Her Boss

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Chapter 16

“Wake up you little slut!”

Someone slapped her face.

Alexa moaned at the pain on her face and in her head. She had a pounding headache that seemed to grow more excruciating as she came back to consciousness.

“Sit up!” Someone pulled her up by her hair, causing her to whimper in pain. “You dumb shit.”

Finally, she opened her eyes and tried to focus on who was in the room with her. The light was so bright; she had to squint to not cause daggers of pain to shoot into her already throbbing headache.

“What are we going to do with you, Alex?”

The voice sounded familiar, too familiar.

“Mom?” she inquired of the looming shadowed figure in front of her.

“Who the hell else could it be? That new boyfriend of yours? You open up your legs to him anytime he wants, why would he need to kidnap you?”

“Mother,” she began timidly.

“Shut up! We are the only ones who love you enough to kidnap you and take you away from that immoral world you have made your way into,” her mother continued seething. “Now we are going to save your soul.”

“What do you mean mother?”

“She means before you get any more sin on your soul, you need to be put down,” her father explained rather dispassionately. “You are on the precipice to hell Alex. We are going to push you toward heaven because we love you.”

“Dad, please don’t do this,” she said, terrified. “I’ll come back to you. You can have all my money. Just don’t do this, please father.”

“We’ll get back all the money we invested in you,” her mother interjected. “We have several large life insurance contracts out on you. All you need to do is die Alex. Do you think you can do that for your poor mother and father? Or are you going to be a whiny, selfish little twat and cry the whole time we are letting go of you?”

“Mother please!” she begged finally noticing her wrists and feet were bound. She lifted her tied hands up in supplication. “Please don’t do this. I won’t ever misbehave again. I promise!”

“Too late for your shitty little promises. It’s time we finally got rid of you from our lives. We have put up with you all these years despite you being such a disappointment to us. It’s time we started thinking of ourselves from now on.”

With that line, Alexa’s fear turned into anger, a white hot, combustible rage. Her tears dried up and her jaw set itself against the two people she had called her parents.

“That’s all you’ve done!” she shouted at them. “Thought only of yourselves. You never gave a damn about me except in what I could bring to you. Taking care of you, my paycheck and now a life insurance payout, this was all I was to you.

“I loved you both, but you never loved me back. You degraded me and belittled me, stomping me into the dirt until I learned to live there in the filth as if it were all I deserved.

“Well it isn’t!” she screamed at them. Her headache had suddenly lifted. Her entire body felt on fire with adrenaline. If she was going to die, then she was going to die having had her say.

“I found two men who have taught me differently,” she continued, her parents shocked at her brazenness. “They love and cherish me. They appreciate me for who I am and not for what they can make me into. I’m pretty to them. I’m smart. Colton is going to send me to college. Grayson has always been there for me, even when you never were. He has been my anchor, my rock in the chaos that is living with you two.

“Go ahead and kill me but know this: I feel sorry for you both. You must be so miserable to want to make others just as miserable as you. You’re both pathetic, empty, vicious people who never should have gotten a child, to begin with. How could you treat a kid like you treated me? Children aren’t your slaves. We aren’t some investment for you to make money.

“Children are to be loved and treasured. Made to feel special and encouraged. That’s how I will treat my kids if I have some. The opposite of everything you were and are.”

“You bitch!” her mother screamed and slapped her across the face. “How dare you speak to us like that?”

“I only speak the truth,” Alexa spit out at them. “Go ahead and kill me!”

“We would beat you to death, but it can’t look like someone murdered you,” her father explained calmly. “It has to appear like an accident.”

“How the hell are you going to do that?”

“You’ll see whore,” her mom interjected. “You’ll be alive for the whole slow, torturous death.”

“Fine!” Alexa yelled. “Let’s get on with it then. I’m sick of being in y’all’s presence.”

“All right then!” her mother said getting excited. She turned toward the other men in the room with them. “How are y’all going to do this?”

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