharing a room. SEE I’m doing it AGAIN. I ripped off my clothes and jumped into the shower. The bathroom was still warm and steamy from his bath. That’s when I started picturing him standing here bare and wet; streams of water sliding down his torso. Uh oh… I flipped on the cold water faucet. I really needed to cool down now.

When I reentered the room clean and dressed I found him lying on his bed with his headphones in his ears. He was reading something and his head was bobbing slightly while he mouthed the words to a song. I wonder what type of music he liked or what books he liked to read.

A loud bell started ringing in the distance. Well that’s lights out. It’s not like we had to go to sleep if we didn’t want to, we just had to remain indoors for safety purposes. I looked at my watch; yup, eight thirty. I stretched a bit and put on my purple camp hoodie.

“Where are you going?” Reece looked up from his book. Ah he’s so observant. I really like that about him.

“Just going to make sure all the campers are in there rooms and other assistant coord duties.” I slipped on my sneakers.

“Can I come?”

“You don’t need to. Aren’t you tired? Stay and rest.” Yea plus if we stand too close I don’t know what I’d do.

He got up and put his shoes on. “I’m coming. It’s dark out so you shouldn’t go by yourself” aww he cares.

“It’s not that dark but whatever, come on.”

Soon we were strolling down the gravel side by side in the cool of the night. He still had on his headphones I knew he could hair me well enough if I spoke. We’d seen a few people here and there but they were all hurrying to their Cabins. We were walking on the path next to the lake and I noticed how intently Reece stared at the moon’s reflection in the water

“This place is beautiful isn’t it” He whispered

“Yeah it really is. Sometimes it seems almost magical…” He smiled at that and I noticed his mouth quiver a little. “Are you cold?”

“Just a little but I’ll be fine.” He rubbed his bare arms a little. “It was expected right? I came out in a T-shirt and shorts after all” He laughed.

“Want to borrow my coat?”

“Nah it’s ok really” hmm he says that but if I look really well I could see Goosebumps on his arms. Oh I know…

“What about a race? If you move about it could warm you up.”

“Aren’t we supposed to be on patrol? It’s almost nine you know” He looked at his watch.

“Tch It will be fine” He seemed to contemplate it for a while. “Rreece” I said with a roll on the r “Look at where you are? You’re here to have fun right? Stop thinking about it so much and just do what you feel like. It’s not like anyone is here to stop us…” We both looked up and down the deserted gravel road. It wasn’t dark either because there were road lamps in the trees.

“Ok let’s race.” He decided with a new determination “But I have to warn you I’m really fast.” He gave a cocky grin.

“Good cause so am I” We got into a starting position. “First person to the end of road wins.”

“Ready…Set…Go!” And we were off. The cold air felt great rushing through my hair. I turned to Reece and he looked like he was really enjoying himself. His hair flew about and his shirt flapped as he sprinted magnificently at my side with a bright grin on his face. He really was fast. He was actually starting to push ahead of me. We were nearing the end of the road so I pushed my legs a little more but it was too late. He reached the end first; stupid long legs of his.

“Whoo! I won! Told you I was fast.” He panted a little and so did I. I placed a finger on my lip to let him know that he was being too loud. “Oh sorry…So what do I get?” Is it just me or was that grin getting increasingly sexy.

“Uh..huh?” Great now my mouth won’t work.

“I won so you should reward me shouldn’t you?” I knew he was joking but I could think of a few things I could give him if he was willing… Cough! Cough!

“We never agreed on something like that though…” He shrugged. We stood there for a while, just catching our breath and enjoying each other’s company. The awkwardness was slowly fading away and I was thankful. A small light caught my eye; it was a firefly floating peacefully to my right. “Hey…I know something I can give you...”

“Oh really?” His voice was a little teasing but I ignored it.

“Yeah follow me and stay close.” I started walking to the lake and he followed obediently. We walked along the lakeside until we came to one of the bridges to the other side. Reece looked really fascinated by his surroundings and he kept staring down at the dark water as we walked. “Careful, if you stare too long into the water at night the lake Goddess will pull you in and drown you”

“Wha-What?” He took a step back. I laughed

“It’s just a myth” I told him with a shrug.

“So…” He started walking next to me “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see” After we crossed the bridge we went off the path for a bit.

“You won’t get us lost right?”

“Haha...” I gave him an unamused stare. “Don’t worry it’s not far...”

“Are there any wild animals here?”

“Not really. This area is all the camp grounds and it’s barred from the rest of the forest so wolfs and bears and stuff can’t get in.” We finally came to another section of the lake that was like a small bay. I sat on the ground and Reece sat with me looking very confused.

“What-- ”

“Shh..” They should be coming out any moment now. Reece looked around and then looked at me like I was crazy. I smiled at him and he smiled back but I could tell he still thought I was crazy. The sky was clear tonight so this was the perfect time to come here. A couple minutes passed and they finally started coming out.

“What the-“


Hundreds of Fireflies started floating out from the trees and bushes. They were dancing about everywhere and they looked beautiful over the lake.

“..Wow…” Reece stared at them with such aww that his eyes sparkled in the night. “How did you know about this place?”

“I found it by accident on my first year…I had gotten kinda lost on a camping trip but it was worth it right?”


“I’m really glad I got you as a roommate Diego” Oh I loved how he said my name. We were just walking back into the cabin compound. It was really late now and not a soul was out. But I’m sure many guys were still awake in their cabins.

“I’m glad I got you as a roommate too.” I bumped our shoulders together and we laughed a bit. “You’re a really interesting guy.”

“I could say the same to you”

We had to be really quiet when walking passed the other cabins since we didn’t want to get caught out so late. I mean I probably had an excuse but Reece didn’t really…

We entered the Cabin and went straight to our own beds. We slung our shirts over our heads and just collapsed there. I guess we were more tired than we thought. Wow today was something; and it’s only the beginning…

“Hey Dee…” Reece called from across the room. The cabin was dark except for the moonlight shining through the windows. I could only make out his silhouette on his bed..And what a hot silhouette it was.

“Yes Reece”

“Thanks… For making my first day here so amazing…” My chest tightened a little and I tried my best to make the feeling go away.

“N-no problem…”


He fell asleep. I could hear his steady breathing from here. I ended up drifting to sleep as well. The last thought on my mind was ‘I really hope this summer drags on forever.’

Lame? Probably...

Reece Benjamin is modeled after..Alexandre Cuhna as requested by my best friend

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