The Forbidden Village

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Chapter 46

I awake to the sounds of a baby crying softly from somewhere close by. My body felt heavy and sore. I couldn’t really move an my eyes felt like they were never going to open. Just before pain started to take over I managed to open my eyes into slits. Painfully bright light shone through the crack making me close my eyes again but the cries of the baby made me try to open my eyes again. I was a bit more careful this time letting my eyes adjust the the light slowly before opening them further. There above me, was a brown slab of rock. Where was I?

I didn’t feel stiff anymore, so I sat up and looked around. I felt really different as I looked at what was in the oom that I was in. no one else was in the room with me that I could see, and there really wasn’t all that much room anyway. There was a large wooden basket on the opposite side of the room beside me, and a blanket underneath me. That was it. The crying appeared to be coming from the basket.

Unconscious of my own actions, I got up and walked over to the basket and knelt down inside the basket was not one but two little babies that wee wrapped up in some white cloth. Both of the babies were crying in sync. So that’s why it sounded like it was just one baby that was crying. I reached into the basket and gently touched the cheeks of the two babies with the tip of my finger. Almost instantly the babies stopped crying and looked up at me. Then they started smiling up at me and reaching up to grab the air above them. They wanted to be picked up I was pretty sure.

I looked around quickly. There was still no one around. I looked back to the babies before reaching into the basked I lifted the baby the was closest to me out first. Being mindful of its head I felt this instant love and connection to the baby. I dropped my head to its head and nudged it lightly. The baby laughed and grabbed at my hair. I chuckled and then gently stoked it’s cheek before I picked up the other baby. This one was a little bit heavier. I got the same instant connection with this baby as the other one. That’s when it hit me. These where my children. The baby that I was holding was a boy and that meant the other one must have been female. I lowered my head and nudged it gently.

“Ace,” I whispered to it as it giggled and grabbed at my hair. I smiled and put him back into the basket. I gently stroked his cheek before I stroked my daughter’s cheek. “Vivian.” As soon as I pulled my hand back they curled up next to each other and fell asleep while holding each others hands. I sighed and smiled down at them.

“Those are beautiful names, your highness,” a male voice commented from somewhere beside me. I looked over towards the door to see Val standing in the doorway dressed up in armour with a sword attached to his waist. Behind him was Tenzin who was also dressed in armour but he had two swords attached to his hips. Their armor essentially consisted of a chest plate, arm guards, and shin guards that wrapped around their ankles. I smiled up at them before getting up and walking over to the door.

“Thank you, Val” I replied in a quiet voice so that I didn’t wake up the babies. “What are you guys doing dressed up like this?”

“We’ve been patrolling the border for the last couple of days,” Tenzin replied quietly, sounding very serious. “Ever since you showed up creatures have started to appear at the borders.”

I nodded absently as what he has said sank in, but the main thing that was really on my mind was Avin. Val must have seen my face because he got serious really quickly. This war was becoming a real problem, and it needed to be solved fast.

“Val, Tenzin,” I called to them to draw their attention. “I need to go back.”

They knew exactly what I was talking about and nodded solemnly.

“I’ll stay behind and make sure that everything is okay here, and I’ll send for a wet nurse to watch over Ace and Vivian,” Tenzin commented before heading off to take care of some things.

“I want you to come with me Val,” I told him as I turned back around to walk back to the basket. “I’m still missing some pieces so before we head out I want to figure out what they are.”

“Very well your highness,” Val commented before turning around but paused again. “Thank you for letting me serve you again.”

Then he left. I sat down next to the basket and crossed my legs. I really needed to concentrate to bring back the last few memories. I closed my eyes, took deep breath and relaxed. I opened my eyes and the scene had completely changed I was still in the kingdom of Arcadia but everything was on fire again. I watched myself run through the village. I followed as close as I could but my old self was running, really fast so it was difficult. I watched her run to what looked like a stone gazebo, but there were carvings all around it.

“I know you told me never to use this spell but the kingdom will be completely massacred if I don’t, I’m sorry mother,” I heard her whisper and then she knelt down into the centre of the gazebo and began chanting. All of the symbols on the gazebo and around it began to glow white. Blood began to drip down from her eyes and nostrils the more she chanted. The symbols glowed bright until they turned into white dust and dropped itself over the kingdom banishing all of the attackers and healing all of the wounded and dying.

Stunned, I turned back to the old me and watched as she took her last breath before turning into white dust too. But then the vision changed to the human village. I watched the basket that lay next to the “Now Leaving” sign. Out of the basket came a little black dragon with white wings. Sebastian? Wait, so I erased my memories and sent myself to Earth? Then the flash of light came and I was back in the room with my children sleeping soundly in the basket beside me.

I had sacrificed myself to protect my village but instead of dying I was transported to Earth, transformed into a baby and had all of my memories erased due to overexertion. That spell that I had cast was supposed to have killed me, but it didn’t. I got a second chance to fix everything. I got up quickly, scrambling towards the door. I whistled for Sebastian. We didn’t have much time left. I got this horrible feeling that this war wasn’t going to be going on for much longer, and that was the scary thing. I was fairly certain that neither side would win. I was pretty sure that Sally still had something up her sleeve, a card that she had yet to play. I just feel kind of bad for Aquaphira. She seems like she really likes Sally, but Sally just seems to be playing her for a fool. Sebastian dropped down from the sky and slowed his descent with his wings. He landed almost gracefully on the ground.

“You called Mistress?” Sebastian asked as he lowered his head in a slight bow.

“Could you take Val and I back out to the battlefield?” I asked him once he had raised his head again.

“Of course, Mistress,” Sebastian replied but he gave me a curious look right after he said it.

“What is it Sebastian?” I asked him as I crossed my arms over my chest. There was a slight pause before he spoke again.

“It seems as though you may have figured out something, Mistress,” Sebastian replied as he looked down at me. I thought about it for a second. I did feel like I had finally figured everything out. Everything that is, except for who had pushed Sally to go to battle after I had told her that it was too dangerous to go, ad that it would be better to set the things peacefully. Who has been whispering in her ear since the beginning? Honestly, Sally wasn’t smart enough to plan this whole thing on her own. Amavin wasn’t smart enough either, so that just left Mallon. He was a royal guard but perhaps he had wanted something more. Being in control of an entire army must not be enough for him, so he wanted more power. Somehow, though, that still didn’t fit. That’s when it hit me.

“Sebastian, do you think that the King had actually died when he was stabbed?” I asked him as I carefully thought out my suspicion.

“Well, I don’t know, Mistress,” Sebastian replied, he seemed to be thinking it over as well. “I did find it rather suspicious that he would’ve been killed so easily especially right after he had assaulted you.”

I shuddered as the memory flashed into my mind. That was rather convenient for him to die shortly after that, without any sort of warning. So the King, Mallon, Amavin, and Sally must’ve worked together to start this war. They wanted to start this war and get revenge on my people and me for trying to keep the peace. But then where did that leave Avin? They probably wanted him on their side considering that he is much stronger that all of them. So they sent people to attack my village in hopes of getting rid of the main reason of why he wouldn’t help them, me. That was it. That was the piece that I had been missing. They weren’t actually after me, they were after Avin. We had to get back to him as quickly as possible. As soon as Val, Tenzin, and the wet nurse got here, I explained to Val and Tenzin what I had figured out while they were gone. They were a bit skeptical of my theory, especially Val since he was there when the King died. But my gut kept telling me that this was way too coincidental for it to be completely true.

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