Falling Back To Earth

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❝ if stars are meant to fall, why are we still afloat? ❞ ❝ If stars are meant to fall, why are we still afloat? ❞ Two stars, both lost in the milkyway galaxy. One is falling, the other is flying. Will they fall back to earth, or they'll just drift around the outer space?

Romance / Poetry
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He’s falling,
to a place he thinks
he’ll be fitting.

She’s trying,
to fit with the society’s
standardized thinking.

He keeps on screaming,
to help everyone leaving
himself behind.

She keeps on fighting,
the tears she never
thought she have.

Both are astronauts,
sent to a planet
they will never
ever belong to.

And when the two stars collide,
a huge bang will blossom,
leaving a scar, a dent
on the milky way’s skin.

Both will be revered.
Both will be remembered.
Everyone will shatter
once they fall and collide.
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