The Forbidden Village

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Chapter 30

I felt dizzy as my mind tried to process what it had just seen. I focused back on Avin as a way to distract myself from the throbbing pain in the back of my head. He was looking down at his hands, he had even noticed my little episode.

“That’s how it’s done,” I told Avin trying my best to smile but all I could manage was a tired half smile.

Avin nodded slowly, but he kept looking at me with a critical gaze. I don’t know why he was staring at me like that. I know that I didn’t do anything wrong. I tried my best to stand my ground against his stare. I had to help the boy with or without his permission.

“Now, may I work on the boy or am I going to have to go through you?” I asked keeping my voice as neutral as possible.

I was very surprised when Avin’s eyes softened, and he turned his attention to the boy that was laying on the grass behind him. I was also surprised to see that the boy was still alive. It’s been quite a while since he was wounded. How he was still alive even after being moved around so much and being severely injured was beyond me.

I walked over to the water’s edge not waiting for Avin’s response. The boy had suffered long enough. I forced myself to work on him through the clouds of questions that tried to block any coherent train of thought that I had.

I gathered up the water on my hand and then walked over to where the boy was laying down. I knelt down next to him with the water bubble in my hand. Avin moved around so that he was on the far side of the boy, giving me more room to heal the kid.

The boy was conscious and was watching us curiously. I carefully explained to the kid what I was going to do, and Avin explained to him how it would feel since he had experienced it firsthand. The boy gave me a careful nod once we had finished explaining, showing that he understood what we were saying to him.

I rested my hand that was covered in water slightly above his abdomen and focused on spreading the water around to heal up his wounds. I could feel the boy tense up and begin to make pained noises the further the water got away from my hand.

But as I healed up each area he would calm down and relax until I moved to the next area. It took me almost 40 minutes and four refills of water to completely healed up the boy. That took a lot longer than I had anticipated. He was more damaged than he had first appeared to be.

Once I was done, I felt dizzy again, and my brain felt like mush. I can definitely say that healing him drained me of almost all my energy. I felt like everything was coming down to me at that moment. I had no energy left to hold back my thoughts.

All of my thoughts about my life up to this point in all of my visions up to this point, I thought about all of them. I began comparing them as I took my hand off of the boy and laid down in the grass beside him. I guess being from somewhere else would explain why I was found in a basket. But it didn’t explain why I was a baby when they found me in the basket.

In almost all of the visions that I had, I was pretty much full grown. What could have happened to get me to this point? How did I become a baby again if all of these visions really were me? Who was I?

I heard the grass rustle around next to me as the boy moved around. Well, it’s good that he can move around now without a really hurting him. I turn my head to look at the boy to see exactly what he was doing. Avin hadn’t moved, but the boy was now sitting up by himself and staring out at the pond.

“They’re all gone aren’t they?” the little boy asked as he continued to stare out at the lake. I looked over to Avin for help. I had no idea how to respond to this. Avin looked more at a loss than I thought he would. He liked kids, but he had no idea how to talk to one, fantastic. I couldn’t very well hide the truth from either, though. After all, he saw everything that was going on in that forest.

“Yes,” I told him quietly as I watched the side of his face for any sort of reaction. The boy just continued to stare out at the lake. But as I watched I could see his face begin to crumble up in pain, and I watched as tears slid silently down his cheeks.

The boy was trying so hard to not showed that he was sad are scared. But it’s bad if a person keeps all their emotions locked up inside, it’s unhealthy. One day something might just take them over the edge, and then they may wind up doing something that he or she might regret doing at a later time.

I sat up quickly and gently reached for the boy’s face. Trying my best to ignore the dizziness as I did so. I turned his head so that he would look at me instead of the lake.

“It’s okay to be sad, and it’s okay to be scared,” I told the boy, gently letting go of his face. “Only the strongest of warriors know that that’s okay. Do you want to know their secret?”

I could see that the boy was curious now. He wanted to know what it was, but I was only going to tell him if he asked. The boy quickly wiped his tears away and turned around the rest of the way to face me. He looked to be almost happy, and his eyes were filled with curiosity and wonder.

“Yes please,” the boy pleaded. He didn’t look a thing like the sad boy I had seen a few seconds ago. The only thing that gave any indication that he had been crying was that he still had some light sniffles. He looked like a kid on Christmas on Earth, from the way he couldn’t sit still very long and kept bouncing around in his spot.

“Okay, well the secret to these amazing warriors was that they learned from their emotions. They never tried to hide from them or keep them bottled up, but they were also careful about who they told. They only told people that they trusted how they were truly feeling because someone else might use their feelings against them,” I told the little boy trying to be as enthusiastic as possible. “So after each day these warriors would go to the people that they trusted most if they were feeling sick or sad and talk to them. That’s how they always managed to stay so strong during the rough times.”

Is that really the best I could come up with? That was probably one of the worst stories I’ve ever told. I smiled at the boy as I waited for someone to say to me that the story was stupid.

“Wow, so only the people who were close to them knew what they were really like?” the boy asked excitedly. I can’t believe that the kid actually bought it. I smiled even brighter and nodded. I looked to Avin and notice that he was looking in the opposite direction, his shoulders were slightly hunched over. Did something that I had said upset him?

I was going to ask Avin if he was okay when some movement caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I kept my eyes pinned to Avin’s back as I watched whoever they were in my peripheral vision. No one else seemed to notice their presence except for me.

There was three of them crouched just at the edge of the tree line. They were staring at me that was as much as I could tell from where I was seated. I turned my head in their direction and glared directly at them. The three figures stood up and stayed there for a couple seconds longer before they melted back into the forest and disappeared. Who the hell were they?

My heart pounded in my chest. I was full of adrenaline. But my head was starting to pound with a growing headache from the adrenaline, and from the visions that were colliding with my version of reality.

“We need to get going,” Avin commented drawing my attention back to him. He whistled for Elijah and Mirage to come back to us. He seemed to be in pretty deep thought about something as we waited for our rides to get out of the pond.

“Before we go anywhere there’s one more thing I want to do,” I turned to the boy and asked, “What’s your name?”

The boy looked a little surprised by my question for a second but then smiled sheepishly.

“Oops, sorry I guess I forgot to tell you that,” the boy commented shyly. “My name is Tray Fox.”

“This is Avin and Elijah,” I told the boy as I gestured in the direction of Avin and his horse, “and this is Mirage.”

I gestured over to Mirage as she trotted over to join us. Tray smiled happily at everyone and went up to pet Mirage and Elijah. They lowered their heads and gladly accepted the boy’s petting. He abruptly stopped stroking Mirage and turned to look at me with a questioning look on his face.

“But then what do I call you?” Tray asked confused. I hesitated for a second. In that second all of my visions that I’ve ever had flashed my mind. It was kind of like I was given a choice; try to find out who I really was or to continue to be Kris, completely ignore all of the visions, and go back to the boring and awkward life that I had on Earth.

This was the only place that I have ever really felt like I belong to. The longer I stayed in this world, the more I changed. The more I changed, the more I started to like who I was becoming, even if I didn’t quite know who that was yet.

Since I was changing who, I was why not change my name too. What better name than the one that I was told was mine in the first place. I smiled at Tray and got up from the ground.

“You can call me Lucy,” I told him as I ruffled his hair. As soon as the name left my lips two things happened: 1) I felt something clicked into place in my mind which made the headache fade and 2) Avin started choking on the water he had been trying to drink.

“Are you okay Avin?” I asked him concerned and confused. What the heck kind of reaction was that? He nodded but continued coughing. Probably trying to get the last of the water out of his lungs. His reaction still dumbfounded me, though.

Was it really so odd for me to change my name? Well, I guess it was. But it just felt right. It felt like something that needed to be done, like a piece of the puzzle had fallen into place. Once I had said it I felt so much better, it really didn’t matter what he thought about it.

Without another word to each other, we saddled up and set off again towards a healing camp. Tray, who was riding with me, was staring at the landscaped with an expression of pure joy and amazement shining from his face.

As Avin rode beside us, I noticed that he kept looking over to us when he thought that neither of us were looking. He had almost like a sad, or perhaps mournful, expression on when he looked over to us. What could he possibly be thinking about that would be making him act so sad?

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