Her Boss

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Chapter 17

“Where the hell is she?” Colton seethed. He and Grayson sat in the police precinct where the detective from Alexa’s original case worked. He was busy conferring with his superiors on trying to get out an APB on Alexa. “Where could they have taken her?”

“They aren’t answering their phones,” Grayson reported, slipping his phone into his pocket. “Why don’t we go over there and see if she is there against her will?”

“Detective Murrow said he would send a squad car over to do a welfare check. That will give them access to the home, and they can search it. They don’t have to let us in and probably wouldn’t.”

“I guess you’re right,” Grayson sighed deeply. He was afraid, very afraid for his friend. The last time her parents had her beaten and raped. What was the next level of violence they could take things to? Death?

“We’ll find her,” Colton said more to reassure himself but Grayson as well. “I finally confess how I feel about her and this happens! I don’t understand why they hate her so much.”

“Because she was their meal ticket, but she found her courage and got out from under them at least physically.”

“Yeah. I was really proud of her when she told me about how she left them, planning it for months, getting all her ducks in a row before taking off without giving them any warning. Relying on you to help her. She didn’t have to be alone. I only wished I could have assisted in some way.”

“You are now. She needs you now more than she needed you then. She needs both of us now.”

“If they hurt her again …”

The threat was unsaid but it hung in the air tensely.

“Me too,” Grayson agreed. “We won’t go to the police to handle the situation.”

“I agree.”

Detective Murrow came up to them practically running. “What kind of car does she have?” he asked the two men.

“I just bought her a Z, 380,” Colton answered standing up. “Why?”

“There has been a terrible accident on I-40. A sports car was being chased by an SUV that was tailgating her, crowding her and the Z ended up side swiping the concrete medium. Somehow it flipped the car over several times, and it landed in the middle of the interstate. The other truck left the scene.”

“It still doesn’t have a license plate,” Colton told him hoping it wasn’t her.

The detective nodded his head. “Temporary tags,” he said gravely.

“Shit! Where is she?” Colton asked frantically. Grayson got up and grabbed Colton before he bolted.

“They are extracting her from the car right now. They’ll be taking her to Vandy ER. You can meet her there.”

“Colton,” Grayson began tightening his hold on the other man. “Let’s head to the hospital.”

“I don’t want to leave her alone for so long,” Colton insisted.

“We can see her at the hospital. I don’t think they’ll let you in the area of the accident.”

“You’re right,” he said rubbing his hands over his face. “Oh God Grayson, what the hell did they do?”

“They tried to kill her. I bet they have life insurance on her.”

“Fuck,” Colton whispered. “I didn’t even think of that being an issue.”

“Yeah, God damn it! Come on, let’s go.”

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