The Forbidden Village

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Chapter 2

I was the loner in my school, but I was apparently one of the smartest students in my middle school. My only friends were my study books and my school work. As well as the herbal garden in our backyard. I loved working in gardens and learning new things; I could do them every day for the rest of my life.

Some would say my life was lonely, but I wasn’t unhappy with it. In fact, I much preferred being alone to being with other people; it was a lot less stressful. Middle school passed in a haze, and I was glad when I finally got out of there. But I wasn’t too ecstatic about going to high school either. I’d heard so many bad things about high school that I was scared to go. The teachers were supposedly cruel and demanding, and the other students weren’t supposed to be much nicer.

But when I stepped into the school it wasn’t like that at all. It was completely different. Of course, there were the smokers, screw-ups, the jocks, the girls who dress like Vegas showgirls, and the nerds. Oh, and the occasional friendly and semi-normal person. I was probably placed with the nerds, but I didn’t care. I was just trying to get through the next four years. I did make a friend or two while I was in high school, but we never really hung out or anything.

I was pretty sure that people whispered about me behind my back. It might’ve been just me being paranoid, but even if they were talking about me, I didn’t care all that much about it. What’s the point of caring about what someone else says if it’s not true?

I focused mostly on my school work, avoiding people as often as I could. Except for when it involved schoolwork, that’s the only time I ever actually communicated with people outside of the school. My mother tried to get me to talk to people more and to hang out with people, but that just wasn’t what I wanted to do. No one seemed to understand that. Well, no one except my first boyfriend.

His name was James, and he had electric blue hair and mocha brown eyes. He had piercings in his bottom lip and his ears. As you can tell he wasn’t your average person, but he was a real sweetheart. I mean like I don’t think that I could find a nicer guy in the whole world. But everyone made fun of him because of the way he looked. No one even bothered to try to get to know him. I guess it wasn’t his looks that got him pushed around. His family’s background made it worse for him.

James’ family had a reputation in town for being crazy, and very violent towards everyone who walked through their doors. Everyone in the town thought that he would follow in his family’s footsteps, it was only a matter of time. I didn’t believe that, though. When I told him what I felt, he started crying. At first, I thought that I had said something wrong. But when I tried to apologize he had stated that it wasn’t anything bad, it was just the opposite. He said that no one had ever said anything nice to him before. James had stated that he wasn’t sure how he would’ve reacted if he had ever heard someone say something nice to him. But he had hoped that it wouldn’t be like this.

I’d never actually seen a guy cry before, so I wasn’t too sure exactly what I should do. At first, I just kind of sat there, and then a thought came to me about what I should do to help cheer James up. I scooted over on the bench that we were sitting on and pulled him close to me. He was stiff as a board as I held him, and I was pretty sure that I was too. It seems that neither of us had ever been hugged before.

We didn’t keep our relationship a secret, but it still took a long time for everyone else to figure it out. No one believed that we were going out since we were pretty much complete opposites when it came to attitude and dress. But no one else could see what was beneath the bad attitude and odd clothing choices.

I thought that our relationship would last a long time. I believed that up until some other people from the town found James and another girl mauled in the ditch that was right next to the “Now Leaving” sign. Whether he was committing suicide or was trying to escape with that girl, I couldn’t care less anymore. After the town had found him dead, I stuck to my solitude, my books, and my training. I had lost all hope for this town; it was becoming a living hell.

I even considered going to the edge of town just to be done with it all. But I reconsidered it when I thought about their pain-stricken faces in the ditch. I didn’t want to die a painful death. I did want to get out of this hell hole though, and maybe I could leave one day. Would I miss my family? Not really no. Well except for my mother that is. I would miss her.

I used to have a brother, but he had mysteriously disappeared one day. He was supposed to pick me up from school the one day, but he never showed up. Mom didn’t seem too worried about it when I told her. In fact, she seemed completely calm like this was a natural thing to happen. Like he had just forgotten to come pick me up. But over the next few days, nothing had changed. He was still missing, and mom was still freakishly calm. I hadn’t realized until I was much older that he had been a victim of The Watch kidnappings.

Oh man, I think that’s bad enough thoughts for one day. The rest of my high school years were very annoying. I just focused on my grades and my training. I don’t mean to be anti-social, but people just bother me. They are always thinking about what other people think of them, doing things to impress other people. I just don’t see the point in it.

I was so happy when my graduation rolled around. I was done dealing with the high school and the people that went there. Remember when I said it wasn’t so bad being at high school? Well, it got worse as I progressed through it. A lot of the people there liked to pick on me because I was the quiet oddball, I guess.

They must have nothing exciting in their lives, so they’re looking into other people’s lives. Making everyone else as miserable as they were, or at least they tried to. Nothing anyone seemed to say, that was rude, really hurt me in any way. I thought that it was just normal. My mother used to joke around with me saying that I was thick-skinned and that I couldn’t possibly be human, whatever that meant.

During the graduation ceremony, they handed out the awards to the students. I got a couple of academic awards but nothing super fancy. My mother thought that I should’ve gotten more because of how much effort I had put into my work. I told her that I didn’t mind, they were just pieces of wood and metal.

“That’s not the point,” my mother said exasperatedly. I didn’t understand why people got so worked up about getting awards either. I felt so out of place in my life, in my town, and even in my family sometimes.

I didn’t have anyone that I could talk to about this kind of stuff because people in this town would think that I was crazy. They might lock me up or even worse; they could make me walk to the edge of town where I would be mauled by whatever was out there that killed anyone that got too close. No, I couldn’t talk to anyone.

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