Him & I : Sequel to Tangles

By Simone Elise- explode All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


Not everyone gets a happy ending... but Soph thought she had hers when she claimed 'Vice' as hers when she woke up in hospital.. little did she know years would change everything and she once again would be put in positions where men did nothing but test how much her heart can take.

Chapter 1

Him & I

The sequel to Tangles

Simone Elise

Note to reader-

While this is a sequel, it is a stand alone book. You are welcome to read Tangles, to understand more about the characters backgrounds. But you can enter the story line now, don't think you have to read the first book in order for this to make sense. It would simply make it a better reading experience if you read the completed version of Tangles.

But no pressure! And you will still understand this story completely.

Now..welcome... to Soph and Josh...

Chapter 1


We all learn from mistakes, at least that is what we are told to believe, the reality was we are likely to repeat those same mistakes if we aren’t cautious. Even though I knew that, here I was at Kyle’s engagement party.

God I was stupid for even being here.

You love my brother?” Kyle eyes were painted in pain, as I told him my choice. I loved Josh. I fell in love with the only man that sent alarm bells off within, that told me never to fall for him- and what do I do, I fall for Josh anyway. And now here was the hard part.

Telling my ex-boyfriend I was now dating his brother. I was grateful we were in a hospital, surrounding by staff and security- the security being Josh’s fault, as he was currently under investigation and him being here, in a hospital known for hosting the higher end of society members.

The detective on Josh’s case made it her mission to have guards on the ward now- I found it completely ridiculous, what was Josh going to do?

Sure he was a member of a motorcycle gang, well not just a member; the Vice President, one who was still on parole.

“You love the convict?” Kyle’s words were like a whip across my face. “I told you I had no choice in breaking up with you, I had to end things between us and now you are telling me in the short months we were apart, you fell in love with my brother?”

I didn’t know what to say… the answer was simply…. yes, yes I had fallen in love with his brother.

Kyle explained to me that he had been put in a position where he had to choose between me and his father’s campaign. A campaign, he won yesterday, their father was officially Mayor of the city.

“Soph, please, please, reconsider.” Kyle gripped my hand, “Please don’t pick him.” The plead was so clear in his voice, the desperation, the pain, the fear- it was clear within his short sentence. “I can’t face a world without you.”

“Then don’t.” I put my hand over his, gently smiling at him. “just don’t cut me out of your life.”

A sad heart gripping dim expression captured his face. “Josh poisons the good in everyone Soph, he is only going to hurt you.”

I felt a tad of rage build up within side me. After what Kyle put me through, after how he broke up with me on my birthday, in front of all my family and opening declared he was having a relationship with my best friend behind by back.

Sure he can explain he was in a position, now, where he can tell me he was getting black mailed. But at the beginning of the year- I didn’t know that. I thought the love of my life turned out to be a heartless- bitter- cheating- bastard; and I hated him, and even now it was still hate not to feel some amount of hate towards him, after how he sent me into a drowning hurricane of depression.

“Guess it will be my pain to bare.” I finally spoke, “Just like how I bared yours.”

He slowly got up, giving me one more look. “I won’t let him cost me you.” His words were firm. “If that means you’ll never be again- fine- but I will never let him cost me you, completely.”

“Is that your way of saying we will be friends?”

A dim smile graced his face, for the first time in a long time, that smile, even though it was little, was directed at me. “It’s my way of saying, you’ll always be in my life. No matter what.”

Four years later and here I was, standing and toasting Kyle and his fiancé, Bess. The twisted thing about being here was, I was happy for him. I didn’t have remorse against Bess. Knowing that Kyle had once promised me that I’d be his wife.


I wasn’t bitter- or upset.

I was happy for him. So the smile on my face right now wasn’t forced. The conversation that will follow with his family later, may be forced- but right now- the smile on my face, as I toasted my friend, wasn’t.

Over the years, Kyle and I had become friends, stable ones at that- who would have thought that was possible considering our awful and blemished past but I suppose when it came down to it that is exactly what it was- the past.

The engagement party seemed to go forever, and it had something to do with the toasts, even my parents decided it was there place to say one.

God if this is what their engagement is like- imagine the wedding!

I was sneaking away from the crowd, in a dying need for a cigarette and some fresh air. And I can count on one hand how many times I had smoked since….I swallowed sharply. Why did I have to think of him here? Around his family?

Just as a tear was about to slid down my cheek, out of complete stupidness on behalf, a familiar face appeared in my view- blocking my exit.

“Well it isn’t my favourite cousin.” Her voice had her normal easy going charm to it, and she seemed geniunly happy I was here.

Considering that I had cut all of Josh’s family off, apart from Kyle- I was slightly surprised by the warm welcoming.

“Hi Lillian.” I forced a smile at Kyle’s and Josh’s close cousin.

“How you been Soph?” She linked her arm with mine and to my utter horror, walked out with me into the fresh air. “You’ve been rejecting my calls.”

I scoffed, and it was rather loud but kept my words to myself.

“I sort of got the hint over a year of your no replies.” She added.

“Well what did you expect?” I pulled out the cigaerette packet. Call me physic, but I had a feeling I’d need to pick up this bad habit after a night with Josh’s family. No matter how great of friends I was with Kyle, being around all of them when…

“Josh asked about you.”

My eyes snapped to her. She better not fucking dear mention him.

She took a step towards me, “He wants to see you Soph. You know that. The offer is still there.”

“Do you have a death wish?” I hissed at her, did she? Cause she would have to be, to be bringing him up with me! She had no right to even mutter his name in my presence.

“He can only say sorry so many times.” She was still at his defence. Well she could protect him all she wanted, I was done with him and right now I was beginning to reconsider how I could still be friends with Kyle, when Josh got out.

“You’re his fiancé Soph, you can’t just wipe him off.”

And that was the cigarette dropping on the line of gasoline on the subject of Josh. Lightening up my rage for him.

“Our engagement ended when he went against every word he promised me. Our engagement ended the day he walked out on me. My engagement with him, ended years ago. I gave him everything I had- I gave him all I fucking had. And like I told him, when he chose to walk out that door, if he ever decides to turn back up on my door step, he’ll be greeted with gunpowder and lead.”

Her expression was priceless- yeah bitch, I wasn’t an always quiet, sweet Soph. Josh had tainted me and if he thought for a second I’d be taking him back. He was fucking crazy.

“So you where serious when you said, you were done with him?”

“Told him then and I’ll repeat it to you. Stay the fuck away from me.” I dropped the cigarette on the ground. “He ain’t seen me crazy yet.” I looked at her directly, “Maybe you should warn that cousin of yours that.”

And I wasn’t some crazy ex fiancé. No I was a furious, bloodhound- bitter bitch when it came to Josh Hawkins.

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