The Forbidden Village

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Chapter 33

Once everything was relatively okay in the medic barn I walked out the door on the other end of the barn. Now that I was finally outside I felt so refreshed and relaxed, and that horrid smell was gone from my nose. I headed around behind the buildings after I had stretched out my back.

I could see some of the elves and other creatures attempting to repair the roofs and walls on all three of the buildings. They appeared to be doing a pretty good job at it too. I looked them over once more before continuing around to the back of the buildings where the others were working on the garden.

The people working in the garden had managed to plow out a section of the ground and were already starting to plant some seeds and seedlings. They had really done a good job so far. I was very proud to stand back and watch them work. They had even added signs in front of each section that they had planted. Very smart idea, I really liked it!

I noticed that Aquaphira seemed to have everything well in hand so I just left her to it. I smiled to myself and walked around to the front of the buildings again. The sun looked like it was starting to get a bit low in the sky, getting closer and closer to the horizon. Soon it would be time to call it a quits for the day.

I spotted Avin and Tray pulling some lumber over to a nearly complete corral and storage shed. Avin seemed to be doing most of the work put Tray was trying with all of his might to pull that heavy lumber. I can’t believe that they got that much done already.

As I walked closer I noticed that Avin didn’t have his shirt on. I blushed when I realized that I was staring at his well-toned structure. I swallowed a sigh of contentment that was trying to make its way to the surface. But there was something on his stomach that I hadn’t seen before.

Curiously, I walked a little closer to Avin and Tray to get a better look at what was on Avin’s stomach. As I got closer I noticed that it was a large arcing scar that ran from his right hip to just under his nipple on his left side. I had seen him shirtless just one other time and I swear that scar had not been there when I had checked him over. Was it a new scar?

Neither of the boys seemed to notice my presence, and I was grateful for that. I didn’t want them to see me gawking at Avin’s quite muscular features. Oh no, here comes the sigh again! I was barely able to stifle this one.

I continued from one area to the next for the remainder of the day, making sure that everyone was doing alright. By the very end of the day everyone, including myself, was tired and perhaps even a little bit sore. I hoped that tomorrow could be as productive, if not better, than today was. Tomorrow I would set my plan into motion.

Mirage and Elijah had settled into the corral for the night, and everyone else settled down where ever they had something over their heads. The people that were in the barn stayed in the barn, while the rest settled for the first building that had a partially finished roof.

I climbed up on to the corral fence and just sat there watching the stars. My mind started to wander to the day’s events. Today had been absolutely crazy with everything that had happened. My mind wandered around to Tray, the little boy that I had found in the forest fire.

Tray was probably shadowing Avin still. They had been practically inseparable all day. I could tell by the way that Tray tried to copy Avin that he really looked up to Avin, and Avin seemed to completely adore Tray too. I’m pretty sure that Avin would make a great father someday.

I closed my eyes as I felt a cool breeze brush against my skin and flow out towards the barren battlefield. It seemed so peaceful right now. The breeze left me feeling very relaxed, and almost completely stress free. Right now all I wanted to do was to be alone and relax for the time being.

I sighed into the wind, still facing the barren waste lands, as I thought about what tomorrow might bring. We still had so much to do to fix this place up, but we would also have to deal with any new wounded soldiers that would undoubtedly arrive tomorrow morning. This war was really going to do a number on everyone involved and even those who weren’t directly involved.

What was this war even about? No one seemed to really have an answer. There were a lot of rumours and speculation, but none of the rumours seemed to have much merit to them.

I was about to turn around and jump down from the corral to get some shuteye myself when I heard footsteps coming up behind me. I turned around on the fence so that no my back was facing the barren landscape and I was facing my new guest.

Avin was almost directly behind me. How was he being so quiet? I hadn’t even heard him until he was this close to me, and that was only because he had stepped onto some dry grass. Otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed him at all. I quickly looked him over suddenly feeling very wary.

Right then, I was feeling really out of it and more than a little bit wary. I didn’t like having my back to battlefield. This place was starting to make me feel a bit on edge and uneasy. Something just wasn’t sitting well with me. Maybe it was because of how vulnerable we were out here, than again perhaps not.

I noticed that Avin had his shirt back on so there was no point in me trying to question him about the new scar. He was missing his shoes though. That sort of explained why I could hear him approach.

“Nervous?” Avin asked smiling sympathetically up at me from the ground. I didn’t respond for a second, both because his smile still stunned me and because I wasn’t really sure of that myself.

Was I nervous? Perhaps a little bit but I felt completely in my element here. I liked being in charge. I was more attentive and wary than anything else, and there was this strange feeling that was leaving me alone. I had the feeling that we were being watched.

Instead of explaining all of that to him I simply said, “Yes.”

Avin’s smile never wavered as he climbed up on to the corral fence next to me. Once he had his balance he looked at me with that heart stopping smile of his. I swear to god I’m going to have a heart attack soon if he keeps this up.

“Don’t be, you did great today,” Avin told me as he turned his back to the buildings. “Everyone seems to really like and respect you, and you already act like this job was made for you so relax.”

I watched Avin for a moment. He was staring up at the night sky above us. I slowly turned back around so that I was now facing the same direction that he was. I was being careful so that I wouldn’t bump into Avin as I turned around.

I looked up at the night sky too, curious as to what was so cool about it. The whole sky was lit up like a Christmas tree with the thousands of stars that lit up the night sky. It looked absolutely beautiful. I had never seen anything quite like this on Earth, probably because of all of the pollution and lights.

I lowered my head just enough to be able to look across the landscape in front of me. Even though it was burnt beyond recognition, fireflies still danced across the open and charred field. I don’t know if my eyes were playing tricks on me or if it was the fireflies light was strong enough to create shadows, but I swear I saw something move in that field.

Curious, I jumped into the corral being careful not to wake Mirage and Elijah. I walked over to the other side of the fence and climbed up. I was starting to have doubts about what I had seen.

Was I just tired and seeing things or was something actually out there? I scanned the landscape looking for the figure that I had just seen a moment ago. But I couldn’t find it. I shook my head and was about to jump down from the fence when I spotted it again. The shadowy figure was wide and short, and was slowly lumbering towards us. What the heck could this thing be?

“Avin, do you see this?” I called back to Avin who was still seated on the other side of the fence. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the moving figure for fear that it might vanish again. I felt the fence vibrate slightly as Avin landed on the fence post next to me.

“See what?” Avin asked confused.

“The figure that is slowly walking towards us, in the center of the field,” I replied still keeping my eyes on it. I had no idea what it could possibly be. It was too small to be a demon or a monster. It wasn’t the right shape to be an animal.

It was starting to get a little too close for my taste. I was going to have to make a choice soon about whether I should kill it or investigate it. Suddenly half of the shadowy figure fell away from the mass and the other half seemed to shrink to half its original size. Oh shit.

“Avin, go wake up Aquaphira and tell her that we have company that are in serious need of some help!” I told Avin as I jumped down to the other side of the fence, so that I was out of the corral, and sprinted towards the shadowy figures.

I didn’t bother to wait for a reply, just sped off in the direction of the shadows. This was definitely not a good sign, and from the smells that I was picking up it was only going to get a lot worse.

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