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Bleeding Hearts

By blackangel All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller


"Fate plays its card in a strange way" What will you do? when you meet a fate totally unexpected. What will you do? Are you going to accept it or are you going to fight it? A girl who was not supposed to witness something twice. The events linked her to one person she should have never met. A girl who should have died, who wasn't supposed to be ALIVE. He should have never crossed path with her or let her in. But... They are bound together with more than just what eyes can see and words can explain There are a lot of TRUTHS hidden in LIES. A lot of secrets buried within secrets. There is always Darkness lurking in Light and Light breathing in Darkness..... "BLOOD, SACRIFICES AND OATH" "A tale unfolds with each step forward. A tale unfolds with each word. Dark, Deep


What is life? What are wishes?

Just a bunch of words bundled together to feed the despair that resides in one’s being. Nothing but a horde of lies. To prevent our hearts to tear out more but nothing ever is enough to define life.

What is life really?

What are wishes really?

Just a bunch of words. Useless words.


Words hold the utmost power over one’s reality. You can be and cannot be at the same time.


This world is so boring….

This life is so boring…..

I wish….

I wish… I could disappear…

To a place…

That could make me feel….

Alive again….

Make me feel….


That stirs up the sleeping emotions….

I wish…..


Be careful of what you wish for… for it may come true at the most unexpected times in the most unexpected ways and you might not even get the chance to undo the words of your wish

Because what is life?

It is a horrible ugly bitch that loves to mess us up. Feeding us on these wishes that we formulate with twisted words that in the end do nothing but destroy us.

And this is exactly what happened to me for I, in my despair to curse my life, wished upon something that I shouldn’t have.


Now I don’t know anymore


Whether it is tearing my heart more to bleed?


Mending my Bleeding Heart?

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