The Forbidden Village

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Chapter 43

As frustrated as I was getting about my lack of memories, I had to figure out how to get out of this dungeon first. I watched the door for the food to see if I would get another chance to get out when they opened the door to bring in the food, but no food came again that day. For days, I watched the food cycle of the door opening at the same time everyday, but some days if I paid too much attention to the door the food never came. When I had finally figured out the schedule and had managed to hone my skills enough to be able to escape even with facing obstacles and a few opponents if it came down to it.

I made an attack plan for the next day, but on that next day, as I waited above the door, after breaking my through my shackles, to drop on the person who delivered my food, the food never came. I waited above the door for nearly two hours, but nothing had happened. I dropped from the door and out of curiosity I pulled on the big wooden door, which was usually locked everyday, except for today. Startled, I let go of the door thinking that it would stop, however, the door just kept pushing further open. I jumped further away from the door and popped both of my swords out of my arms as I felt Sebastian wriggle nervously in my left arm, preparing to attack. I was knocked off my balance again when I saw who was on the other side of the door.

“Val, what are you doing here?” I asked him apprehensively, not bothering to drop my swords. How the hell did he know where I was being held if I didn’t even know where I was? Was he the person that was really behind everything? It broken my heart the moment that that thought crossed my mind.

“Look, I don’t have a lot of time to explain, we need to get moving now!” Val replied sounding panicked and out of breath, as he kept looking over his shoulder and down the hall. “I’ll explain everything once we get moving, but we need to get moving now!”

Before I could react to what Val was saying, he grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of the cell and into a dark stone hallway that was lit by wooden torches. As Val dragged me down the hall there were several other wooden doors lining the hallway, but no noises came from them. In fact, the only other noises were the sounds of our feet slapping on the stone floors. Nothing looked familiar to me at all.

“Val, what is going on?” I whisper-yelled at him as we paused for a moment in front of a very big metal door. Sebastian had crawled out of my arm and was now desperately clinging on to my shoulder so that he didn’t fly off and get lost somewhere.

“Okay, I’ll give you a very brief summarized explanation of what I do know about what is going on. You went missing a few months ago, our time of course, and we have been searching for you like a bunch of crazy maniacs, especially Avin. But there was one person in our hunting group that wanted us to stay more focused on the war than on finding out what had happened to you,” Val explained as he finally managed to get the lock off of the door and get the door open. He grabbed me by the wrist again and began to drag me up the stairwell that was just behind the door. “She was trying to keep us off what she was really planning, and I was stupid enough to not be able to see it until just recently. But I’m still having a hard time believing that she was the one that was manipulating everything from the background to create such a disaster like this war has become.”

“Wait, who is really behind all of this?” I asked Val as he was only starting to make sense in what was spewing from his mouth. Val turned his head and opened his mouth to say something else, but immediately whipped his head forward with his eyes wide and halted in the middle of the hallway. Up ahead of us was a female soldier dressed in complete Elven armor. Val tensed up and took a step back, before he completely turned around and started dragging me in the opposite direction only to stop abruptly in that direction too.

I looked around Val and saw that Mallon and Amavin were blocking our only other way of escape. That female soldier must be the mastermind behind the war and everything else that has been going on. There was no way that it could be anyone else considering the high level of armor that she was wearing. I mean why else would she be wearing an extra face plate to help disguise what she really looked like. I swung back around to fully face the female soldier when I heard the distinct sound of a sword being pulled from its sheath. As I stared at the sword it looked beyond familiar, I knew that sword…I knew who that sword belonged to. My mouth dropped open and my heart dropped into my stomach.

“S-Sally, you’re the one who’s behind all of this?” I stammered as I tried to comprehend what I was seeing. That was Sally’s sword…and her armor now that I got a better look at it…and her eyes…but how could she do this to her own family and her own people? How could she stand to watch so many innocent people die and just let it happen?

I thought back to every incident that had happened since I had arrived back here. It-it all fit. This was an inside job and someone who had pulled the strings from the shadows, and now I had just found the leader. Sally took her helmet off and I nearly threw up when I saw her face. She looked like half of her face had died and been left out in the open for the animals to chew on. I heard Val gag from behind me, confirming to me that he didn’t know anything about this either.

“Nice, isn’t it?” Sally commented as she gestured to her face, she didn’t really sound like herself either. Her voice sounded hoarse and scratchy, almost like sandpaper. She sneered at me as she started to walk towards Val and me. “I have you to thank for it. Since you and your people didn’t want to partake in the war, we were greatly outnumbered. I had thought that since you were in love with my brother you would give us a hand for the time being. Instead, you stuck your nose up at us and refused to help, so I almost wound up dead during the third infiltration. Not only that but you had corrupted Avin so that he no longer wanted to do his ‘job’ or fight in the war.”

Sally was trying to blame me for her injuries and failures, and for her brother having a mind of his own. The way that she was explaining everything to me didn’t make any kind of sense to me, she was trying to pin everything that had happened to me. There was also more than just a hint of malice in her voice and stature when she had specifically said that ‘I was in love with Avin’, like she was trying to make it seem one-sided. I narrowed my eyes at Sally as I was starting to catch on to where she was going with this conversation.

“What do you mean by ‘I was in love with him’, we were in love with each other!” I snapped as I took a step towards Sally. I didn’t like where she was going with this rant of hers or about why her face was all messed up on the one side.

“You were just a homewrecking slut that got in my way before I could claim what was rightfully mine,” Sally snapped as she turned her nose up at me. There it is, the real reason she had gone through so much effort to get rid of me. “Well that is until you disappeared. Then I was left to comfort the broken-hearted prince in any way that I could. I’m even pregnant with his child, which I know is something that you could never offer him because of your ‘background’.”

Sally patted the part of her armor where her stomach would be, making the pain in my heart sting enough more than her words did as they rang loud and clear in my ears. I felt betrayed and hurt, and I’m sure that it showed on my face because I heard Sally’s smug laughter.

“Lucy, you know that he would never do that to you,” Val said from behind be with his back leaning against mine as a form of comfort.

He’s right you know, if your little prince had done anything with any other woman you would’ve been able to smell it on him, Sebastian whispered into my left ear. We didn’t smell anything besides blood and pain.

I tried to let what they were saying sink in, but the pain was still raw in my heart at the thought that Sally would even attempt to sleep with Avin. But there was something else that had caught my attention, she didn’t know what had happened to me either. I’m sure that if she had been involved that she would’ve gloated about it in front of me just to piss me off more. It didn’t by any means cool my anger, but it did make me stop and think for a moment. Sally didn’t know the full story of what had happened to my village either. Which means that she must’ve used one of her puppets to destroy my village, thinking that it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to deal with. That soldier that smelled of death, Maverick I think his name was, suddenly popped back into the forefront of my mind from my earlier visions. I had nearly forgotten about him in all the chaos.

“So why did you keep me alive for so long?” I asked Sally as I looked her directly in the eyes as she was now only a couple feet away from me. “Why not just kill me and get it over with?”

“Death is far too good for you,” Sally whispered into my face, a dark sneer curling its way onto her face, making her scars stretch almost painfully across her face. I was about to snap back at her something along the lines of the fact that she wasn’t going to be able to keep me here, but a noise that came up from behind me and distracted me momentarily. I glared back at Sally before stepping to the side so that I could keep her in my peripheral vision while checking on what was going on behind me, but there was nothing behind me anymore. Where had Val, Mallon, and Amavin disappeared off to? Dread gripped me with an iron fist, twisting deeply into my gut like a knife. Oh god no, how had I not noticed what was going on directly behind my back? In my momentary stunned state, I barely noticed the movement out of the corner of my left eye. I whipped my head around just as Sally’s fist connected with my temple.

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