Her Boss

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Chapter 7

After Colton had given his statement to the detective at the hospital, he walked into Alexa’s room to find a curtain surrounding her bed. Two people were in there with her.

She had just given her statement to the police after undergoing a thorough examination by the ER doctor. The nurse had taken pictures of the bruises all over her body. The ones that gave him chills were the hand print bruises around her neck and the fingertip ones on her thighs.

All the while they had been examining and photographing her, Alexa had held his hand. He was grateful to be able to comfort her in this small way. When the detectives had come to talk to her, and she told them what had happened, he grew livid but managed to keep his rage to himself. She needed him as a calm presence right not.

Evidently, after he had left for the day, three masked men entered the house and grabbed her. They took her into his office where she fought like hell to get away from them, but they were too strong. They beat her into submission and then took turns raping her. She didn’t know how long they had been there. It seemed like hours but could have been only one. The only thing they had said to her was “Payback is a bitch, you whore.”

Colton was proud of how strong she was retelling what happened to her. She didn’t cry. The only sign that she was affected was how hard she was squeezing his hand. He had walked out with the detective to give his statement and to give his hand a rest.

They both wondered about what the rapists had said to her. It made it seem like they had been sent by someone to hurt her. As far as Colton knew Alexa didn’t have many friends let alone enemies. Yet how well did he know her? It wasn’t as if they went out for drinks after work or visited each other on the weekends. They weren’t friends only boss and assistant.

As he talked with the detective, Colton noticed a couple walk into Alexa’s room. He frowned not liking the looks of the heavily made up woman and conservatively dressed man. Finally, the detective told him that his office would be released from the CSI unit in a couple of hours. He could return to it then.

Now he was back in her room, only the privacy curtain had been pulled, and the couple that had entered was talking with Alexa now. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop but the words he heard when he came in enraged him.

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