Her Boss

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Chapter 18

“How is she, Doctor?” Colton asked the surgeon who came into the waiting room calling out softly for Alex Whitfield’s family.

“Thankfully nothing is broken,” the woman began earnestly enough. “All her injuries were internal. We stopped the bleeding in her liver and pancreas. One kidney is ok; the other one we had to remove. There was no brain injury, but she did come in unconscious. She is now sedated from the surgery. It’ll take her a few hours to recover from the anesthesia. She’s still in post-op. We’ll move her to ICU in a few minutes. You can wait for her up there.”

“Is she going to be ok?” Grayson asked the question they both needed answered.

The doctor sighed deeply. “She’s not out of the woods, but I think she’ll survive, given her age. She’s a miracle. I was told about the accident, and somehow she came through even though she was bounced around in the wreckage. I think I’ll go out and buy one of those cars myself.”

“Thank you, doctor,” the men said shaking her hand. She showed them to the elevators so that they could go to the eighth floor to stay in the ICU waiting area.

Within fifteen minutes of them getting to the floor, they saw Alexa being wheeled in. She was so pale and surrounded by all kinds of medical contraptions. As they settled her in, the boys waited patiently to be able to see her. Finally, a nurse came out to get them.

“Unfortunately in ICU there can only be one visitor at a time,” she told them. The two men looked at one another.

“You go –”

“You go –”

They spoke over one another.

“You’ve known her the longest,” Colton argued. “You go see her. Tell her I’m out here waiting my turn.”

“Are you sure?” Grayson asked. “You’re her boyfriend.”

“I can wait. For now. Go on.”

“Ok,” Grayson agreed and followed the nurse to Alexa’s room.

When he entered the room full of equipment hooked up to Alexa, he tried not to cry. She looked so small and vulnerable. All he wanted to do was take her away from this place, away from her parents before they could hurt her again. But she needed to be here, to recover from what her parents had done to her.

He pulled up a chair next to her bed when the nurse left. Gently he grabbed her small hand in his. She was cold to the touch.

“Oh sweetheart,” he cooed. “You’re going to be ok. I know you are. You have too much to live for. Especially me!” He chuckled to let her know he was kidding, but not really.

“Colton is waiting outside for you. He’ll come in when I’m done in here. Only one visitor at a time.”

He spoke to her as if she were conscious. He relayed how they knew she had been kidnapped; the driver called up Colton as soon as he could pick himself off the ground. Colton had then called Detective Murrow for help. The detective took him seriously and was now looking into her parents for the kidnapping and the “accident.”

“Well I should go and let Colton have his time with you,” Grayson said reluctantly. “Baby girl you need to wake up so that I can tell you how much I love you and how I can’t live without you in my life. Ok baby girl? Can you wake up for me?”

He stood up when she didn’t. He bent down and kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll see you tomorrow Alexa,” he told her softly. Tucking her hair behind her ear, he lingered a little while longer with her before leaving grudgingly.

“I’m taking off man,” Grayson told Colton back in the waiting area. “You’ll let me know what’s up if something happens before I come back tomorrow?”

“Of course man,” Colton readily agreed and clasped Grayson’s proffered hand. “You do the same if you find anything out.”

“I will. Take care of her.”


“Good night.”

“Good night.”

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