Her Boss

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Chapter 15

Two months later …

Even though she could walk to work from her apartment, Colton had insisted on a car service to pick her up and drop her off on the mornings when he wasn’t there to bring her in himself. Rarely had they used the service because he was at her place or she was at his place.

Today was one of those rare days she was alone in her apartment. Colton had a late night meeting with an artist that she had begged out of since it would have been her fifth night out after two am. He had taken her home and then had gone on to his appointment. His place was closer, so he went home afterward.

Colton had already called her letting her know that he had gotten a car for her already and that it would be waiting at the entrance of her building. Not wanting to keep the driver waiting she grabbed her laptop bag, dumped her computer and a plethora of external hard drives into it. Quickly she locked up her condo and made her way downstairs via the elevator.

When she stepped into the elevator, she noticed the big burly man already in it but didn’t recognize him from the building. He must have been someone’s date or maybe a new tenant. Either way, Alexa wasn’t one to make small talk even in an enclosed tight space. She waited patiently for the elevator to travel down to the lobby.

As she stepped into the lobby, she waved at Jason, the doorman before moving quickly to the long black car she saw through the front glass wall. She sensed the big man following her but gave it no thought since he was leaving as well.

When she reached the limousine, the driver was already out, holding the door open. He smiled at her, and she smiled back saying “good morning.”

That was when he made his move. The big man grabbed her from behind. He clamped one meaty hand over her mouth and one arm around her body. She started to flail her legs because he had lifted her off her feet and was carrying her toward a black van that was parked in front of the limo.

Her driver tried to grab him but was flung like a baby doll onto his car’s hood. The kidnapper easily carried Alexa’s wriggling body to the van, whose door had opened up. Standing by the open door, he held her head back, exposing her neck. Another man appeared with a syringe, which he plunged into her neck.

Then the man helped the other guy into the van with a now, winding down Alexa. Her movements were jerky and slow. As they closed the van door and started to drive off, she fell into unconsciousness. Her last thought was a call out to Colton to please find her and bring her home.

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