Her Boss

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Chapter 20

There were several cops, campus police, and detective Murrow all on scene at the ICU waiting area. And sitting in two of the seats, handcuffed behind their backs, were Alexa’s parents. Both scowling at the detective who was questioning them. It didn’t look like they were cooperating.

“Detective Murrow,” Colton called out. “What’s going on?”

The detective looked over his shoulder at Colton and smiled. He turned and walked over to where he stood behind the yellow tape.

“We got them!” the detective said excitedly. “Recorded them trying to kill her. They’ll be going away for a long time.”

“Oh thank God!” Colton whispered closing his eyes in relief. When next he opened them he asked the other man, “How did it happen?”

“Before they came to the precinct, they stopped by here. The nurses didn’t know not to let them in, so the both of them managed to get into her room. Well, there are cameras in there so that the nurses can look in on the patients.

“When a nurse looked in on Alex on the monitor, he caught the father holding a pillow over Alex’s face and the mother pulling out the drainage tubes.”

“Is Alexa all right?” Colton asked suddenly extremely concerned. “Where is she?”

“They had to take her back into surgery to repair the damage her mother had done. The nurses said it wasn’t a big deal that she was ok, they only wanted a surgeon to do the repairs.”

“Thank God. I’m going to go to the surgical waiting area. Thanks for arresting them like you said you would.”

“Well it didn’t go down exactly as I wanted it to but this is even better.”

“Thank you anyway. She’s safe now.”

“Yes, she is. Take care of her.”

“I will.”

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