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Chapter 29: Germany Attacks Russia

In May 1941, the Germans attacked Russia and murdered thousands of Jews in the areas that they occupied. The mode of execution was the always same, and the Jews were forced to dig their own graves before being shot.

Many Ukrainians, Latvians and Lithuanians welcomed the Germans with open arms and cooperated with them in turning over the Jews for execution. Polish Christians who lived in the territories occupied by the Germans tried to hide Jews and paid for it with their lives.

David was very far away from the action. He was captured by the Russians shortly after crossing the border into Brest-Litovsk, and was sent by truck some five thousand kilometers away to Novosibirsk, far from the battle zone.

Adam remained working at the hospital in Brest-Litovsk. The Germans did not harm him for they needed him for his medical skills.

After several months a letter Adam received a letter from David. In it he wrote that he had found work at a hospital in small town near Novosibirsk, where he did not have to fear for his life and that very soon he would be getting married to a Jewish girl whom he met in the labor camp.

Adam also sent David a letter, which didn’t arrive until several months later. In it he wrote that he was very worried about his parents, his brother, his sister and the rest of the family.

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