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Chapter 28: The Situation with Izio

Izio did not return to the home of Dr. Alexander Schumacher. He stole his gun and left some money on top of the dresser with a note that read “Sorry.”

He reached the outskirts of the city by taking the tram to the last stop. He stood at the side of the road and waited for a car that was traveling south to stop. He waited for a while until a car stopped.

After driving for about fifty kilometers, they arrived at the thick forest. Izio asked the driver to stop as he wanted to get out. When the driver figured out exactly what Izio had in mind, he turned around to Izio and said, “I will take you to a place where you can make contact.”

He turned the car around and drove back a few kilometers until they reached a small village with no more than eight or ten houses. He stopped and told Izio to look for a man named Mark. Izio thanked the driver and as he was leaving he car, he said, “Niech zyje Polska,” Long Live Poland, to which the driver responded “”Niech zyje”

A farmer working in a nearby field approached him and led him to a house. When they entered the house, a man came out of a room and introduced himself as Marek.

“Who are you?” he asked Izio, very suspiciously.

“My name is Mietek Pozynowski, from the town of Maluszyn and I wish to join your group. I have a gun.”

He took the gun out of his pocket and placed it on the table. Marek picked up the gun and asked, “Where did you get it from?”

“I killed a German policeman,” he lied, without casting any suspicion upon himself???

“I will talk to the person in charge. In the meantime, sleep here tonight and I will give you an answer tomorrow morning.”

“Show me your papers,” Marek said.

He took the gun and the papers and left.

That night Izio did not sleep. On the one hand he was worried that they would kill him in order to steal his gun, and on the other hand he had to take the risk.

In the morning he woke up to the sound of knocking on the door of the room where he was staying.

Marek came in with an older man dressed in civilian clothes, wearing a hat that looked like a paratrooper’s beret.

“Come with us, the commander of the partisan unit wants to meet you.”

They returned his paperwork to him, but not the gun. He did not ask unnecessary questions and just went with them.

Izio knew his only chance of survival was to join the A.K. Armia krajowa. He could at least fight back and hurt those who were hurting and humiliating his people, his family and himself.

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