Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 11

Samantha kicked off her shoes off, once she got in the car and flexed her cramped leg, inhaling the fresh air.

“So where do you want to eat?” Axel asked as he pulled his car out of the driveway.

“Hm... Do you like Chinese?”

Axel smiled. “I do.” It was easier to be around her. He got along with her and the one fact he liked was that she never whined about the extra calories when she ate. He liked the food and so did she.

“So, what did I spoil by dragging you out for the party tonight?” He asked after a while.

“Friday movie marathon and loads of junkies,” she stated the obvious, making him chuckle.

He was once like that until her. Axel shrugged off the bitter memory as he concentrated on the girl who sat beside him. Axel glanced at his watch. It was half-past ten and he could stay up for a few hours. “We can still have a movie night,” he suggested, and she beamed.

“Sure.” Her roommate was out-of-town with her boyfriend and she was alone, anyway.

“I realized that I knew nothing about you. So, um... What is your full name?”

“Samantha Danica Sinclair,” Samantha grinned. Someone was attempting to know her.

“And, what do you hate the most?”

Samantha was surprised by his question. It was not what she expected. “Disloyalty,” she answered.

“I do too. What do you expect in our relationship?”

“Loyalty, I wish we stayed true to each other about everything, share everything and not keep each other in the dark.” Samantha kept her answers straight. She wanted to add that she wanted him to love her, but held her tongue. They were just starting now and love was nowhere on the radar at the moment though she wished that it worked between them.

“Agreed, do you have any... uh... previous relationships I have to know about?” He blurted out. It was hard, but he had to ask. He trusted her as his employee. Now, that she was becoming more he had to know about her.

“None, I have been on a few dates and kissed two, but nothing serious. My dad and brother have a tendency to chase my suitors away.”

Axel nodded intrigued. “That means you-you’re a -” he couldn’t bring himself to say the word as he mulled over the question.

“A virgin? Yes, I am. My mother has a strict no sex before marriage policy, which my father has no qualms about. Also, I don’t appreciate the idea of getting intimate with a man I do not know.”

Axel grinned from ear to ear, pleased with her answer. She sounded proud when she said she was a Virgin.

“I can’t say the same. It’s hard for me to speak about it, actually. I was blindly in love with a girl when I was in high school. She was my first, and she ruined my idea about women. I never thought of getting near one until you,” he confessed.

“I don’t care about your past, Axel. I mean not in a way to hold it against you or point it out when we have petty fights. I know what happened, but I want you to know you can trust me. I will want more details about the other girl, but only when you feel like sharing it with me,” she replied.

“That sounds good.”

Axel appreciated that she was straightforward with things and didn’t beat around the bush. Did he want to tell her about his past? He will have to at some point. They agreed to be truthful to each other, and it meant he must come forth with the truth.

“There are things I don’t want to talk about. I will share them with you someday when I am ready. At the moment, I don’t want to think about it.” He explained.

Samantha nodded as she gazed out of the car window. The city was beautiful at night with all the lights being illuminated by the buildings and street lights. Shops lined up on both the sides with people buzzing around.

“So, which movie you want to watch?” Samantha asked, breaking the awkward silence that prevailed among them.

“Maybe some action or comedy,” he suggested.

“Sure. I think I have stacked up something. So, are you into sports?”

Axel clenched his jaw as the word sports brought back unpleasant memories. “I used to be on the school football team. I stopped since -”

“Good, because I am not much into sports. I don’t understand the thing. I tried for the sake of my brothers, but I couldn’t wrap my brain around the rules and stuff,” she cut him off and her answer made him forget the bitter memory, lifting his spirit.

“So, you don’t like sports at all?”

“Nah... It’s not like I don’t like them. I don’t understand it much. I take sides on the teams and do cheerleading in front of my TV if I someone forced me to watch. My knowledge is minimal,” she explained.

“Interesting,” he mused.

Samantha just shrugged with a small smile as she and pulled her leg up, massaging her aching toes without a care in the world.

Axel was becoming increasingly curious to get to know her. The more he spoke, the more he got intrigued. She broke up all those stereotypes.

Even though she was all dressed up for the evening, she did nothing more than hang around and sip a few drinks. She didn’t dance and turned down a few offers politely. It didn’t take long to understand that she was not into parties.

Now, there she was sitting cross-legged in the car, massaging her toes. A few incoherent curses reached his ears. He couldn’t help but grin. She was not even trying to do anything to impress him. She was just being Samantha.

To be honest, he was more attracted to the girl who kicked off her shoes at the first chance she got and massaged her toes, not even giving it a thought he was there.


That night, Axel lay on his bed with a huge smile plastered on his face, grinning like an idiot while he stared at the ceiling in the dark. He enjoyed his time with Samantha.

They had dinner at her home and watched romantic comedy eating popcorn. Samantha had changed into a pair of comfortable shorts and T-shirt when they entered her one bedroom apartment she shared with her friend.

Her tan legs showed lots of skin than usual, which distracted him, yet he kept up his composure throughout their time together. He had to take it slow. After a long time in his life, he felt happy, the real happiness.

When she yawned, trying to rub the sleep from her eyes, he bid goodbye with a half hug and left her apartment. The living room and the stairs were dimly lit when he arrived home. His mother knocked on his door a few minutes later, checking on him and left with a smile that mirrored his goofy grin.

Now, he lay there staring at the ceiling thinking about the events that transpired that day until he fell into a dreamless sleep during the ungodly hours.


The Monday morning had Axel stop in his mother’s garden, plucking a single rose for Samantha. Sara, watched her son’s actions from the kitchen, smiling the entire time.

Samantha walked straight to her office before going off to get Axel’s morning caffeine and was surprised to see a single rose on her desk with a handwritten good morning note from Axel. Her lips twitched as she picked up the rose, caressing the soft petals with her fingers.

“That smile always makes my day.”

She turned around to see Axel standing by her office door with a bright smile on his face. “Hey,” she greeted as she walked up to him. “Thanks for the rose.”

“That was from our garden. How was your weekend?”

“Good., I enjoyed the Friday night with you,” Samantha smiled.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, which makes me wonder if you’d like to go out for dinner with me tonight,” Axel asked with a hopeful look.

“Sure, I’d love to.”

“Right. So, um… back to work. I’ll see you soon,” Axel grinned as he went back to his office, leaving a smiling Samantha behind.

She liked this new side of Axel.


Three days later…

Axel was surprised to see a message from Xander while he was in his office before his phone rang, Xander’s name popping on the screen.

“Xander, what is it? I thought I told you not you call me when I am at work,” he hissed into the phone.

“Wait, what?” Axel asked as he listened to Xander’s friendly banter.

“It was your idea, and I told you how it will turn out. You created this mess, now it’s up to you to figure out. How you wanted to save your virtue from that wretched woman is up to you.” Axel smirked hiding the laughter that was bubbling in his throat.

He’d warned Alexander about Alicia before he got involved with her and now just as Axel expected, Alicia wanted to get in Xander’s pants. With Alicia, she used sex as a way to get a hold of a man and Axel wondered if Xander could figure out a way out on time, which was hard considering that Alicia could be extremely persuasive.


“Huh!” He whipped around to see Samantha coming in with a set of files. “Look, I have to go. Figure out something or maybe tell her you’re going away for a shoot or something, bye,” he whispered and disconnected the call as Samantha made her way to his table.

“Why do you look like I caught you with your hands in a cookie jar?” Samantha teased with a playful smirk.

Because you did. “Ah, that was my friend,” he managed, which was true. “And, he was talking about relationships. You know, how much I hate that topic.”

Samantha quirked her eyebrows in question and Axel realized what he said.

“Ah, I meant that I have no experience in these things and it’s not a good idea for him to ask me that,” he added quickly as his lips set in a thin line, hoping that she’d drop the subject.

“That might be true. But, you aren’t doing so bad yourselves,” Samantha chuckled as she closed the distance between them. “You know, you look so cute when you have that confused look on your face,” she chirped.

“I like to think myself that I look hot, not cute,” Axel replied as she twirled his tie between her fingers.

The past couple of days were great, and a lot had changed between them. Samantha always teased him and their little chit-chat made the work more fun.

Axel sighed in relief as she pulled away, and walked to the desk, he longed to run his hands along her curves and that tight skirt she wore to work this morning was so distracting that, it was the only thing he could concentrate on when she was near.

He wanted nothing more than to close the distance between them and kiss her mindlessly when she was near, but he was too afraid to make a move.

What if she didn’t appreciate that?

Oh, and you are sloppy kisser, do you know that? Alicia’s words taunted him.

What if she didn’t like the way he kissed?

“What’s going on in that mind of your’s?” Samantha asked with a concerned look.

“Ah, nothing. Um… what is that you want to talk about?” He changed the subject and pointed the files she brought along. Samantha didn’t miss the way he changed the topic, but she let it slide and concentrated on the work before her.

Something was wrong with him and she needed to figure out what it was.

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