Her Boss

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Chapter 14

They made out for a while getting to know each other’s taste and feel. As he made his way down her body, Colton removed Alexa’s clothing, revealing her luscious curves and valleys to his intense gaze and insistent mouth. He loved the sounds she made as he tongued and bit along her voluptuous flesh.

She mewled when he reached her breasts. He left a moist, wet trail all around her pebbled tip. Every suck he took on her nipple, pulled at a deep place inside her.

While his mouth worked on one tit, his hand massaged her other one. He growled against her hot flesh as she responded vocally to his ministrations. She was so responsive to him. His every touch caused her to tremble and arch herself into his hand or mouth.

He felt her stiffen when he tore himself away from those gorgeous tits and headed lower to her rounded stomach. Staying there as long as it took to get her to relax again, he murmured how much he loved her body, every part of it, including her chubby middle.

Granted she wasn’t like the usual women he took to bed. But he rather enjoyed her softness and heat. It made everything in him that was masculine sharpen in stark relief against her feminine form. He felt like a man.

Once she was relaxed again, he continued down her lush body pulling off her jeans. When all she wore was a pair of white cotton panties, he began at her knees and kissed his way up her legs to them. He grabbed the sides of the panties and tenderly pulled down her last physical defense against him.

She kept her legs closed to him as he did so. Her thick thighs hid from him her womanhood, but he could tell she was already slick with need not to mention her undies were sopping damp. He kissed the juncture between her thighs. As if he said the correct password, she opened up to him slowly.

“Beautiful,” he said seeing her perfect, shaved pussy splayed out before him. It was puffy and engorged with blood, wet with her honeyed juices.

He salivated at the sight of her. Before he could stop himself, he slid his tongue up her labia and groaned at her flavor. “God, you taste so good.”

“Colton,” she mewled pleadingly. “Please again.”

Who was he to deny her?

Her back bowed up as his tongue found her clit at the end of his slurp. He became excited at finding another erogenous zone he could manipulate. Flicking his tongue over the tiny bundle of nerves, he felt it get hard.


As he worried at her clit, his fingers traced her petals, winding up at her entrance. Christ, she was so tight that by his third finger he could feel her rejecting his intrusion despite how well lubricated she was. He heard her whimper, and it caused him to wince. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her or remind her of what those bastards had done to her.

He stepped up his tongue’s movement on her clit. Her body undulated as she neared climax. Replacing his mouth with his finger, he lifted his head to gaze at her.

“Alexa,” he began sharply. “Come for me sweets!”

He slapped her pussy and threw her over the cliff.

“Colton!” she shouted, drawing out his name as her climax rolled through her body. He smiled with supreme male satisfaction at bringing such pleasure to his lover. It mattered so much to him to do this for Alexa, more so than any other woman he had fucked. He wanted to replace all those horrible violent memories with new, seductive and sensual ones.

Before her orgasm ended, he quickly undressed, took his cock and placed it at her pussy entrance. He pushed into her, her body trying at first to keep him at bay but once he made it through the outer circle of muscles, the squeezing of her channel walls pulled him into her easily. He groaned in utter satisfaction at being buried inside her warmth.

There was something profound in their coming together, a melting of their souls with one another. He was delightfully astonished by how well she took him into herself. Her body didn’t fight him as much as he thought it would.

As he moved in and out of her, he stared into her dark eyes, his own radiating all the good feelings he had for her, all the – love, he had for her. That was it, wasn’t it? He loved her. He had spent two years getting to know her and had fallen in love. It had snuck up on him, but he couldn’t deny it any longer. This relationship was more than employee/employer or even only about sex. It was much, much more.

Staring into his eyes, she thought she caught a glimmer of fear in them but was soon swept away by the sensation of his body moving inside hers, piercing the walls she hid behind to survive the ordeal of living with her parents. Grayson had been the only other person she had ever let in that close to her emotionally and physically.

Now she felt fear at his being so close to her. He saw it and stopped moving.

“What’s wrong Alexa?” he asked his voice gruff with need. “What are you afraid of?”

She shook her head. “Nothing. I – I was only scared of letting you in so close. You could break my heart.”

He grabbed her head with one hand and held himself up with the other. He stared down at her intently.

“I would never do that on purpose,” he vowed to her. “Never. I – I love you, Alexa. I don’t know how it happened, but you’ve taken up residence in my heart and could break it so easily too. Don’t be afraid of me sweets. I only want what is best for you. If you need me to stop right now –”

“No!” she nearly shouted. “No please don’t – leave me. I – I am afraid but I also trust you. I do. It’s just a new feeling for me, trust.”

“I understand. This love thing is new for me too.”

“I think it’s only the sex talking Colton. Right now we are caught up in some powerful hormones and neurotransmitters if I remember health class correctly. Tell me you love me when we aren’t having sex and I’ll believe you.”

“I will,” he said determinedly. He lowered himself so that he could kiss her. As they tasted one another, his hips began a slower, sweeter rhythm. Lifting her legs up, she hugged his torso with her thighs and opened her up even more to him.

She cried out when he angled his thrusts upward so that he could rub against her g-spot. Her body burst into sparkles of pleasure as he hit her there and began to manipulate her clit once more with his fingers.

In her bones, she felt the tide of pleasure that was about to overwhelm her. It filled all the empty spaces inside her, rushing up from her toes to her womb, through her stomach, lighting up her breasts and finally inundating her brain in its seductive waters.

She whispered his name as she floated through the orgasm she had. She vaguely heard him cry out but definitely could feel him implanting his seed within her. Her pussy muscles fluttered around his cock, milking it for all it had. Fleetingly she thought about birth control, which she was not on but it passed away quickly as the blissful satisfaction he had brought to her once again overwhelmed her with sensory overload.

Everything was so much more in her state of gratification. The weight of his body was a velvet iron holding her down, keeping her from floating away. His hot, sweaty skin was like a fire that didn’t burn her but kept her warm. The scent of their lovemaking tasted good in every breath she took. It was wild!

After awhile, Colton lay down next to her. He grabbed a blanket at the foot of the bed when he saw her visibly shaking from the loss of his body heat. He snuggled in close to her and pulled the blanket around the both of them. With one arm he pulled her tight against him. She willingly came wrapping an arm around his torso.

While holding her, he ran his fingers absently through her gorgeous, thick hair. All the times he had fucked a woman had never led to this feeling of utter contentment. He would give the woman her orgasm and then he would take his release. That was as far as it went.

With Alexa getting her off was reward enough for him. Watching her come undone because of his hands and mouth on her body blew him away. He had never had a woman respond so vulnerably to his touch. She opened herself up to him and let him in without hesitation. She might not have trusted him when she thought about their relationship, but her body and her heart knew that she could have faith in him.


“Hmm,” she sounded tired but satisfied.

“I love you.”

“No you don’t,” she said her voice heavy with tiredness. “Too soon after we made love for you to tell me that without it only being about the sex.”

“I’m going to keep on saying it sweets until you finally believe me,” he told her smiling slightly at her obstinacy against his love for her.

“Ok,” she said sleepily. She snuggled in closer to his warmth and drifted off to sleep.

Soon her even breathing lulled him into an afternoon nap.

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