The Forbidden Village

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Chapter 6

My thoughts got the better of me, and I knelt down beside Avin. Blood soaked the clothes on his chest from three different locations. I was going to have to take the top of his uniform off. I just wasn’t too sure how to go about doing that. I was starting to panic as I tried to figure out how to take the top of his uniform off. My panic set off some small fireworks from my hand and arm. But it gave me an idea.

I used my index finger and pulled gently at the collar of Avin’s uniform. I focused my firepower as best as I could considering that I had just gotten them a couple of hours ago. To my surprise and great delight they responded just how I wanted them to. I sliced through the top half of the uniform in one quick movement. I relaxed my focus, and the pressure on my index finger dissipated.

On Avin’s chest and abdominal area were more scars and old slash marks scattered all around. He probably would’ve been breathtakingly beautiful if it wasn’t for the three new stab wounds there were now marring his body. Avin had two holes in his chest and one in his abdomen.

He was still breathing, but it was ragged and shallow. Blood poured from each wound and slowly leaked onto the floor. Shit he was losing a lot of blood. I had to work quickly. He didn’t have a lot of time left.

I started with just an overall healing to give us both a bit more time. Avin’s breathing became a bit stronger. He wasn’t out of danger yet, not by a long shot. He coughed and slowly regained consciousness. He looked so tired and in so much pain. I was trying my best to do whatever I could to end his suffering.

The fear in his eyes stopped me cold for a second. Avin didn’t want to die yet. I took a deep breath and dove into my work. I worked on healing the worst wound first since it would take the most energy to improve those areas. The worst one was millimeters from his heart. He was incredibly lucky. Either that or the assailant was an amateur. I was curious though how a person could just sneak in here without anyone noticing.

Avin grunted in pain when I took a quick break so that I wouldn’t faint. I jumped right back into healing Avin. Just as I was getting close to completely healing him, I felt someone walk up behind me. Uh oh. I’m in trouble. I slowly turned my head to the side to see exactly who was behind me. Although I already had a pretty good idea as to who it was. I was surprised to see that it looked rather human. The only issue was, was that his face was much too angular. A different kind of Elf perhaps?

Then the creature smiled. He looked so feral and demonic, and just plain evil. Not an elf! Not an elf! He lunged at me. I felt like I was moving in slow motion. I just couldn’t move fast enough. I probably would’ve been killed by the creature if Avin hadn’t gotten up and struck the creature with his sword.

The creature howled in pain as he held his arm where Avin’s sword had sliced into it. Blood dripped down the creature’s arm. When he tried to cover the wound with his hand, the blood just seeped around it.

The creature said something in a language that I didn’t quite understand but sounded oddly familiar to me. Very familiar. I wonder where I could’ve heard it before. The creature looked at me and smiled. I shivered. I did not like that smile.

“We will meet again, my dear,” the creature said just before he vanished in a swirling cloud of black smoke. I stared at the spot where the guy had been only a moment ago. I was still shocked and utterly bewildered. I shook myself both physically and mentally. I shut my mouth and turned to look at Avin. I was hoping to get some explanation out of him. He looked like he was about to fall over. He wasn’t wearing anything on his top half so I could see every muscle in his body. Oh boy.

He started to sway a little bit. I went to his side to try to help him steady himself. At first, he let me help him. But then something changed because he stiffened up and moved away from me. As I looked at him once more, I saw that the wounds were virtually gone.

His face was almost completely blank. The only thing that gave him away was that he looked like he might’ve been thinking about something. But the guy was like a stone wall. It was hard to tell anything from his face, and his body didn’t give much away either.

The scars that he had everywhere on his body must’ve been from some pretty big, and sharp objects. The only thing that came to mind was swords. Was this place in a different era than Earth? On Earth, people didn’t use swords or any of the medieval methods. We used guns mostly. Did they transport me back in time? No, the guy had said that I was in Fae land. But where the heck was that?

The people here in Fae land seemed to be more intellectually advanced. The weaponry that I’ve seen many of them carry contradicted that. The weapons made them appear barbaric. I had so many questions buzzing around in my head that it felt like a hive of bees had made a home in my head. I wanted to ask Avin some of my questions, but I wasn’t too sure that he would respond.

Just as the silence between Avin and I was getting awkward, the door on the far side of the room burst open. The King, Val, and Sally marched through the door. None of them looked all that pleased. Sally was shouting angrily about something in their language. It seemed like King, and Val was trying to calm her down. I watched them, confused. What had caused her to become this angry?

I looked to Avin for an answer, but his attention was focused on them as well. I turned my attention back to them and tried to focus more on their body language and expressions. I was trying to make as much sense of the situation as I could.

Sally had seemed to calm down a bit. She still looked mad, though. They walked over to where Avin and I were standing. They were still chatting away. Avin said something to them once they got closer. They all stared at him shocked. Val said something to Avin and Avin nodded stiffly. Then all of the attention was on me. I straightened up, nervous. What had he said about me?

What could they have been talking about that could’ve involved me? Wait, could it be that the guy had wanted me? Or was I starting to read too much into this? But how could they have known that I was here? I know that I wasn’t all that special which just made it all the more ridiculous for someone of this place to be after me.

The guy hadn’t drawn his sword while he was behind me. So I’m not too sure that he wanted to kill me. The only way that anyone would’ve been able to find out about me being taken here was if someone from inside the castle had snitched to whoever the enemy was. But I still didn’t understand why anyone would want me so badly in the first place.

“What’s going on here?” I asked. I was starting to get frustrated at being kept in the dark about what was going on. I crossed my arms over my chest so that I wouldn’t clench my hands into fists. I feared that the flame in my hands would react if I tried clenching my hands.

The dragon’s fire seemed very powerful and unpredictable. It also appeared to be partially attached to my emotions. I could feel it moving around in my arm as I was standing there in front of everyone. It seemed to be agitated. But that could just be because I was.

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