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Bleeding Hearts

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"I get what I want, princess, no matter what." TRUTH is hidden behind LIES. Secrets buried within the secrets. Darkness lurks in the Light and, Light breathes in the Darkness... A tale of "BLOOD, SACRIFICES AND, OATH" What will be the outcome when their worlds collide? Will they be each other's salvation or each other's demise?

Romance / Fantasy
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What is life? What are wishes?

Just a bunch of words bundled together to feed the despair. Nothing but a horde of lies to soothe the pain.

Nothing ever was truly enough to define them.

Just a bunch of words. Useless words.

Sometimes sweet... Sometimes bitter.

Words that twisted and turned my world upside down.

Words that were true but were coated in lies.

I wish...

I wish... I could disappear.

To a place...

That could make me feel

Alive again

Make me feel...


Something that bring back the life I lost that time.

I wish...I just wish.


Some wishes can destroy. Some yearnings can kill...at the most unexpected times, in the most unexpected ways.

Because, what was life for me?

A living nightmare

It was a horrible ugly bitch that loved to mess me up. It messed me up from inside out. Fed me on those unyielding desires with twisted realities and bitter resentment.

For I, in my despair to curse the life, wished upon something I could have never imagined.

A fate that led to me to him...to my life...to my demise.

To my salvation.

To my destiny.

To my Monster.

He came in my life like a curse but became my irreplaceable reality.

But now I don’t know anymore

That what I wished upon was really a curse or a blessing!

Whether it tore my heart more to bleed?


Mended my Bleeding Heart?

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