The Forbidden Village

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Chapter 10

Where could that arrow have come from? I took a step towards the body to examine the shaft of the arrow better. The shaft seemed very familiar. I looked around and noticed three shadowy figures behind a bookshelf. I took a step towards them to see who they were but then I heard some very hurried footsteps approaching from behind me.

I hid my sword behind my back just as Avin, Sally, Val, Mallon and the king came around the far bookshelf. They all looked apprehensive. Well until they saw the body that is. I saw something in the king’s eyes that made me nervous to be around him. He was angry, but there was also a lustfulness in his eyes like that of a prevent looking at a woman. I didn’t like him.

“Whoa, did you…?” Val asked, but I cut him off with a quick shake of my head. So it wasn’t one of them that had shot him. Could it have been one of the three shadowy figures? It seems that there are more than just two groups of people fighting in this war.

I felt the sword begin to get sucked into my back. Well, that’s one way of hiding the sword. I relaxed and let the sword do its thing. A lot of stuff should be freaking me out, but it just felt natural. Almost like I’ve done it before.

Once the sword was gone, I slowly and carefully put my left hand back at my side. I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible so that no one would question what I was doing. But then I remembered the other bodies. I guess they haven’t located them yet.

“There are more bodies around that shelf over there,” I told them and pointed to a bookshelf that was behind them. I also told them some of the things that the freaky librarian had said. I didn’t say everything because there were a few things that he had said that bothered me. Some of the things that the librarian had said were making me question who I was, and why these people had brought me here in the first place.

I looked at the body of the librarian again but focusing more on the arrow. The arrow’s shaft looked like it was made out of black steel or something along those lines. The tail end of the arrow’s shaft had three distinct feathers attached to it, but they weren’t like any that I had ever seen before. I wanted to take a closer look at the arrow, but I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned around to see Sally behind me. She looked about as tired as I felt. I could feel the weight of the day start to push down on me. She put a hand on my back and silently guided me away from the body. She took me out of the library and into the hallway. Once we were alone Sally turned to me.

“I’m sorry,” Sally said to me as we walked. “I thought that we would need back up because there was an attack in the village. We thought that you would be safest in here with the librarian. But it turned out that it was just a distraction so that they could get to you. I didn’t expect the librarian of all people to go rogue.”

Wait a second. So the librarian was a rogue but weren’t those other bodies from the enemy’s side? One of these things, well actually a lot of things, didn’t fit, or maybe I was just too tired to understand it all. Either way I needed sleep, like badly.

Craziest fricken day of my life. But no matter how tired I felt, something kept bothering me. Sally must’ve seen something on my face because she stopped, and spun me back around to face her.

“What’s wrong?” Sally asked me concerned. She stared at me sternly and had a tight grip on my right arm. The grip wasn’t enough to hurt but just sufficient to keep me in front of her.

“I feel weird,” I told her, which wasn’t a complete lie because I did feel weird. However that wasn’t the whole story, and I think that Sally could tell. She narrowed her eyes at me and opened her mouth like she was going to say something but then closed it again.

I just stared at her not sure if I could tell her what was going on in my head. Did I even really know? I needed some alone time to do some thinking before I ultimately went insane. I smiled to Sally as best as I could manage anyway.

“But I’ll be okay,” I finished as sincerely as I could manage. Sally eyed me for another minute before we started walking again. She didn’t say another word until we got to my room.

“Avin will be arriving momentarily,” Sally reminded me as she opened the door to my room. I nodded absently as I walked into the chamber that I was staying in. I turned back around to Sally because I could feel her looking at me. She looked hesitant to leave.

I needed some alone time. How could I convince her that it would be okay to leave me alone? There wasn’t anything that I could think of to say to her. I turned right back around and headed for the desk at the far end of my room. Whether she was here or not I still had to sort out this mess in my head. I sat down at the desk and opened up the first drawer. I was hoping to find papers of some sort.

I was very surprised to see a book in the first drawer. There wasn’t any title on it, just a design. As I lifted the book out of the drawer, I heard a door slam shut. I looked around the room and noticed that I was completely alone now. I sighed, took a deep breath and turned back to the book. I flipped through the book, but all of the pages were blank.

A journal? Hmm, this could work better than paper. I closed the drawer and placed the book on top of the desk. Now, what can I use to write in the book with? I looked around the top of the desk for something to use when I noticed a feather sticking out of a metal container. Oh was this one of those ink stands that used feathers?

I lifted the feather out of the metal container, but there was nothing on the end of the feather. How am I supposed to write without any ink? I opened up the book to the very first blank page but paused with the feather in my hand. I held it up to my face and twirled the feather in my fingers.

“What am I supposed to do with you?” I asked out loud not expecting a response. The feathered part of the feather pen started to glow. Whoa cool, magic pen. I put the tip of the pen to the paper and started writing. It was so smooth and easy. I’ve never felt like this while writing before.

I wrote down everything that had happened to me today and what I thought about it. It took me almost ten pages of writing to get all of my thoughts down on paper. Once I got all of my ideas down on paper, all of the thoughts seemed less cluttered and less confusing. But just to sum it up in one sentence. I had been kidnapped to help with a war that I knew nothing about, attacked twice in a land that I didn’t know existed, and oddly felt comfortable at the same time, but I wasn’t too sure why I felt that way.

There was just something that didn’t fit in with my thoughts, but I wrote it down anyway. It was an odd feeling, but I just thought that there were a lot more than just two players involved in this war. I had no clue though as to who else could be involved.

As I was deep in my thoughts, I barely heard a door behind me creak open. I spun around in my seat to see who had entered my room without bothering to knock. The door slowly opened up the rest of the way. In the doorway stood Avin, my personal guard. He took up the entire doorway. I’m surprised that he even managed to fit through the door.

I quietly closed the book, opened the desk drawer and dropped the book in. All while keeping my eyes on Avin. I was more wary of these guys because I could tell that they weren’t telling me everything that I needed to know. Avin had the same stony face that he has had on all day, so I knew that I wasn’t going to get anything out of him. I hung my head and rubbed my face.

My brain felt like mush. Too much to process all at once. I needed to rest. Like actually rest. I looked up, and Avin was still standing in front of the doorway, but now the door was closed. I got up from my seat at the desk and began to walk over to the bed.

I could feel Avin’s eyes on me as I walked over to the bed. But I was just too tired to care. I pulled the blankets back on the bed, crawled in and pulled the covers around me as I closed my eyes.

I felt strangely safe in this room with Avin watching me as I was drifting off to sleep. Just as I started to drift off to sleep, I swear that I heard Avin say “Goodnight, Kris.” I felt myself smile just as I fell into the darkness of sleep.

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