The Forbidden Village

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Chapter 44

I awoke on the dirt floor of the exact same cell that I had just left what had seemed like not too long ago but was probably a few hours ago. As I tried to sit up through the pounding headache that spread through the left side of my face I felt the heavy weights on my arms and legs again. Dammit, they put the shackles back on. So much for Val helping me to be able to escape, speaking of Val, where did he wind up being taken to?

As I looked around the cell, my eyes slowly adjusting to the dark, I felt like I wasn’t alone in the cell this time. Sebastian hopped down from my shoulder onto the ground of the cell, but the odd feeling was still there. Who else could possibly be in the cell with Sebastian and me? Sebastian looked up at me and then looked around the cell too before spotting something on the other side of the stonewalled room and running off towards it. I followed him with my eyes, wondering where he could possibly be going.

Sebastian slowed his pace and walked up to a lump that was laying on the floor that I was pretty sure hadn’t been there before and began pawing at it with his claws. I took a deep breath in and in one quick movement pulled the chains that connected me to the wall off the cuffs of the shackles like I had done the last time. I slowly got to my unsteady feet and walked over to the lump to investigate what it could’ve been. Sebastian kept pawing at the lump now making odd growling noises that probably was his version of whining.

As I got closer to the lump I could hear what sounded like laboured breathing. The smell of blood was getting stronger and stronger the closer that I got to the lump. I froze in my tracks when I saw the lump slowly move. The lump rolled over so that I could now see that it was a person that was lying on the floor on their back. There was blood all over him, at least I think that it was a him it was difficult to tell in the dark with all the blood. His entire face, body, and limbs were drenched in the red life-giving liquid to the point where I couldn’t tell where one wound started and the next one began. The scariest part was the fact that, as I got closer, I recognized who it was that was on the ground in front of me.

“Val?” I whispered, stunned practically beyond function. Val managed to open one of his eyes and half smiled at me, just before his face scrunched up in agony. “Oh my god, what did they do to you?”

I didn’t feel like this was real as I sat down next to Val. I was feeling completely numb as I looked him over. This was my fault, wasn’t it? If only I could remember what had happened this past year, then maybe I could figure out a way that I could fix everything.

“They tried…to get me to talk…but I wouldn’t…I wouldn’t say anything,” Val struggled to get his words out as his voice was barely able to go above a whisper. His voice sounded rough and worn out like he had used it too much or…like he had been screaming for a long time. Mallon and Amavin must’ve tried to torture him for information, but I didn’t understand why they did. What did Val know that they had wanted so badly that they would torture him to figure it out?

“What do you mean? I don’t understand,” I asked Val still perplexed by the situation that was unfolding in front of me.

“I was your second in command…and the advisor to the crown,” Val whispered, trying to get the words out through his hoarse voice before he started coughing up blood. There was more damage to Val than there was at first glance and he was still losing a lot of blood, I had to think of something to do and fast. “I know a lot more about our homeland then any of the other kingdoms and other royalties that surrounded us, besides the queen of our land.”

Which was me, that much I knew.

“I had come back home after…after living with Avin and his family for many years, and you…you welcomed me back into your family with open arms and…so did Tenzin.”

The way that Val had said the name Tenzin made me think that that name probably meant so much more to him than just any normal person, especially with the way that Val stared off into the distance with a small smile on his face. That must’ve been his mate’s name. Val had said the name with such longing and love that there was nothing else that it could’ve been. That snapped me out of my confusion and pulled me right into healer mode. I was not about to let him die in here like this.

The only issue was, was that there wasn’t any form of water in the cell that I’d be able to work with. I could use my fire to close some of the wounds and some of Val’s own blood to do some of the internal healing, but that still left a lot of work to be done by other means. The blood alone wasn’t going to be enough to get the job done properly, especially when a lot of it had already dried to his skin. As I was trying to think of what to do while looking around the room, I noticed a couple of stones that shone a bit brighter in the moonlight than the other stones. Water…there was water seeping in through those rocks.

“Hang in there, Val, I think that I have a plan,” I told him as I stared at the wall where the water spread across a section of about four by five stones in size. I leapt up from the ground and ran over to the stone wall. I got some of the liquid on my fingertips and rubbed them together to test the viscosity of the liquid. It really was water! I took a step back and used my powers to pull the water off the wall and create a large orb of water in my hands. I felt a bit dizzy and my baby was squirming up a storm causing sharp pains to go up my back and a feeling of uncomfortableness settled in my abdominal area. I managed to walk back over to Val and kneel beside him to get a better angle to work from.

Val had closed his eyes and his breathing had taken a dive so that it was even more shallow than before. Shit! I was going to be cutting this close. I used both of my hands and spread the water over Val’s entire body, removing all the dried blood and dirt, and healing up the deeper wounds so that they weren’t as life threatening. I just couldn’t manage to close the wounds completely as much as I tried. I used my earth controlling abilities to morph some of the dirt on the ground into bandages and wrap them around his still open wounds to keep Val from bleeding to death. The bandages should help to clot and heal up the wounds on their own. That was probably the fastest that I’ve ever been able to heal someone, and it was starting to weigh on me a bit.

I collapsed backwards so that I was sitting on my butt rather than being on my knees. I was stiff and sore all over the place, and the pain in my head had increased exponentially. The baby wasn’t too happy about the overuse of my powers either. I gasped as a sharp pain shoot across my abdomen. I closed my eyes and leaned forward to try to lessen the pain that my child had caused by moving around so abruptly. I still hadn’t gotten used to the fact that I was indeed pregnant. I mean I had been before the war, I just didn’t think that they would still be alive after all that had happened. I knew that I had to be careful whenever I fought and to try not to use my powers too much.

After the baby had calmed down, I opened my eyes and looked down at Val. He looked a hell of a lot better now than when I had first found him. He only had a couple minor scrapes on his face and neck, but his entire torso was wrapped up in bandages that I had created from the dirt on the floor. Val’s left leg was completely bandaged up as well.

As I continued my inspection of Val’s wounds there was something that was starting to feel a little off to me. I hadn’t been able to inspect his wounds before trying to heal them due to how badly he had been wounded and how much shock I was in, but everything seemed okay now. That feeling of something being wrong didn’t leave however. I shuffled around on the floor to try to get to the other side of Val to get a different vantage point to see from. At first glance from this angle I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

His right arm was laying on the ground beside him. I looked to his shoulder and upper arm, but they were angled away from the arm. I glanced between the upper part of his arm, and the part that was laying on the ground not too far away. The part of his arm on the ground was completely black,and looked like it wouldn’t have been any use anyway with all the slash marks that were going through it. There was no way that I would’ve been able to save it even if I had known about it earlier on, it was completely dead and beyond repair. But the upper part of his arm and shoulder were completely healed.

“I’m so sorry Val,” I whispered to him as I brushed some loose strands of hair off of his face. “I couldn’t save all of you.”

Val opened his eyes as much as he could manage which was only halfway. He looked me over and then down at his dead hand.

“It’s okay it was poisoned anyway,” Val mumbled as he closed his eyes again. His voice didn’t sound as rough as it did a few moment ago. Poisoned? They had really wanted to kill him, whether or not they got the information that they wanted. “We have to get out of here,” Val murmured as he tried to sit up from the ground.

“Woah,” I told him as I tried to get him to lay back down. “We can’t go anywhere until you are more healed up.”

“We don’t have much of a choice,” Val exclaimed frustrated. “They are coming for you, and they will be here soon. We need to leave now!”

“How?” I asked Val incredulous. “We can’t just walk out of here like you tried to do. They will catch us again and probably do worse to you than they have already done.”

I moved around so that Val could lean up against my chest for support so that he wouldn’t reopen his wounds. Sebastian clambered up my back and perched on my shoulder. He whimpered and then curled into a ball on my shoulder. He didn’t want to be cooped up in here either. But I didn’t know how else we could get out of here.

“You used to be able to teleport people to different places,” Val told me quietly. “Not very far distances but it was always just enough to get us out of a jam.”

I could teleport people? Cool. But how could I do that? I hadn’t managed to unlock that memory yet. I closed my eyes for a second as I tried to think about what I could do to get out of here. I opened my eyes and I was back in the village that I had seen many times in my visions before. There was fire everywhere. The wounded and dying lay in the streets, some underneath the rubble of fallen buildings. Soldiers were invading from the west destroying everything and killing everyone in their path. Maverick was leading the charge with a smile on his face. But where was I when all of this was going on? Maverick’s men knocked down a section of a house that sent it teetering to one side until it started to fall. In the path was a man that was trying to get his son and wife out from underneath a cart that had been flung upside down. They were going to be crushed if they didn’t get moving. The building started too tumble faster, hurtling towards the trapped family.

If my hands weren’t see through I would’ve covered my face with them so that I wouldn’t have to watch what was going to happen to them. Just before the building was going to crush them a shimmering light appeared beside them for half a second before they all suddenly vanished, and only the cart was crushed under the immense building. The family re-appeared next to a different building with the old me in tow. They were too far away for me to hear what they were saying but I could see them just fine. They quickly bowed before running away from the coming onslaught. I watched as the old me popped out her swords before whistling loudly.

The tattoos on her left arm began to glow and turn into what looked like pixie dust. The pixie dust floated around before forming a large black dragon with white wings and white tail flaps. Sebastian? The old me pulled out a horn from thin air and blew on it to signal an attack it looked like. Then she and Sebastian charged at the on coming army. But then things slowed down as she passed me. The old me turned towards me and smiled sadly at me.

“Your almost there,” she told me before I was blinded by a flash of light. But when the light faded I wasn’t in the cell anymore.

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