Her Boss

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Chapter 6

“What the fuck?” Colton cursed the next day when he saw the front door to the house that served as his music label’s headquarters splintered and broken. Had somebody come and robbed them? Why hadn’t the alarm company called him? It was too fucking early in the morning to be dealing with this kind of shit.

“God damn it!” He walked into the house expecting to see everything missing, but nothing looked touched. Going into his office, he set his bag and coffee down on his desk. His computer was still there, but clearly, something had gone on in there. The two chairs in front of his desk were knocked over. A lamp was turned over. A small tree he had in a planter in the corner of the room was pushed out and …

“Alexa?” he said incredulously. Rushing over, he pulled the tree out and found his personal assistant huddled up against the corner naked. Her head was buried in her arms. He could see bruises on her body.

“Alexa,” he said softly at a loss for what to say. “Alexa, what happened?”

“Please don’t hurt me,” she whispered back hoarsely. “Please.”

“Alexa I’m not going to hurt you. Alexa, it’s me Colton sweetheart.”

She raised her head, turning it toward his voice.

“Jesus Christ,” he whispered.

Both her eyes were swollen shut. Her lip was busted open, and there were bruises on her cheek and jaw.

“Colton,” she rasped. She couldn’t see it was him.

“Yes, Alexa. It’s ok. You’re safe now. I’m here.”

Before he knew what was going on, she latched onto him and clung on tight. She was shaking so badly, he thought he would begin to quake as well. He wrapped his arms around her, a shield from the world. She curled up next to him and let him hold her.

“It’s going to be ok,” he soothed, stroking her hair. “I’m here.”

He had never felt so helpless in his life. He always knew what to do, how to do it and when to do it. But with his personal assistant being attacked in his office, he was at a loss at how to solve this problem. So he held her protecting her now even though he hadn’t been able to earlier.

“Please don’t leave me,” she said quietly. “I’m so scared.”

“I won’t leave you, sweetheart. I’m right here, and I’m staying with you.

“Thank you, Colton.”

“Unfortunately it’s the least I could do.”

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