Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 14



Samantha groaned as the furball pawed her awake. “What now, Whiskers?”


“He missed you, Sammy,” Sasha chuckled.

“Yeah, where were you yesterday and a day before that? Did your girlfriend abandon you again?” Samantha asked, scratching the feline’s ears.

“Meow!” He confirmed as he rubbed his body against hers.

“The Spencer’s took Poppy along with them for a family outing and Whiskers got no company today,” Sasha explained.

“This happens when you move in with the girl,” Samantha scolded the cat, her lips twitched as the furball continued to rub its body against hers.


Sasha giggled as she took Whiskers from Samantha.

“So what are you up to?” Samantha asked her sister, who plopped beside her with the cat in her embrace.

“Mom and dad went out. You know their monthly date thingy.”


If one thing Samantha admired about their parents, it was their love. Her mom still blushed under the intense glance of her dad and he still bought surprise gifts for her mom. Sometimes he bought just flowers, but it was something romantic.

Their parents always made time for themselves and every month they took a day off from their work and family, it was just the two just like their old days when they dated.

“I call it a girl’s night,” Amelia announced as she came in.

“Girl’s night it is then,” Samantha grinned. It has been a while they had a girl’s night. Since she worked for Axel, she barely visited her parents for dinner.

Samantha and the girls supposedly had a girl’s night until her brothers crashed the party.

“You were supposed to watch football and have a boys’ night,” Amelia groaned as Sasha painted her nails.


“Yeah, you too, Whiskers, go with the boys,” Sasha quipped, waving her hand, motioning them to get the hell out their room.

“We are not here to create any trouble and we won’t make fun of you. In fact, we can help you,” Eric offered as he plopped down on the furry carpet.

“Help! I think I’ll pass,” Samantha snorted.

“Pretty please, Sammy. I won’t mess with your hair this time,” Ryan pleaded.

“You said that the last time, and you dyed my hair pink,” Samantha accused.

“That was a genuine mistake, I was thirteen and how am I supposed to know the difference between henna and hair dye, who bought a pink hair dye, anyway?” Ryan exclaimed.

“I bought it for a school project,” Sasha added. “I kept it in my vanity and you should’ve asked it before using it.”

“Yeah, whatever… Sammy, I can apply a facial mask for you,” Ryan offered.

“No thanks.”

“What about a hot oil massage for your head?” Ryan asked, not giving up.

“So what’s your offer, Eric?” Amelia asked as Samantha considered if it was safe to accept Ryan’s offer.

“Nothing, I am just going to stay and talk. Ryan, I’ll take that head massage, and oh, I have a much better idea. What about a full body massage?”

“Ugh! Not you again. Last time I agreed you made me knead your back for two hours,” Ryan snorted.

“Come on, Ryan. You are so good at it and you know it,” Eric pleaded.

“He asked me first and Ryan, I accept,” Samantha grinned and stuck out her tongue at Eric.

Eric snorted and turned his attention to Whiskers, who was stretching his body on the carpet, enjoying all the attention he was receiving.

“Amelia, when are your parents coming here?” Sasha asked.

“They will be here next month. Mama is planning a grand baby shower,” Amelia beamed.

“Yay! That means another shopping spree,” Sasha’s fist pumped in the air.

“Not again.” Samantha groaned.

“Come on, Sammy. We will get to buy all cute things for the baby,” Amelia spoke in a dreamy voice. Only they knew they wouldn’t be enjoying it much.

“Do we have a choice?” Samantha chuckled, considering if she could buy everything online.

“No!” Amelia deadpanned.

“That’s settled then,” Eric winked at his siblings, who all except Sasha groaned.

“Okay, let’s move on to the next topic. Sammy, tell us more about Axel,” Sasha beamed.

“There is nothing to tell,” Samantha frowned. There was nothing to tell them. He messaged earlier that he landed in Spain and then called when she was asleep. To be honest, she didn’t remember what they talked in those ten seconds.

“You are a bad girlfriend, Sammy,” Ryan complained.

“You guys know more than me about Axel. So why do you ask me?” Samantha snorted and sighed in content as Ryan’s fingers worked their magic on her scalp.

“Hm… don’t you want to know about your enemy?” Sasha quipped.

“Enemy?” Samantha gave her a puzzled look, not understanding whom she was referring to.

“Little sis is asking about Axel’s ex Alicia,” Ryan explained.

“What is there to know about her?”

“You remember dad saying she is a boyfriend hopper?” Eric piped in.

Samantha nodded with a deep frown forming on her face. She didn’t understand the direction this conversation was going. Her family was good at everything, except their gossiping habits. Samantha didn’t like gossips.

“Well, she is now engaged to the Hollywood heartthrob Alexander McGregor,” Sasha said, pushing her tab towards Samantha.

The woman in the photo was strikingly beautiful, an epitome of beauty. Her golden blonde hair cascaded around her heart-shaped face, her big blue eyes highlighted with a golden eyeshadow, giving her a glowing look. The Gucci golden gown she wore accentuated her perfect model figure. The photo was from one of the red carpet events, and Samantha frowned when she looked at the guy, he looked so familiar.

“They dated a few weeks back, and the media is going crazy when this news leaked. Alexander hasn’t said a word, but this morning they caught Alicia at a shopping mall, sporting a fat diamond ring on her finger,” Ryan added.

“I know this guy,” she mused, trying to remember from where.

“Everyone knows him. He is a famous actor, he got into A-list just after his third movie,” Ryan supplied.

“No, I have seen none of his movies.”

“You have seen nothing yet, Sammy,” Amelia winked.

“No, seriously. I have seen him elsewhere. I can’t seem to remember where.” Samantha said again.

Her eyes went to the woman again. No wonder, Axel fell for her charms. The woman oozed with confidence and her eyes reminded her of a predator.

“Anyway, the boyfriend hopper here has finally settled down with her thirteenth boyfriend or looks like she is settling down. She got engaged twice before, only to break it off to go to someone else better,” Sasha stated.

“How do you know so much?” Samantha wondered.

“Well, unlike you I like to read gossips and keep tabs on everyone,” Sasha gave her an offended look. “Also, Dad had our security agency to do a background check on her.”

“How is this news relevant?”

“It’s always better to know these things, Sammy. Alexander is now appointed as the honorary vice-chairman of McKenna enterprises, who is our top twentieth competitor. You might meet them at parties or any gatherings,” Eric explained.


On close observation, Samantha felt like the woman was nothing like she looked on the inside. She left a man broken and never looked behind. While he was recovering from the breakup, she was busy screwing her new boyfriend.

“Axel’s company is climbing the charts twice as faster than the last year,” Eric began, taking her attention from the photo. “Now, that you are a general manager it is only a matter of time before he earns his first billion and then enters the top hundred.”

“How am I being the general manager going to grow his business?”

“Sam, you don’t realize your talent, honey. When you joined Axel’s company he was struggling to get into the list of top thousand companies in the market. How do you think he got all those new deals in just one year?” Eric questioned.


“Guilty,” Eric chuckled. “We barely sent a few small deals your way. The rest came in when your company met their demand on time. Everyone appreciates that Finlayson Corp never compromises with their product quality and with Axel’s hard work, he got not only into the top thousand lists but also climbing the charts real fast.”

“You know, he didn’t have to do that,” Samantha spoke.

“It’s nothing, Sam. You know, how dad likes to help small businesses. He does that all the time and the financial report of the Finlayson Corp was pretty impressive. Axel earned it,” Eric shrugged as if it didn’t matter.

Samantha chewed her lower lip. Their girls’ night was turning into something serious and she didn’t know what to make of the new information.

Samantha sighed in defeat. “All right. Can we go back to what we were doing earlier? This is getting too serious for my liking.”

“Yeah… but one quick question. Does Axel know who you are?” Amelia piped in.

“I think he does or considering he didn’t know my last name until this Friday. I don’t think he has figured it out yet, and I didn’t see how my status as a Sinclair was important in our relationship,” Samantha shook her head.

“What do you think he will do when he finds out?” Sasha asked with a huge grin.

“I don’t think my status is relevant. He said he liked me and wanted to give it a chance. We’re taking it slow and it’s too early to say anything else.”

“Girl, you know each other for a year and you say it’s too early?” Amelia exclaimed.

“Well, I know him as my boss, not as a boyfriend,” Samantha reasoned.

“Understandable. Is he a good kisser?”

“Ami!” Samantha whined. “Can we please stop this and go back to our usual night? There are kids in this room,” Samantha begged.

“We are not kids!” Sasha and Ryan huffed in unison and the others ignored their protests with a chuckle.

“Okay, now take that pout off your face. You look ridiculous,” Amelia grumbled.

“What? I look as cute as a panda.”

“Only for Eric.”


“Hey, my sister looks as cute as a panda,” Eric supported.

“He’s calling you fat,” Ryan quipped.

“No, he’s not. Eric, are you calling me fat again?”

“No! Absolutely not. Mom will burn my ass if I did that,” Eric reasoned and Samantha believed him.

“Liar!” Ryan called.

“Shut up, Skinny,” the group said in unison as Sasha threw a pillow at Ryan.

“No, you didn’t,” Ryan smiled before picking up two pillows for himself. And that was how they started their epic pillow fight that would ruin their room.


Axel once again lay on the comfortable bed in the guest room assigned to him. His mind wandering back to the times he spent with Samantha. He missed her so much, and they had a lot to talk about.

When Andrea asked more about his new girlfriend, he had no answers to many of her questions. His cousin gave him a stern look, saying he should be ashamed for not knowing anything about his girlfriend.

He decided that from now on, he would spend more time with Samantha. He wanted to speak to Samantha, but looking at the time he decided against it and just left her a Goodnight message. She had work tomorrow, and she needed her rest.

He hoped that she could handle everything alone. He felt bad for leaving her to her own devices. Maybe he should’ve hired someone to aid her in his absence. However, Samantha has assured him she will take care of everything in the office and asked him not to worry.

That night again, he went to sleep with a huge smile on his lips.

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