Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 15

Alicia arched her back and clutched the sheets as an exquisite pleasure shot through her core.

“Mhmm… Faster... Oh, Brody… Yes!” She moaned louder.

Her new boy toy was better than she thought. He brought her over the edge twice already with his sinful mouth. She let go with a scream for the third time when she couldn’t hold anymore.

“You did well than I thought,” she smirked and got up from the bed, straightening her clothes.

“Are you sure you don’t want more,” he asked suggestively as he stroked his hardness.

“Not today, Brody. Alexander and I are going out for dinner,” she muttered as she zipped her dress and corrected her make up.

“Call me,” he winked as she closed the door behind her.

Her heels clicked on the marble as a permanent smirk danced across her lips. She pulled her Porsche from the driveway and steered it towards the road. Alicia loved her new car and the smell of leather was heaven. She bought it last week after moving in with Alexander, and the media did the rest of the work for her, claiming Alexander bought an expensive car for his girlfriend.

Turning to a random radio station, she bobbed her head and sang out loud with the song. She didn’t care if she sounded like a screeching monkey. Alicia grinned and waved when she noticed a few paparazzi clicking her stills as she stopped at the signal.

This is life.

Money... Too much for your own good, popularity, and lots of sex.

Nothing could compensate what she had. Her manicured nails tapped on the steering wheel as the signal turned green. She stepped on the gas and whizzed past several cars. Alicia scanned the road as she tuned the device to a different station.

Alexander lived in West Village, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan. There were a group of reporters in front of Alexander’s mansion. She ignored them and drove past the gates–the grand mansion always took her breath away.

Alicia stopped the car in the driveway and didn’t lock the door behind her as she tossed the keys to the servant who opened the door for her. Her hips swayed seductively as she went in search of Alexander.

The elegant white and gray marble were spotless, expensive oil paintings decorated the walls, and the faint aroma of some floral room freshener still lingered in the air.

Alicia scrunched her nose in disgust when she found him in the gym. He had a killer body, and he was an eye candy, but gosh... He is sweating, yuck.

“Alex! Baby, I missed you,” she crooned as she lunged at him and placed a wet kiss on his lips.

“You saw me this morning,” Xander commented with a raise of his eyebrow as he released her and went back to his routine.

Alicia chewed her lips as she shamelessly ogled his sculpted body. “Alex, why do I feel you are not into me? Do you not like me?”

He met her gaze as if contemplating her question. “I like you, Alicia.”

Alicia wasn’t satisfied with his answer. He was playing hard to get, and it irritated her. Most men would kiss the ground she walked on merely after the second date and here he was, unfazed by her beauty. Was there any other woman in his life?

“I’m sorry. I forced you to pose as my fiancée. But, I like you and we have a good chemistry. Can’t we make this real?”

“Alicia, we don’t even know each other that well. But, I’m willing to give us a try.” Alexander gave her that dashing smile that always made her panties wet. But, all that sweat was throwing her off.

Alicia willed her lips to form a seductive smile. “All right, I will get ready for the evening,” she announced.

“Sure,” Alexander replied in a dismissive tone that shot her down.

Alicia pivoted on her heels and walked gingerly towards her room. She sniffed her dress, cursing silently. Why does she have to pretend as if she liked hugging him when he was all sweaty? His response wasn’t what she expected, and it didn’t sit well with her. She stripped and got in the shower. Alexander wasn’t like the other men, and he was the first man she started a relationship with. It was like she threw herself at him and yet he didn’t fall for her charms.

It took a lot of convincing and persuading to make him act like her fiancée before her father. Alicia could tell he wasn’t pleased. She’d leaked the news to the press and Alexander maintained his silence on the matter. She’d bought a ring for herself and told him that her father wouldn’t believe if she had no ring.

Her mind wandered to Alexander as she took her time lathering the soap on her body. He was not fit for Hollywood. Alexander was an old school, and she wondered how he became a star. The guy wouldn’t even kiss her until their fourth date and it took several weeks to get him to use the tongue while kissing.

Fool! His place as A-lister, the fame and the money that came with it was the only reason she chose him.

Then the call from Seemus changed the game for her. It forced her to pursue a relationship with Xander even though he wasn’t an active participant. If she didn’t play her cards right, she would lose any chance she had for inheriting her grandfather’s fortune, considering that Seemus wasn’t even her biological father.

Though Alexander was smitten with her, he wasn’t ready to move further and she knew she needed to take their relationship to the next level. She had moved in when he was away on a shoot and when he came home to see her. He wasn’t pleased. Xander told her he liked her, but she was moving too fast for his liking. She’d told him she did it to make her father believe and she would stay away from him until he was ready. Her anger at Xander grew as he resisted her every attempt to seduce him.

The last time she’d planned a dinner, he’d called and informed that he was going away. Now he was back, she wanted to use this situation to her advantage. Tonight, after the dinner, she would seduce him and there won’t be any going back for him.

She would make this engagement true and after the marriage, she would ask for a divorce and will part with a huge alimony. She couldn’t fathom being tied up to a single man for the rest of her life. Her body shuddered at the thought.

One hour later, she was ready for their high-profile dinner date. She took extra care in makeup as there would be many reporters and she had to look good. How would they know about Alexander’s secret date you may ask? Well, she might have leaked the information.

Alicia smirked as she pouted her dark red lips in the mirror, I am the best. Noticing the time, she realized that she was early and waited for Alex. She played with her mobile as she sat on a love seat, her mind mulling about the life she could have because of Alexander.

He was a good kisser which had her wondering how good he was in the bed. Maybe she would stay longer if he blew her brains into bed. She tapped her slim fingers thoughtfully as she browsed through the gossip column, looking for any news about her and Alexander.

Her fingers stopped when her eyes glued to the page which read, Millionaire in love.

The magazine had posted a photo of Axel kissing a girl. He was smiling at something the girl said and his smile looked so natural, carefree. It was like seeing the teenage Axel once again. Alicia read the article which portrayed the girl as a social climber though she didn’t look like one.

She was beautiful and had a good dressing sense. Alicia’s eyes zeroed in on the girl’s shoes. She was curious to know more about the girl with Axel.

Jimmy Choo?

The girl looked so ordinary, but there were things that stood out. Her shoes, clothes, her watch. Who is she? Alicia knew Axel was now a millionaire, and he dated no one after their breakup. She kept tabs on him, particularly after the business magazine listed him as one of the most eligible bachelors in New York. Alicia looked at the girl once again, she looked like a middle-class girl, but her attire said otherwise.

There was no way Axel would have bought her all these. Alicia tapped her feet anxiously as she searched the net for the girl’s details and groaned in frustration as she came up with zero. She was not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media, not even on LinkedIn. The news said she worked for Axel.

She was distracted when Alexander came knocking at her door, with a frustrated sigh Alicia got up and walked to the door for their dinner.



Samantha woke up from her deep slumber if she was not while she answered the phone when the brunette’s excited voice pierced her eardrums during the night. She also almost fell out of the bed.

“Not again, Andy,” she groaned.

“Wake up you, panda ass.”

“The sun is not even up Andy. It’s freaking two in the morning.”


Samantha rolled her eyes behind her closed eyelids at her best friend’s antics. Most of the time her friend conveniently forgot the time difference between their countries.

“How is your handsome fiancée?”

“Oh, he is fine. Nervous around our family, you know how they are. Now that my cousin’s family from the USA is visiting us and we thought this would be the perfect time to host our engagement party.”

“What? Did you say engagement party?”


“Stop popping the ‘p’. And you are informing this now? I should have known about this earlier.”

“We just decided, Dani. Besides, I scheduled it on a Saturday, so you could attend.”

“Saturday? This Saturday?”



“Oh, shut it, Dani. Just get your fat ass into that jet of your dad. I’ll be there to pick you up from the airport.”

“I don’t even have a dress,” Samantha whined.

“Huh... The Sinclair heiress doesn’t have a dress for my engagement? Puh-lease... I am not asking you, Dani. You are my maid of honor and you should be here.”

Samantha sighed as a warm smile crept on her soft lips. “I wouldn’t miss it for anything else in the world, Andy. I’ll see you on Saturday with the dress I promised.”

She shook her head as her friend squealed with happiness. Samantha relaxed on the bed once again and willed the sleep to claim her once again. She had an entire week to worry about her itinerary and she would have to tell Axel about her trip to Spain, they could meet up and travel back together.

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