Her Boss

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Chapter 19

The next day, the nurse woke Colton up. He had fallen asleep in the chair next to her bed, his head resting on the bed near her hip. That was the only place that wasn’t attached to a hose or wire on her upper body. He had been exhausted sleeping through all the activity that went on all night as the nurses kept watch over Alexa.

“A detective Murrow is waiting outside for you,” she told him.

“Ok, thanks. I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Good morning Alexa,” he told her still prostrate and unconscious self. He smiled and smoothed his hand over her hair. “You keep resting. I’m going to see the detective. Maybe he has some good news. I’ll be back.”

“Good morning Detective,” Colton greeted the other man with a handshake.

“Not really,” the dour man replied.

“What’s wrong?” Colton asked immediately concerned.

“We found her parents. They were at home acting as if they had been there the whole day. Some neighbors said they had seen the pair leaving early in the morning and returning that afternoon. So first lie.

“They said they had no idea what had happened to their daughter. They asked me if she was ok? And right before I could tell them she was in the hospital, the mother collapsed to her knees wailing about her baby dying.”

“She had an act all planned out,” Colton sneered.

“Yeah, second lie,” the detective counted. “When I finally told them Alex was still alive, she quite sobbing like that.” He snapped his fingers together. “And then had the gall to be angry about this news. Those two tried to kill her! I can’t believe that parents would do that to their child.”

“They did. The problem is proving it,” Colton replied.

“Well, we have caught them in two lies already. I’m bringing them in for questioning. Hopefully, we can trip them up.”

“Did you check out a life insurance payoff as a motive?”

“No. I am going to ask them about it today.”

“Good. I’m sure that is why they did this. Although it seems pretty complicated for them to come up with and execute.”

“They have a professional working for them, I’m sure. Someone they had promised a portion of the life insurance probably. The other driver in the SUV that was driving so aggressively against Alex.”

“Well, that isn’t going to happen.”

“How’s she doing?” the detective finally asked.

“Stable they say but still critical.”

“She’ll pull through if for no other reason than to not give her parents any satisfaction.”

“Yes, she’ll survive those bastards. Detective Murrow you have got to take them down. They won’t stop until she’s dead.”

“I’ve got the DA watching the interview. As soon as she hears a criminal confession, she’ll give me the go ahead to arrest them. Hopefully, by the end of the day, they will be behind bars.”

“Please God,” Colton prayed. “I only want her safe.”

“We’ll get them. You don’t have to worry about her any more than usual.”

Colton managed a small smile at that comment.

“Thanks, detective Murrow,” he told the older man.

“Just doing my job. You take care of her.”

“Definitely doing my job!”

After the detective had left, Colton called Grayson and gave him an update. When he was finished with Grayson, he went back into Alexa’s room and told her he would be right back. He needed to clean up and change clothes. After kissing her gently on the lips, he left to go home.

By the time he got back to the hospital, all hell had broken loose.

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