The Forbidden Village

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Chapter 49

Sebastian took off straight up in a blinding flash of light and disappeared into the sky for a second. When he re-appeared he was in his massive dragon size, raining fire down on the shadow clones. Tray took off towards Avin a second after Sebastian started his barrage. I popped out both of my swords and handed the one in my right hand to Aquaphira. She took it and we ran out to join the chaos Aquaphira went for the shadow that was protecting Sally she probably had a bone to pick with her after being blatantly dumped and practically having the crap beaten out of her. I saw that Maverick was trying to get ahold of Tray who had almost made it to Avin.

I ran at Maverick and just as he caught Tray, I gave his left arm a bit of a trimming. Maverick immediately dropped Tray and clutched at his severed limb. Without giving him a second to recover I brought my bloodied sword up and quickly brought it down on his neck, successfully severing his head from the body. I tried my best to ignore the splatter of blood that hit me as a repercussion.

I quickly looked around the battlefield and saw that Sebastian had his hands full with keeping the shadows away from the main fight, Val had his hands full with Mallon, and Aquaphira had finally gotten to Sally. Just Amavin, and King Regalis were left unattended to. I ran towards Amavin first because we really needed her out of the way so that the shadow creatures would disappear. When I started to finally get close to Amavin, she threw her hand up in my direction and a shadow henchman popped out from the spot where her shadow was on the ground. I skidded to a halt and stood ready for the approaching shadow monsters. This shadow was definitely more on the hulking side than the shadows that had been standing by the barn door. For a moment I hesitated in my attack, but hearing the battle cries from Aquaphira, Sebastian, and Val resecured me battle resolve.

I decreased the distance between me and the shadow. As we got within a couple feet of each other I pulled out some of the ground beneath me so that I was launched into the air; just high enough so that I was a foot above the shadow soldier. I swung the sword down with all the strength that I could muster, but the shadow brought up his own weapon, a club of some sort, and blocked my attack. The shadow push me back down to the ground with his club. I felt the scraping on my back and my arms as I landed and rolled roughly across the ground, scratching up whatever skin was exposed. I pushed aside the pain as best as I could as the shadow came charging back at me again. I gritted my teeth together and stumbled to my feet.

I may have had my memories back but my body still wasn’t up to par with where my mind was. My body wasn’t as conditioned for fighting as it used to be, at least that was the feeling that I was getting from my memories. It was probably a mix of that and the fact that my body still hadn’t fully recovered from all that I had injured the last couple of days. But I couldn’t use that as an excuse especially since Val was fighting with only one arm and Aquaphira was still wounded from whatever she had endured during the takeover of the camp.

I jumped to the side as the shadow charged at me again. I rolled back on to my feet and repositioned the sword so that it was in my left hand instead of my right to allow for a better grip. The sword felt better and much more comfortable in my left hand than in my usually dominant right hand just like when I used to use just the one sword both when I first came here and back when I was younger, when I only had the one sword.

The shadows stumbled a couple steps forward before turning around to growl at me. I gripped my sword in both hands and charged again at the shadow. If I could just get into its blind spot I could strike the creature down. Just as I was getting in range to strike at the creature I heard a very loud roar coming from somewhere above us. It distracted me enough for me to hesitate on my approach, and not a second too soon either. Seconds later flames engulfed the shadow creature turning into nothing but a pile of ash. I raised my arms to shield myself from the blaze until it had died down. I shielded my eyes with my hand as I looked around to see where the fire had come from although I already had a pretty good idea of what it was.

“Thanks Sebastian!” I called up to him as I waved at him. Then returned my attention back to the main objective which was to get Amavin to stop creating the shadow creatures one way or another.

I turned to face Amavin, ready for a fight, but Val had already beat me to it. He was in a heated battle with Amavin and was doing really well with only using one arm to fend Amavin off. I turned to look at Tray and saw that he had successfully freed Avin from his binds. He was still in his fox form and was throwing blue fireballs at anything that got too close to him and Avin, who appeared too weak to even sit up from the ground. He looked bad from where I was standing which meant that he was probably much worse up close.

In my peripheral vision I could see that Sebastian was heading towards Avin and Tray. They seemed to be in good shape, but I couldn’t find the one that I was most concerned for. Aquaphira and Sally were nowhere to be seen. They weren’t anywhere around the front of the barn where we were all fighting and Regalis was missing too. Where the heck could they have disappeared off to? I circled around the camp once more trying to see if I could see any of them anywhere around the camp.

“Mistress, there are three moving figures out in no man’s land!” Sebastian called to me through our mind link.

“Thanks again, Sebastian!” I called up to him as loud as I could before I took off in the direction that Sebastian was looking. Sebastian could help out Val if he needed it but it looked like he was handling Amavin pretty well on his own. I tried to go as fast as I could hoping that I wasn’t too late. The closer that I got the more that I was able to hear, but I still couldn’t see anybody. I squinted my eyes as my breathing began to labor and I tried not to think about what was squishing underneath my feet as I ran, or what splattered up on my legs with each step that I took.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I finally caught sight of the three of them. I sped up more so that I was practically sprinting to where I could see Aquaphira in the middle of King Regalis and Sally, fighting for her life. It wasn’t really looking too good for Aquaphira and I was still too far away to be able to help her. A sudden horrible thought came to me that sent a shiver down my spine.

Hold on Aquaphira, I’m coming! She has done so much for me and she was such a good friend to me. I couldn’t lose her, I had to get there in time. Bits of memories started to flash in front of my face, things that I didn’t know that filled in the remaining gaps of things that I still needed to remember.

The one piece that I was missing, the one piece that explained everything that hasn’t really made any real sense until now. How the king had found out about Avin and I’s relationship or even about the location of my kingdom. The only way someone could have found out all of this was if they had been there, and I know for a fact that there was only one other person besides Val and Avin who had been there. Aquaphira was the only other person who had been to my kingdom, she was the King’s mole. My pace stuttered as I realized the impact of what I was thinking about had meant. Aquaphira had betrayed us.

All I could think about was seeing her telling the king about Avin and I and about how to get to my kingdom through a path in the trees. Aquaphira had told him everything… but why? And why in God’s name was she helping me now?

I picked up my pace again, I could now see all three of them clearly. Aquaphira could barely stand and she was starting to use the sword that I had given her as a crutch. The king was preparing to deal the final blow by the looks of how high his sword was raised. I concentrated hard on the earth, and brought up a chunk that knocked the sword out of his hands. The sword went flying and landed on the ground several feet behind the King’s back. All three of them seemed startled and turned to look over at me, just noticing my presence. I stopped several feet away from them but I didn’t need to raise my voice to be heard by everyone present. For a moment I just stood there, unsure of what to say to any of them. But I knew that I needed to say something and fast.

“Where the heck do you guys think you’re going?” I asked directing the question mostly towards King Regalis and Sally, ignoring Aquaphira for the moment. “Do you really think that you’re going to get away with starting a war with not just one, but two separate kingdoms?”

I just had to keep their attention on me for a bit so that Aquaphira could get out of range. I can sort out her betrayal to me and Avin after she was out of any immediate danger.

“Well actually yeah, considering that everyone thinks that I’m dead, you should have let that cursed weapon kill me when he had broken into the castle,” King Regalis sneered at me as he slowly began to back away in the direction of his sword.

“What was this war even really about? It just seems completely pointless to me,” I said to him as I flipped my hair and shot him a look of annoyance I kept Aquaphira and Sally in my peripheral vision just to be safe, I really didn’t trust Sally but I was worried about Aquaphira even if I was hurt by what she did I still wanted to know why she had done it.

“What else other than to gain power and more land for me to reign over, but it’s more difficult when people hate you so I got other kingdoms involved by making them very valuable offers to help me out. Your own kingdom was the only one besides the other kingdoms across the valley that didn’t agree to any of our terms,” King Regalis replied smiling menacingly in my direction. “So we took what actions were necessary to make sure that we would succeed without much resistance.”

“Sorry, but you made me an offer that I had to refuse,” I said scrunching up my nose as I remembered what happened in the bedroom at the castle, and the offer for marriage that the king had made to me before I had lost my memories. “It’s over now though, so surrender!”

“You’re going to have to kill me first!” the king spat and ran for his sword. I concentrated really hard on the ground underneath the king’s feet, and brought up a spike that impaled the king through his chest. Blood splattered and squirted out from the gaping hole in the king’s body, his body going limp after a couple seconds. His body was raised off the ground and the blood drain down the spike and pooled onto the ground around him.

“Lucy! Watch out!” someone yelled from behind me. I turned to glance backwards but quickly realized what I was doing and whip my head back around to see Aquaphira trying, rather hard I might add, to defend herself from Sally’s multiple attacks and blows with her sword. I lifted my sword back up and charged at Sally. Sally pulled her arms up to bring the sword down on Aquaphira , leaving her wide open for me to attack. I leveled my sword with my shoulder and with both hands drove it straight through Sally’s armpit and out the other side. The sword made an audible crunching and squishy noise as it ran right through bone and flesh. Sally gasped and coughed up blood before dropping her arms and going limp against the sword. I shoved her off the sword and on to the ground. For a moment I just froze and stared at the blood that was dripping off of my sword.

“Miss Lucy, is Miss Aqua alright?” I heard a little voice ask. I was startled to realize that it was Tray’s voice. I turned around and saw Val helping to hold up Avin, and Tray who was holding Sebastian close to his chest, kind of like you would have held a kitten. They were banged up pretty badly but they were all alive. I breathed a sigh of relief right before what Tray had just said truly kick in. I whipped my attention back to Aquaphira and rushed to her side. There was blood everywhere, and by the looks of how much was still coming out, I’d say is that an artery must have been cut. Aquaphira kept gasping for air and coughing up blood.

“Just hang in there and I’ll have you patched up as best as I can in a second,” I told Aquaphira as I started to feel slightly panicked. These wounds were too severe for even me to heal. I knew that but I still wanted to try.

“I-It’s… okay,” Aquaphira gasped out as she reached up and gripped my hand, that I was going to use to heal her, weakly in her own hands. “It’s too much... You know that. So, it’s okay.”

Aquafina smiled weakly up at me, and I could feel the tears start to burn in my eyes. I know that she was right but it just didn’t seem fair to me.

“I’m sorry...for telling the king about Avin and your’s relationship,” Aquaphira apologized as she struggled to get what she wanted to say before well you get where this is going. “At first, I thought that your relationship was inappropriate and scandalous, since Avin was already betrothed to someone else. But the anger that I stayed around the two of you the more that I saw that maybe it was I that was wrong. So I told the king that I wasn’t going to spy on you for him anymore, and he said that he didn’t need me anymore anyway because he had already sent some troops out to your village. I had wanted to warn you and Avin but the king had ordered to have me locked away in the dungeon until the raid was over. I’m so sorry Lucy, I’m so sorry.”

The tears began to flood out of Aquaphira’s eyes slowly turning to red as they swept through the blood on her face.

“Shh, hey it’s okay,” I told her as I tried to push my tears away. I reach down and brush some of Aquaphira’s tears away. “I forgive you, Aquaphira.”

Aquaphira on a struggle to put a smile on her face as her breathing got worse, and then there was silence. A sudden wave of emotion hit me and I couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. They streamed down my face and fell onto my lap. I reached over to Aquaphira and gently closed her eyes. Eyes that would never again see this world. I used what remained of my powers and turned her body into a small patch of flowers, she had always really liked flowers.

I felt a hard squeeze on my shoulder. I glanced up to see Avin standing above me, bruised and bloodied the tears just came faster and I jumped up and held him just as tightly as he held me. Then something dawned on me, something that I haven’t told Avin yet.

“Avin there’s some people that you are probably going to really want to meet,” I told him, and laughed at is outright confusion at what I said. “Sebastian, could you take us back home after we stop this idiotic War?”

“Of course milady,” Sebastian said and bowed his head as much as he could while being held tightly in Tray’s arms. I wiped the tears from my face and stood up to join the rest of my family. The journey ahead to be able to recover from all this destruction was going to be rough and long, but I’m the Queen of the Forbidden Village and the only female Dratmos left, easy kind of never was my thing.

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