The Forbidden Village

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Chapter 42

I woke up to something cold and wet dripping down onto my face, and a dull ache that radiated throughout my body. My head and jaw were throbbing worst of all from that final impact. I slowly sat up and tried to look around but it was too dark for me to be able to see clearly and my head was still swimming. Where the hell am I? I sat up slowly, confused and more than a little disoriented. There was a weird metal tinkling noise that rang whenever I moved my hands or my legs. What the heck was making that sound? It was getting really irritating and my head was pounding hard enough that it felt like someone was trying to break out of my skull.

I looked down at my hands to see what was causing that irritating noise. I had a terrible time trying to be able to see in the dim light of the room but I managed to make out the outlining of something around my wrist. Heavy, metal manacles weighed down on my wrists and my ankles. I lifted up one of my wrists, still not really understanding what was going on. The headache faded and was now just a pulsing pain on the right side of my face, like I had hit my face off of something really hard.

Confused, I gingerly reached up and touched the side of my face. I winced when my fingers grazed what must’ve been an open wound. My fingers felt sticky as I squished them together with whatever had been on my head, I assumed that it was blood. That shock of pain was enough to knock me out of my disoriented state and get me to sit up faster, which didn’t help my swimming vision or the pounding in my head.

I was sitting in a room with stone walls all around me, even the floor was solid stone. There were a couple of tiny openings near the top of the room that let in a little bit of light and some burnt and stale air, they were too small to even be considered windows. The ground that was underneath my feet and that crumbled underneath my hands almost like sand but rougher. It was just loose dirt, there was no actual flooring in the room. There was one door on the far side of the room that looked like it was a good five inches of thick wood with a black iron locking mechanism, there was no way I was going to be able to get that open. How the heck had I wound up here? Scratch that, where exactly was I?

The place looked like a dungeon cell, but there were no markers or any kind of identifiers to show me where I was. Who was wanting to hold me captive here so bad that they had hired a couple of amateur goons to kidnap me? I knew that Mallon and Amavin were behind my initial kidnapping, but they were in no way smart enough to be able to plan out something this elaborate on their own, and Mallon though was smart just didn’t think big enough. I can’t believe that I trusted that traitorous jerk, now because of that I’m changed up in a cold, damp cell that smelled like stale beer and old blood.

So, whoever was really behind this war, that they wanted so badly that they would go to such lengths to get what they wanted, wants to keep me from interfering for a second time if I had interfered the first time around. I sighed and slowly tried to get up, noticing for the first time that there was a metal bench that was directly behind me that was attached to the wall. My legs wobbled as I limped the foot or two so to the bench in a hunched over position as my body ached, and my bones and muscles were stiff. I managed to lay down on the bench, though in a slightly uncomfortable position. I threw an arm over my eyes as I listened to the clanking of the chain that were attached to my wrist. My life was so screwed up, I couldn’t even remember what happened that last year.

You really don’t remember? A voiced asked me softly as it echoed around in my head. I popped my eyes open and glanced around the cell frantically. Where the hell did that come from? Down here, on your stomach.

I sat up on my elbows and looked down at my stomach. There, perched on my stomach, was a little black lizard that was about the size of large rat, but he felt like he weighed next to nothing. He had beady little red eyes, cat like talons on his feet, and a tail with little white flaps that extended off the sides of the last inch and a half of his tail.

“Where did you come from?” I asked the little lizard as I squinted my eyes at him, as he seemed to be very familiar to me. Then I realized that I was trying to talk to a lizard. Why was I not surprised that this didn’t feel all that weird? Why was I even surprised that the lizard could talk? I had a talking horse for crying out loud, I mean Unicorn, she’d be so angry with me if she found out that I referred to her as just a horse. The lizard walked across my stomach and pointed with a little curve lizard claw at my left arm, where the first tattoo had originated. I looked between him and my arm for a moment or two, confused. There was no way he had come from there the only thing that was in my arm was the swords and a large…ohh.

“You’re the dragon that I had healed back on Earth, aren’t you?” I asked, assuming that the dragon was a male considering the vibes that I was getting from the voice that was echoing around in my head. The little dragon nodded to me before walking back over to the middle of my stomach. “But you’re a lot smaller than when I saw you back on Earth.”

I made myself smaller so that I can better disguise myself, the little dragon explained as he sat back down on my stomach. That did make a lot more sense now that I looked at it. I wonder what his name was. Did dragon’s even get names?

“Do you have a name?” I asked the little dragon as I tried to ignore the ache that was growing in my neck from having to crane my neck while lying down.

Yes, I do, my name is Sebastian, replied the little dragon as he began to curl up on my stomach. Now that I was a bit more clearheaded I was able to get a clearer view of the dragon. The dragon was black all over except for a couple patches on its back that were white. While the dragon was settling down, the white patches moved around on his body and seemed to flutter off his body. It took me a moment to realize that those were Sebastian’s wings. It was a rather odd colouration for a dragon or really any creature, which just made him all the cooler.

It wasn’t until I heard Sebastian’s gentle snores that I realized that he had fallen asleep on my stomach. Without much to do myself I just stared up at the ceiling and let my mind wander about who was behind everything, and how I was going to be able to get out of this cell and back to Avin. The more that I thought about who was behind everything, the more that it didn’t make any kind of sense.

Could there really be just some person from another kingdom trying to take over Avin’s kingdom? Behind the war, King Regalis’ assassination, my kidnapping, the forest fire, the attempted assassination and abuse of Avin, Avin’s arranged marriage, the misuse and murder of healers, and the loss of almost all of my memories? There was no way that an outsider would be able to do all of this with such efficiency as I have seen in my time back here. I don’t know how long I laid there but somewhere in there I had managed to fall asleep, my mind finally succumbing to exhaustion.

I awoke to the sound of someone banging on the big wooden door. I opened my eyes into slits and stared daggers at the door, annoyed at being woken up. I reached a hand onto my stomach, but Sebastian was no longer laying there. Instead I could vaguely hear the panting of him as he laid next to my ear, hiding in my hair. I could feel him growling quietly his body as tense as I was nervous. I sat up slowly on the metal bench as I stared at the door. No more sound came from the door but there was a tray of food on the ground in front of the door.

My stomach grumbled as I stared at it, but I was also very suspicious of this prison food. I got up from the bench and slowly shuffled over to the tray of food. It looked nice enough, but I just wasn’t convinced that it wasn’t poisoned or tainted in someway. I bent down and picked up the tray before turning around and walking back to the metal bench that was on the other side of the room. I played the tray on the far end of the bench and then sat down on the other end, pondering about the food. I leaned closer to the food and tentatively sniffed at the food. I didn’t smell anything that was off about the food.

Sebastian crawled down from my hair, down my arm, and sniffed the food a moment before digging into whatever was on the plate. I took a hesitant bite myself before digging into the food too, not realizing how hungry I really was. After that Sebastian and I laid in the cell on the bench for I don’t know how long before I got bored of just thinking about doing something and wanted to do something.

I got up from the bench and had Sebastian help me to practise my powers that he remembered me being able to do, as well as doing workouts to be able to stay fit enough to be able to use my powers. I couldn’t do too much in one sitting because my baby would stay to get agitated with what I was doing and would kick and move around to uncomfortable positions. But during those time periods of agitation, Sebastian would teach me some of his mediation techniques to help control my powers. Even with all the practise that I did, none of my other memories came back.

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