The Forbidden Village

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Chapter 9

I wasn’t at all sure what exactly the war was about or even who the heck these guys were even fighting against. I felt in the dark about everything that was going on, and I do mean everything. But I suppose there’s no use in pouting about it. I guess all I could do was study everything that I could get my hands on. I started to look at the book titles, and I groaned inwardly when I realized that none of them were in English.

Well, this is just fantastic. I’m in the biggest library I’ve ever seen, but none of the books were in English! I could feel my arm heat up as my frustration rose. Oh, no, no, no. I was not going to set this place on fire. I calmed down, and the heat from my arm cooled. Okay, I need to work on my self-control. I’ve never really had outbursts of emotions like this. I was so used to nothing bothering me, and I didn’t know how to deal with things that did.

I sighed as I gave up searching for an answer within myself. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to find a good answer let alone a rational answer. Something that was logical and made sense was something that I needed, that I was searching for. However, I knew that my emotions were too unpredictable at the moment, so I gave up looking.

I went back to looking at the book titles so that I wouldn’t feel so alone in this huge place. Strangely, as I looked through the titles, the words seemed to blur and move around. I was starting to get a headache. I just stared at the one title to try to relieve my motion sickness. As I stared dizzily at the book, the writing seemed to blur more until I couldn’t see any of the writing anymore.

I squeezed my eyes shut and then opened them again. I was thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me. But when I looked back to the title I was stunned to realize that I could read it. Wait, how can I read this when it’s not even in English?!

I felt terrified, but at the same time, I felt excited and happy. I wasn’t completely useless in this weird world that I had been forcibly dragged into. I began reading the titles off of the books with new found confidence. But I still didn’t know where the books that I had wanted to read were.

“Can I help you?” a voice asked from behind me. The voice was very masculine in nature, but it also sounded rather rough. The voice had startled me, and I whipped around to face the person who had spoken. I hadn’t even heard the man approach. Where had the guy even come from?

The man was much taller than I was and he had long blond hair that was pulled back into a tight high ponytail. He looked well-manicured, well-groomed and his pointed ears stuck out a bit from the sides of his head. But the strangest thing about him was that perched on his nose were a pair of rectangular glasses.

He was the first person I had met that A) had glasses and B) looked more human that most of them. He didn’t even seem like much of a threat. I knew from experience that looks could be deceiving, very deceiving.

Oh wait, he must be the librarian. Oops, I kind of thought that it would’ve been a woman. Well, this is just a little bit awkward for me.

“Umm, you’re the librarian right?” I stuttered. He nodded and smiled. I still felt nervous around him. Oh come on just ask him where the books are and get it over with. “I’m looking for books on healing techniques, curses, herbs and weaponry. Oh and a book on all of the creatures that live here.”

The librarian looked very surprised by my sudden request. Then he smiled and looked keen to search for the books that I needed. One second he was standing in front of me the next second he was gone. It had taken a couple of seconds before I felt a late rush of air come towards me. Oh wow, he was fast.

I heard the thud of something hitting a hard surface. It sounded like books. I turned around quickly in the direction of the noise. The librarian was standing next to a table that had several very high stacks of books. Oh. Shit.

“Here’re some books to get you started,” he said patting the stacks of books that he was standing next to. Wait did that mean that there were more than just these books in the library? The librarian smiled at me and then disappeared, leaving a trail of rushing air behind him. I groaned and rubbed my face with my hands. I think that was exactly what he meant. This may very well be only a small fraction of the books that I wanted that they had…great…

I walked over to the table and plunked down in the only seat available at the table. I looked at the stacks of books that were piled high above my head. Now, where do I start? I reached for a book that was at the top of the stack that was closest to me, but I couldn’t reach it from where I was sitting.

I stood up and stretched up to grab the book that was at the top. Once I had it in my grasp, I sat back down and started to read it. This book was about curses and poisons. I read book after book at that table in the library. I don’t know how much time had passed, but I managed to get about halfway through the stacks of books. Speaking of which after I read each book it mysteriously disappeared after I had finished reading them and put them down.

I felt something wasn’t right after I got three-quarters of the way through the books. It was just a feeling that bothered me. I put the book that I was reading down and stood up. I looked around the library. It was painfully silent. Not a single sound could be heard.

As my ears strained to find some sound I listened to some thud. I scanned the room with my eyes, looking for whatever had made the noise. I could feel the fear as it welled up in my chest and constricted my throat. But I forced myself to relax and take slow, deep breaths.

I moved away from the table. I couldn’t sit back down until I figured out whatever was going on, and what had made that suspicious noise. As I moved towards where the odd sound had come from, my left arm became very itchy. I tried to ignore it, but it was impossible to do so. I scratched my itchy arm. The strangest thing was, was that I felt something move within my arm.

I stared at my arm stunned. Was there something alive inside of my arm? Is this what had happened to the dragon? Fear started to grip me again. It slowly began to fade and was replaced by mild curiosity. While I was looking at my arm, I heard another weird thud. It jerked me out of my trance, and I jerked my head towards the sound. It seemed like it was coming from deeper in the library.

I walked quietly and quickly in the direction of the weird noise. Yeah I know stupid move, right? What can you do when you’re as curious as I am? At first, I thought that I had gone the wrong direction or taken a wrong turn because this library was probably large enough to create echoes. Just as I turned around, I heard a deafening scream. I jumped and nearly screamed in fright at the suddenness of the sound in the quietness of the library. The scream didn’t sound like one of fear but of one of great pain.

Every part of me wanted to get the heck out of there. But my body wasn’t listening to my mind. I started walking towards where I had heard the screaming. As I got closer, I could hear someone groaning in pain. I could also hear some light footsteps. But as I got closer the steps became even quieter like they were getting further away. Could a person be walking away from my direction? Did that mean that I was safe to keep moving around?

I’m not sure how good I would be in a fight if it came down to it. I was never really all that good at fighting on Earth, so to have to fight here? I wasn’t going to make it out alive because these people were like crazy strong. I was just human. Nothing about me has changed. I glanced down at my arm as it heated up to make its presence known. Okay, so I’ve changed a little bit, but I seriously doubted that I could fight a bunch of guys if it came down to it.

I didn’t even have a real weapon to use. Yeah, I had my powers, but I couldn’t use them all of the time. That would draw way much attention to me. My arm slowly began to cool down as I reasoned out my situation. I rubbed my arm absently as I glanced around the bookshelf.

Before I could even see what was on the other side of the bookshelf, I smelt it. I gagged and plugged my nose. What the heck was that awful smell?! When I did manage to look around the shelf what I saw would’ve made any sane person throw up. I guess I wasn’t quite all that reasonable anymore because I just gagged. I did feel sick but not enough to want to throw up.

Three bodies were lying on the floor behind the shelf. Must’ve been pretty severely wounded considering the large pool of blood on the floor around each of the bodies. From what I could see, which wasn’t a whole lot, at least one of the people that were on the ground was dead.

I took a step around the shelf to get a better look, but I was grabbed from behind. I tried to scream because it was the only thing that I could think of doing. My assailant attempted to cover my mouth and kept a tight grip on me. My assailant shushed me and started to pull me backward in a different direction. Hell no! No, no, no! I’m not going down like this!

I stomped down on his foot and threw my head back in an attempt to hit my assailant in the face. Although I think that it hurt me more than it had hurt him. However, his grip loosened just enough for me to duck out of his arms and spin around to face him. It was the librarian?! But he wasn’t in the clothes that I had seen in him earlier. He was in some armor like what Mallon had been wearing earlier today.

He had a few slashes on his arms and legs. Also some minor scrapes and cuts on his face. The strangest thing though was that he was smiling. The smile made my skin crawl. I could feel something in my arm move restlessly. Whatever it was it didn’t like to stay put. It wanted action. It also seemed to understand why I couldn’t do anything.

“I don’t know why they want you so badly, you’re just a pathetic human,” the librarian commented as he took a step towards me his eyes narrowing, but he was still smiling. I backed up a step but kept my eyes on him. I was starting to get nervous. “Although there is something about you that is just so…intoxicating.”

I watched as the librarian took a deep breath in through the nose and then sighed happily. As I watched him, his gaze changed to a predatory stare. Okay, now I was on a fear overload! What should I do? What could I do?

I felt something move in my arm again, but this time, I wasn’t afraid of it. My instincts took over my body and suddenly I knew exactly what to do. I felt my left arm twitch, and my hand gripped something that seemed to have come out of my arm. I glanced at my left hand from the corner of my eye and saw the coolest sword that I had ever seen.

I stared in awe at my sword for a moment. A strange thought came to me as I looked at the sword in my left hand. I’m right handed. The sword felt so comfortable in my left hand that I couldn’t be bothered to switch hands. I looked back up to the librarian who hadn’t made a move towards me or a noise since the sword had popped out of my left arm. He had a funny look on his face that made me think that he hadn’t expected this kind of turn of events.

“Pathetic human am I?” I asked the librarian as I smiled with new found confidence. I think that my ego may have just grown. Right now I didn’t have much time to think about it. The surprise that had been on the librarian’s face had turned to agitation. He pulled his sword out his sheath that was attached to his left hip. His sword was quite impressive, but I liked mine better.

There was only one more issue now. I didn’t know how to fight with a sword. The librarian advanced, and I ducked out of his reach. I rolled forward to get behind him. But when I got back up he was on the ground with an arrow in the back of his head. I stared with my mouth hanging open at the feathers sticking out of the guy’s head.

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