Her Boss

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Chapter 3

“Take care,” Colton said to the up and coming country band he was thinking about signing. He had seen them at the auditions for a reality show and immediately liked their sound. This morning was only the first of many meetings they would have before he could ever contract with them. They would have to prove themselves both on stage and off of it.

“Good morning Ms. Whitfield,” he said turning to face his personal assistant who sat at her desk in front of his office. “The bagels, fruit, and juice were fantastic. The caterer was very friendly. Her name was Melissa I believe. Would you mind setting a luncheon date with her for me sometime this week?”

“Yes sir,” she responded with a tight smile. She could only guess at how beautiful Melissa must be to have caught Mr. Crawford’s eye – tall and leggy with a nice ass and huge tits. Her boss liked women who looked like women, not young boys, which was why he would never show any interest in her like he did those other women. She looked like a man. At least that was what her parents said.

Anyway, what did she care about whether or not her boss thought of her as attractive. It was better that he didn’t. She needed this job more than she needed to be a one night stand of his. Now even more so seeing as how she had finally moved out on her own.

She had a great little apartment in a tall high-rise down the street from her office. It cost a fortune because it was on Music Row but she could walk to work and go home for lunch and dinner if she needed to.

Unfortunately, she had no furniture except for a mattress and a mp3 sound system. Since she wasn’t expecting any company, she had put off buying more furniture to save up for it instead of putting it on credit. The first and last month’s rent along with a safety deposit had pretty much eaten up all her savings.

Mr. Crawford paid her well. She could live on what he paid her. It would take time to be able to pay for everything in cash. She hated having any debt hanging over her head just in case she lost her job and wasn’t able to pay back what she owed.

“Have some breakfast,” he said walking into his office. “There is plenty left over.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Ms. Whitfield, when are you going to start calling me Colton,” he sighed exasperatedly.

“Would you prefer I did?” she asked surprised by his frustration. She always thought he preferred having their relationship be very formal.

“I would. If I may call you Alex,” he responded without hesitation.

“Of course sir – I mean Colton.”

He smiled, and she was taken in by it. He was such a handsome man, tall, a little over six feet, dark brown hair that was cut stylishly and a face that could grace magazine covers if he wanted to model. His face was all sharp angles and planes. Even though he wore suits most of the time, he could look at home in jeans and a t-shirt as well.

Pretty was one word to describe him, but it didn’t convey his raw masculinity. He practically oozed power and confidence. No wonder so many women wanted him. He could have a new woman every day of the week if he were so inclined. Thankfully she only had to play matchmaker a few times in the two years she had worked for him.

Had it been two years already, she thought amazed? It seemed like yesterday that he had hired her. She hadn’t thought he would, given that she had no experience as a personal assistant and no formal education either. But the interview had gone well. For once she wasn’t tongue-tied when talking to a stranger. Somehow her answers to his questions made him take a chance on her. She was grateful.

“What are you thinking Alex?” Colton asked seeing the thoughtful look on her face.

“When you hired me,” she answered with a small smile. “I remember thinking that I was too inexperienced and uneducated to get the job but something about me made you hire me.”

“Your tenacity,” Colton supplied without hesitation. “Your willingness to do even the most mundane of tasks. The fact that you never worked in the music business before and frankly you were very sweet.”

“I was?” she said full of surprise.

“Yes. You still are. Has no one ever told you that?”

“My best friend Grayson says I’m too sweet, but he’s my best friend, so he’s biased.”

“I can see where you might be too sweet.”

“You can?”

“Yes. You are willing to do anything I tell you to do. No matter how trivial, profound or complex. You ask questions if you need more information but overall you bulldog your way into a task and get it done. Some requests you should probably say ‘no’ to.”

“Like what?” she asked intrigued. It never occurred to her to say “no” to her boss.

“Making my dinner reservations for my dates. Planning my dates. That is beyond your job description and duties I should do myself. But I’m glad you do them.”

“Yeah I don’t like doing – that,” she said cautiously.

“You don’t?”


“Why is that?”

“Well I guess I kind of think of our relationship as a very professional one and doing those things is personal.”

He nodded his head. “Of course,” he began. “Don’t worry about it anymore then. I’ll take care of my social calendar if it doesn’t relate to work.”

She smiled at him brightly. “Thank you.”

Damn, there was that smile, Colton thought. He rarely saw it. He always saw the polite smile she gave everyone, but every once in awhile he caught her smiling unencumbered like that, usually when she was on the phone probably with her boyfriend. He didn’t like the thought that some other man could make her smile like that and he only got the barely there smile.

Jealous much, he thought to himself. Alex is your employee, not your girlfriend. Yet the idea of another man in her life rubbed him the wrong way. He needed to stop this envy of someone he didn’t even know.

“Your welcome,” he finally responded. “Are you ready to get started this morning?”

“Of course sir – Colton.”

He grinned at her correction. He liked the sound of his name on her lips. It made him want to hear it when she came all over his mouth. Looking away, he tried to put aside any and all thoughts of fucking his personal assistant. It would be bad for business and terrible for her. She didn’t strike him as one-night stand material. No, she wanted a relationship with the man she fucked. She was probably still a virgin.

Why did that thought excite him?

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