The Forbidden Village

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Chapter 36

As I was lost in thought about how awesome it had felt to kiss Avin I started to get the feeling that I was being watched. I opened my eyes, confused. That’s when I noticed that pretty much everyone in the entire barn was staring at me, some people were staring at me with wide eyes and others with huge grins on their faces. Oh shit, they saw what had just happened didn’t they? I felt my face flush with heat and I knew that I was as red as a ripe tomato.

“Alright everybody, back to work!” I heard a voice call from the back of the group of staring people. There was some grumbling and giggling but everyone began to slowly disperse and go back to their workstations. Aquaphria stood at the other end of the barn, sporting a devilish smile. She sauntered over to me and stopped just in front of me. She was so close to me that I could smell her over all of the other scents in the barn. Aquaphira smelled just like the sea; salty and fresh. Her scent was very refreshing compared to the rather horrid smells that emanated from the barn.

Which was not as bad as the last time I had been in the barn, I realized. Confused, I looked around the barn to see what had changed from yesterday to today. I noticed that they had managed to open up several of the windows in the barn to allow more fresh air to enter the building.

“I knew it! I just knew that this was going to happen!” Aquaphira practically squealed in delight, forcing my attention back onto her. She seemed so happy that I was a bit concerned that I had done something a bit over the top. “But now that this exciting bit is over we should be getting back to work.”

Quick as a bunny Aquaphira turned on her heel and hurried back to her work station. I shook my head slowly as I chuckled, but jumped into my duties as the head healer as well. I surveyed how and what the other healers taught the warriors and the people who looked after the animals. They both picked up the techniques fairly quickly, and then left for their assigned posts. Tray came in a couple minutes later looking rather sad. When I asked him what was wrong, he had told me that Avin had just left with Elijah for the battlefield.

“Staying busy can help to keep your mind off of feeling sad, so how about you help us out in here, okay?” I asked Tray as I knelt down before him so that I was at his eye level. I tried to sound cheery but Avin leaving for the battlefield had affected everyone at camp, some more than others. Everyone was having different kinds of bad thoughts, some were afraid that Avin wasn’t going to come back and other people thought that if he did come back it wouldn’t be the same way that he had left. I was probably the most worried about what could happen to him out there than anyone at the camp, but that was probably just selfish thinking.

I sent Tray to work on getting the supplies that the healers needed so that they wouldn’t have to leave their posts. A person’s condition could change in the blink of an eye, going from bad to worse in mere seconds. I had seen it happen on Earth. I highly doubted that that principal would change just because I wasn’t on Earth anymore. Tray sped off to different stalls and asked each of the healers what they needed him to get for them. I went to the last stall at the other end of the barn, no one really seemed to be in that one so I wanted to check it out for myself. The two gentlemen from last night were tucked away in this stall. I was relieved to see that they were both doing better than last night and that they were both still alive.

Verron had his right arm in a sling and his other wounds were wrapped in our medical cloth. The other healers must’ve healed him up more once he got back to the barn because there wasn’t as much damage on him this morning as there was last night. As for Verron’s friend, he was a completely different story. Both of his arms and legs were wrapped up extensively, and almost to the point of being over the top. His neck was wrapped up too and I wasn’t sure if it was because he was wounded or if something else was wrong with his neck.

The stall door creaked as I gently pulled it open, waking both of the young men. Even with the wraps on them both of the young men still looked handsome. They both had chiselled features and the most strikingly colored eyes. But Verron was the only one that I was sure was Elf. I wasn’t too sure what his friend was, although he looked like he might’ve been partially human or something else. He had blond hair and his skin a dark brown color, almost like a mocha brown. The only thing that told me that he wasn’t human was the odd coloring in his eyes, they looked like liquid gold and seemed to swirl as I looked into them. They seemed almost hypnotic to the point where I had to look away.

Verron still looked like an Elf but his ears weren’t as pointy as some of the other Elves. His hair was a dark brown and his eyes were as dark green as the pine trees back home. In fact, now that I really looked at him he looked almost nothing like an Elf. The problem was, was that he smelt like an Elf but then again the scent wasn’t as strong as it should’ve been. Could it have been that he was only half Elf?

“How are you boys doing this morning?” I asked as I closed the door behind me, smiling. I was happy that both of them seemed to be doing okay.

“Much better thanks to you finding us last night,” Verron replied as he sat up a little more and smiled, but then he looked kind of confused like he was trying to remember something. “I’m sorry but I don’t think that I caught your name.”

“Oh I’m sorry, my name is Lucy,” I replied as I walked into the stall so that I was closer to them. I knelt down in front of both of them so that they didn’t have to crane their necks to look up at me.

“Lucy, let me introduce you to my friend Deeno,” Verron commented as he glanced over to his friend. Deeno nodded to me but didn’t say a word, or maybe it was just because he couldn’t say anything. Considering that his neck was wrapped up I assumed that it might’ve been what was underneath that that restricted his talking abilities.

“Nice to meet you, Deeno,” I replied smiling, they both seemed like real gentlemen. Well at least Verron did, I wasn’t too sure about his friend yet though.

“Deeno, this is the lady who risked her life coming out into no-man’s-land for us,” Verron explained as he shifted around to look at his friend. Deeno’s smile widened and he opened his mouth lie he was going to say something. A single strangled noise escaped from his lips before he doubled over into a coughing fit. I quickly slid over to him on my knees. By my guess, whatever patch that they had put on his throat had just torn open. I gently placed my hands around Deeno’s throat, being careful not to squeeze too hard, and focused on healing any wounds that may have resided underneath the bandages. I kept my eyes open as best as I could so that I could see exactly what I was doing when I was healing people up, which it turns out that my hands actually glow a light blue color while I’m healing.

Slowly Deeno’s coughing subsided so that he was panting instead. I could feel him swallow and then wince directly afterwards while my hands were still on his throat. His throat wasn’t completely healed yet but it was almost there. Just a little bit more and….Done! I stopped healing him and slowly pulled my hands away from his throat. I used my fingers to search around the bandages for the place where they had tied it off, so that I could unwrap his neck to get a better look at what remained of the wound. I found the small knot at the base of his neck and quickly untied it.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Verron was looking at me, with a rather perplexed expression written on his face. I sighed and finished untying the knot that was holding the bandages in place. Once I finally untied the knot the bandages just kind of slipped down and hung around Deeno’s neck like a group of dangly necklaces. I pulled back and noticed that Deeno had gone wide-eyed and slack jawed moments before he grabbed for his neck all in a panic. The fear in Deeno’s eyes faded into utter bewilderment as he felt around his neck. The only thing that was left of the wound was a tiny scar that was about the size of my pinkie fingernail.

“How did you do that?” Deeno asked his voice sounded scratchy and raw. He scrunched up his face before clearing his throat. “I can talk again? But I thought that you guys wouldn’t be able to heal a wound like that.”

I relaxed back onto my knees, but now I felt a bit confused. The neck and throat were one of the top five easiest areas to heal. Why couldn’t any of the healers from last night have been able to completely heal his throat up once he had gotten back to the barn? I would not stand for lazy and inconsistent healing work to be done on my watch.

“They all should be able to do this,” I commented, but then changed the subject. I was going to have to talk to Aquaphira later about what were the normal healing protocols for new patients. “How does your throat feel now?”

“Not too bad actually, just a little tender,” Deeno replied smiling slightly. I watched as Deeno swallowed and massaged his throat with one of his bandaged hands. Truthfully, I was surprised that he could move his arms at all considering that they were both wrapped up in medical wraps. I guess that just means that they weren’t broken then, but why so many bandages? Were his wounds that extensive that they were all over his arms?

Unless Deeno had been badly scorched by either a fire of some sort or a corrosive material. If he was indeed scorched underneath those bandages then he would need wet bandages to help soothe the burns, and then have the bandages rewet every 2 or 3 hours to keep them from sticking. But as I looked over the bandages I saw that they were completely dry.

“Deeno did you get burned last night?” I asked as I speculated as to what kind of wound could be underneath the bandages. I didn’t want to remove the bandages if I didn’t have to, it would likely cause more harm to Deeno if I did.

“Um, I don’t remember what happened yesterday,” Deeno replied after giving my question some thought. “Verron, what did happen last night?”

Deeno and I both turned to look at Verron for an answer, but Verron’s expression had darkened sometime during our conversation. Even though he might only be half Elf, that expression made both of my arms start to tingle and not in a good way. Warning bells were going off in my head, making my whole body tense up, ready to strike if necessary. But then Verron’s face softened into something that resembled deep sadness and guilt.

“We lost our entire battalion in an ambush,” Verron replied quietly as he looked down at his hands, I noticed vaguely that his voice cracked at the end of the sentence. “We didn’t see or even hear them coming. The only way we knew that we were being attacked was when our men started to go missing. We all started to fight back against the invisible assailants, but we were no match for them. Deeno and I played dead as the creatures showed themselves. I have never seen any creatures like those ever. Just as quickly as they appeared, they left. It wasn’t fire that had burned him, it was their acidic touch.”

Verron was clearly very shaken up by his experience with whatever creatures had attacked his battalion last night. Deeno appeared just about as stunned as I was if not more. What the hell could’ve possibly attacked them and not been noticed at all? Out of all of the books that I had read on the creatures and myths of this land, I had never read anything about creatures like the ones that Verron had described.

It was going to be difficult to check Deeno’s wounds now that I knew that they were much worse than just burns. Especially now that I knew he wasn’t taken care of properly. I needed to talk to Aquaphira immediately.

I excused myself from the stall and walked down the barn aisle to the stall where Aquaphira was working. I knocked on the wooden door frame that extended up from the actual door. The actual door stopped just above my breasts. Aquaphira glanced back to me, not bothering to pause in her work that she was doing on her patient’s leg.

“What’s up, Lucy?” Aquaphira asked concerned, before turning her attention back to her patient.

“What’s the protocal for healing an acid burn or just a regular burn in general?” I asked her, I already knew what it was but just in case the stuff changed out here and I wasn’t aware of it.

“Wet the bandages and keep a periodic watch on them to make sure that they don’t completely dry out otherwise the bandages might start to fuse to the flesh, don’t you know this already?” Aquaphira asked me, confusion written all over her features.

“Yes I do, but I think that someone else in here doesn’t,” I replied as I leaned against the doorframe. “The bandages on my patient were as dry as a bone that was left in the desert on the hottest day of the summer, and he was burned with some form of acid. I think that the wraps may have already started to fuse to the open wounds on his skin.”

“Shit really? Alright, give me five minutes and I’ll come take a look,” Aquaphira replied with a slightly anger undertone that I almost didn’t catch. I nodded to her and then headed back to the stall where my patients were waiting for me to return. I could hear Verron and Deeno chatting together as I started to get closer to the stall that they were in. Suddenly, I heard someone scream out in pure raw agony coming from that very same direction.

Startled by the abrupt sound that ripped through the air, my hearted jumped in my chest and my head snapped up. I ran as fast as I could in the direction of the scream towards the stall that had Verron and Deeno in it, and threw open the stall door. Verron, the one who I had originally thought was the least wounded, was doubled over in agony.

“What the hell?” I muttered as I rushed to Verron’s side as he began to thrash about. “I leave you guys for five minutes and all hell breaks loose. What happened?” I tried to carefully pin Verron down as I waited for Deeno’s response.

“I-I don’t know. We were just talking and then Verron said that he wasn’t feeling too good so he was going to lie down,” Deeno sputtered, I could see that he was shaking slightly out of the corner of my eye. “As soon as he moved though that’s when he started screaming.”

“Hey, what’s going on in there Lucy?” someone called from further down in the barn.

“Not sure yet,” I grunted back as I finally managed to pin Verron to the ground. I looked down at his face and saw that his pupils had dilated to the point where it essentially covered his irises. Could Verron have poison running through his veins? But his reaction seemed too delayed to have been poison, what else could be causing this kind of painful reaction. Just as my mind was going through every possible and impossible situation Aquaphira popped into my peripheral vision.

“What the hell is going on in here that is causing such a ruckus?” Aquaphira asked with a raised eyebrow, the slightly gruff undertones in her voice led me to believe that she was probably still a bit ticked off. That kind of attitude really wasn’t going to help our situation right now.

“I have no idea but I think that the people who had worked on him last night might know something,” I told Aquaphira, my voice straining with effort. Verron was fighting back hard against me as I tried to keep him from thrashing about. “Could you get them for me please? Quickly!”

I don’t know when Aquaphira left to go find the other people who were supposed to have worked on Verron and Deeno, but for a couple of minutes it was completely silent. Then I heard some shuffling behind me and Aquaphira dropped down beside me.

“I’ve got him, you just ask them whatever you need to,” Aquaphira told me as she reached her arms over to where I was holding Verron down. I nodded, and then slowly changed positions with her. I stood up and brushed myself off before walking over to the two healers that were standing by the door with their heads tilted down, submissively.

“Which one of you took care of Verron’s wounds last night?” I asked, directing their attention to the man that Aquaphira was struggling with on the floor.

Both of the healers looked feminine in nature, but only one of them looked remotely human. That one looked like an Elf except that all of her features were so angular that I thought that if I accidently touched one of the pointier parts I might cut myself. Her eyes were completely black, there weren’t even any whites left. Her hair was neon green and was difficult not to stare at.

The healer that was beside the angular Elf seemed more like a reptile than anything else, she even had a tail. She was covered head to toe in dark green scales, and her eyes were black with little white specks that floated around like stars. When I glanced around at the rest of her body I noticed that both her hands and feet were webbed, and that she had little dark brown spikes going down her tail. Not to mention the sharp teeth and claws that protruded out of her face and finger tips.

Neither of them had responded to my question yet and time was of the essence. Maybe I should try talking to them in Elvish, because they might not understand English as well as some of the other creatures here. The only problem was, was that it would give away my secret. Oh screw it, I really didn’t care if they found out that I could speak Elvish.

I repeated my question to them, this time in Elvish. They both looked stunned, and for a second the noises behind me stopped but then quickly resumed. I crossed my arms and lifted an eyebrow as I waited again for their response. I watched as they exchanged a look with each other and then turned back to me.

“I did,” the alligator lady commented finally, speaking in English.

“Oh so you do speak English?” I muttered slightly miffed. I sighed loudly while rubbing my temples, before looking back up at the two ladies before me. “Did you notice anything weird on him last night that you may have dismissed as unimportant?”

“Um, there was some weird bruising on his back,” alligator lady replied and then gestured towards pointy lady, “I had asked Rosa if it was something that we should be worrying about, but she had said no.”

Pointy lady, Rosa, suddenly started yelling at the alligator lady in Elvish. Rosa was saying some fairly rude and inappropriate things, which I would never dare repeat to anyone. I felt my eyebrow twitch up in annoyance.

“Silence!” I yelled at both of them, feeling my frustration reach its peak. “There will be no fighting in my camp! You want to fight? Go join the guards!”

They both lowered their heads and murmured their apologies before I dismissed them back to their stations. I turned back around to Aquaphira still feeling hyped up with adrenaline. I took a quick deep breath to calm myself, and then knelt down beside Aquaphira. If she was phased by my outburst she didn’t show it.

“Now what are we going to do?” Aquaphira asked still struggling to keep Verron down on the ground, but Verron seemed to be struggling less and less. That was really not a good sign.

“Flip him over, quickly!” I told Aquaphira urgently as I reached for Verron’s far arm.

Verron barely struggled as we flipped him over on to his stomach. His condition was deteriorating rapidly, we really didn’t have too much time left to save him. Once he was flipped over I torn open the back of his shirt, and instantly saw the bruise that the alligator lady was talking about. It was huge and veiny, and on the verge of turning black. The weird color and shape looked familiar to something that I had read in the library. Then suddenly it dawned on me. I-I knew what it was!

“Get me a knife, a cloth, and some water, quickly!” I ordered Aquaphira as I gently pressed around the edge of the bruise, not bothering to look up at her. I felt her leave but I was too busy examining the bruise of Verron to notice when she returned. I jerked my head towards a loud noise that sounded like it was coming from beside me. I was relieved to see that Aquaphira had placed what I had asked for on the ground beside me. Aquaphira looked at me a little fearfully and a little sadly. She didn’t think that Verron was going to make it. Well that was probably because she didn’t really know what was going on here now did she.

It wasn’t a poison that was killing him, it was a parasite. A very rare parasite at that. There wasn’t a lot in the books about parasites, and what information I could find was in the mythology books. But there was nothing that was really all that concrete. However, I still felt like I knew what I was doing, and that was the strangest thing to me. How did I know something that I’ve never really read about before?

All of this stuff that was happening to me; the visions, weird feelings and odd thoughts, had to be connected somehow. What could I possibly be missing that could explain what was happening to me? I vaguely heard Verron’s breathing start to become garbled. Shit! Thinking was going to have to wait until after this situation was fixed.

I took the knife, dipped it into the water, and then pressed the blade against Verron’s skin just to the right of his spine where the bruise was darkest. I cut a slit, not too deep, down from the high middle of his back to just above his tailbone. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to coming oozing out his back, but I was very surprised when nothing did. I heard Aquaphira mutter something thing in Elvish, and then came to sit just in front of me on the other side of Verron to get a better look.

“What’s going on here, Lucinda?” Aquaphira asked me, panic and confusion laced in her voice. She might be starting to panic but I felt strangely calm as I looked around the inside of Verron’s back.

“Relax, I know what has to be done,” I told her as I looked into her eyes to reassure her that she could trust my judgement. She gave me a slow nod, and then I turned back around towards Verron. I reached down into the slit in Verron’s back, searching for the parasite. Verron hadn’t moved a muscle or made a sound throughout any of this, which was the only thing that was starting to make me nervous.

Well now that Verron was mostly unconscious it would be easier to find the little bugger and remove it. I very carefully moved my hand around the area of the slit, searching for something that was abnormal. As I was searching around his tailbone I felt something that was abnormally squishy, and I was almost 100% sure that it wasn’t an organ. I grabbed for it and gave a quick, rough tug on the squishy thing with enough force that it wouldn’t have enough chance to react.

The little critter popped out of the slit in Verron’s back, and as soon as it did Verron woke up. Neither Aquaphira nor I could’ve predicted that that would happen. But Aquaphira reacted first by pinning Verron to the ground so that he wouldn’t hurt himself or rip open the hole in his back any further than I had already cut it. Verron was gasping for air and trying franticly to look around, but Aquaphira had him pinned down pretty good.

I quickly wrapped up the little parasite in the cloth that Aquaphira had brought in earlier. There was one thing though that I noticed when I looked back down at Verron’s back, he still hadn’t started bleeding yet. Now I was starting to get really troubled. I gently tapped beside the open wound on Verron’s back, he didn’t react at all. The parasite must’ve killed off the nerves and skin around itself while it was inside Verron’s back. But his skin wasn’t black like most skin was when it completely died off, which could only mean that the skin must be still partially alive. I could probably heal it.

I began to gently massage the edges of the bruise colored skin, focusing my healing abilities to the areas that I massaged. I don’t think that I could use water for this kind of healing, because it was all under the skin that was damaged. I think that it would only work on open wounds, like cuts or sores. As I slowly healed around the large incision in his back. I could hear Verron start to groan and moan as I worked on his back. I felt Verrron start to shift around underneath my hands.

“Keep still, Verron,” I told him in what I thought was an absent tone, but I vaguely noticed the command and warning in my voice. I was a bit surprised but the command felt natural and right coming off of my tongue. Verron completely froze to the point where I thought that he wasn’t breathing.

“Breathe idiot,” I muttered as I continued to fix his nerves and damaged flesh. Damn, that parasite did a lot of damage. “He won’t move anymore so you can get off of him if you want, Aquaphira.”

I could see Aquaphira glance at me from the corner of my eye, and then hesitantly removed herself from her position on Verron. Verron didn’t move. I looked back down to the work at hand. I could hear Aquaphira stand up and walk over to where I had wrapped the parasite up in the cloth.

“What are we going to do with this?” Aquaphira asked. She must’ve opened the cloth because I suddenly heard a disgusted noise from behind me. I chuckled underneath my breath.

“We burn it in the cloth,” I told her as the information slowly started to bubble up to the surface of my mind from somewhere deep in my subconscious. “That cloth is now of no use to us because it has been contaminated by the parasite. I suppose I should’ve warned you about that beforehand, sorry.”

Aquaphira patted my back and I turned slightly to look at her. “You did good,” she told me smiling. Then she patted my back again and walked out of the stall. I felt a bit of pride swell in me as I finished healing up the damage in Verron’s back. His skin was now back to its normal color, and he now had blood running through his entire body. All that was left to do was to fix up the hole in his back before he started bleeding out of the gaping wound. Deeno, who had been quiet while Aquaphira and I were working, spoke up now.

“Is he going to be okay?” Deeno asked quietly, fiddling with his fingers. I looked up from Verron’s back and smiled at Deeno as I reassured him that Verron was going to be just fine. It didn’t take more than a couple minutes for me to finish healing up Verron’s back. Aquaphira re-entered the stall and wiped her hands on her shirt.

“The parasite has been destroyed, and I have to say that that thing was extremely disgusting,” Aquaphira told me as she scrunched up her noise probably at the memory. “He should be fine now though, right?”

“We may still want to keep an eye on his condition for a little while longer still, just in case,” I replied cautiously. I didn’t want to take any risks of his condition worsening any more than it already had. Aquaphira nodded and then smiled devilishly.

“You’re getting good at giving orders, Lucy,” Aquaphira said as she held out her hand to help me up. I smiled shyly and grabbed Aquaphira’s hand. She yanked me up to a standing position but my legs felt like Jell-O and my vision swam in front of my eyes. If I hadn’t already been holding on to Aquaphira I would’ve fallen back onto the ground.

“Whoa, you used up a lot of energy fixing up those two,” Aquaphira commented chuckling. “I’m surprised that you’re still conscious to be completely honest. That was more energy than I expected someone like you to have, no offense intended.”

I smiled and stood up more slowly with the help of Aquaphira. I was already starting to feel my strength come back to me as we stood there. She led me out into the hall of the barn and made me sit down on a square bale of hay. I tried to protest but Aquaphira wouldn’t hear any of it.

“You should still rest up a bit though, I’ll let you know if anything interesting happens anywhere on the camp, I promise,” Aquaphira said and then scampered off to another stall. I’m pretty sure that it was the one that she was in earlier. I was starting to feel pretty tired and sleep was pretty difficult to come by around here. I guess I couldn’t really miss too much if I shut my eyes for a couple minutes, besides Aquaphira had said that she would come get me if anything were to happen on the camp. With that thought I began to feel sleepy and the darkness quickly encompassed my vision. Sadly, the darkness wasn’t there for long.

The visions were back again but this time I couldn’t really see anything. I just heard things that were going on around me, and got general impressions of the things that were going on around me. Just because I couldn’t see anything didn’t mean that it wasn’t any less scary. I couldn’t move my body at all, and the only sounds that I could hear were some laboured breathing and the scratch of metal on rock. I got the impression that something bad was about to happen, and the dread started to eat away at my patience.

Something warm and heavy was laying on my legs and resting against my chest. I could tell that I was on my knees and holding tightly on to the soft and sticky object that was leaning against me with one hand. My other hand was on some sort of sticky, stringy material that felt like it could’ve been hair. But right in the centre of my palm a warm liquid seemed to be slowly seeping out from underneath my hand. I felt my hand press harder into the place where the warm liquid was coming from. I could tell that this person was slowly dying in my arms, but I wasn’t about to let that happen if I could help it.

A small ball of light appeared from behind rocks that looked like they might’ve been part of a house at one point, but now were just piles of rubble. Just before the light got close enough for me to see the things around me I heard myself say, “Well, it’s about damn time!”

Then the little light blinded me just as I saw what I was holding. It was a young boy that looked vaguely familiar to someone that I knew. His blueish hair, although covered in blood, reminded me of….NO….it can’t be! That little boy looked exactly like Val did but like 8-10 years younger. It couldn’t be, although it did explain Val’s story about how he couldn’t remember what had happened to him because of an injury. If that was really Val that I was holding, then the stickiness on his head must’ve been blood coming from a pretty big injury to his head. Considering what else was around us, it might’ve been caused by debris falling on to him and hitting him in the head.

Then the light that came, the light that happens at the end of every single one of my freaking visions, and blinded me. I gasped and shot my eyes open. I coughed and panted as I tried to catch my breath. Ugh, I hated that part of the visions. My eyes darted around the room to look at my surroundings. I was relieved to see that I was still in the stall, sitting on the hay bale where Aquaphira had left me. As my hearing slowly started to come back to me I could hear some people murmuring around me, but no one was within my sight range. Everyone was probably still working on their patients that we still had in the building.

I stretched out my cramping muscles as best as I could in my seated position. I wonder how long I had been out for. I stood up, expecting to feel somewhat dizzy, however, I felt the exact opposite. I felt stronger than I had two days ago, and a whole lot stronger than I had the first day that I had arrived here in this weird land. Things were slowly starting to piece together in my mind. I knew that I wasn’t really from Earth, but from somewhere like the place that I was at now. How had I wound up on Earth though? Who was I really? I had an exteremely vague idea of who I could have been. If these visions kept up the pace that they were going I might find out within the next month or so who I used to be.

“You’re better already?” said a voice, pulling me from my thoughts. I turned towards the voice and saw Aquaphira standing in front of my stall door with Tray keeping close to her hip.

“How long was I out for?” I asked her, and smiled as Tray ran up and hugged my waist.

“Less than 30 minutes,” Aquaphira replied as she watched Tray and I with what I thought was almost something like jealousy. “Nothing much has happened and…”

Aquaphira didn’t get to finish her sentence because she was interrupted by some yelling coming from outside the back of the barn. We looked at each other and then rushed towards the barn doors that were closest to the yelling. As we threw open the doors and looked around we tried to decipher where the yelling was coming from, but it was echoing off of the buildings making it difficult.

“I’m going to go see what’s going on, make sure that everyone stays inside until I figure out what was going on,” I told Aquaphira and then began my jog towards the yelling. I didn’t think that it was something too serious but I didn’t want to take any chances. We were low enough on people as it was, we really couldn’t afford to lose anyone else. Btu if it was a minor squabble between co-workers than that could be easily corrected.

I paused in the centre of the camp and listened. It seemed that the noises were coming from where the construction Elves had been working. I jogged over to the building that they had been working on. It was almost finished by the looks of things, and all the equipment and materials seemed to be present. The only thing that was missing was the construction crew. Where could they have disappeared to?

Just then the yelling started up again. What were they doing behind the building? I jogged over towards the back of the building but was cautious as I stuck my head around the corner of the building. The construction Elves were all behind the building and standing in a circle. It looks like they had cornered something. I could hear some scuffling and growling coming from that general direction as well. What the heck were they up to? I jogged over to them and tapped the closest guy to me on the shoulder. He jumped around to face me, clearly startled by my presence.

“What’s exactly is going on here, some of the people thought that we might’ve been under attack,” I asked trying to sound as patient as possible but I was honestly quite irritated. If this was just them rough housing then there was going to be some penalties. Don’t get me wrong I like it when people can have fun when they are in a tough situation like this one.

“Some of the forest animals got a hold of some of our supplies so we’ve been trying to get them back for the last 20 minutes,” replied the construction Elf. “We just got them cornered now.”

I looked over his shoulder to see what he meant. In the middle of the circle were three canine like creatures. They looked similar to what wolves had looked like back on Earth, but these ones were much bigger. They were really growling anymore, and they didn’t really look all that ferocious either. They were just sitting in the centre of the circle with the worker’s materials at their feet. The workers appeared to be very tired and frustrated with the animals. The only thing was, was that the three canines reminded me of the three beings that I had seen after the forest fire by the lake. They had been staring at me from the trees, just like how these canines were staring at me now. I stepped around the construction worker and into the circle towards the canines. They didn’t really seem scared of me, just like how I wasn’t scared of them. Weird.

“Shoo,” I said the creatures flicking my hands in a go away motion. “Leave this stuff and go back to the forest.”

They seemed like intelligent creatures so I was hoping that they understood what I was saying to them, and that they would leave peacefully. The canines cocked their heads to the side as they looked at me. The middle canine, which also happened to be the smallest, walked over to me. It stood about three feet away from me and sniffed at the air that was just in front of me. It had never taken its eyes off of me. The canine cocked his head to the side once more before backing up to the other two larger canines. The three canines walked together to the edge of the circle that was closest to the forest. They had left the supplies in the middle of the circle like I had asked them to do. The construction Elves hesitantly stepped aside to let the canines enter the forest that was just behind them. The smallest creature looked back once more before all three of them dashed off into the forest. Those were some really strange canines.

A couple of the construction Elves retrieved the equipment from the centre of the circle. As soon as they got the equipment the rest of the Elves visibly relaxed. A few of them thanked me for getting rid of the canines before getting back to work on the building. But I had this odd feeling that that wasn’t going to be the last time we saw them.

Once I made sure that the construction Elves were okay, I thought that it would be best to check on everyone else as well. When I was assured that everyone else was doing alright, including the scouts, I went back to the barn where the healers were to tell them that everything was okay and that it was nothing to worry about.

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