Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 17

It was Tuesday evening already, and he wondered, how Samantha was managing the work alone. They were six hours ahead of the USA and he will have to wait to speak to her. He felt bad for leaving everything to her. However, there was no one he would trust his work with. He believed she would handle it fine.

Around eleven-thirty p.m. he called Samantha, unable to hold any longer.


His insides lit upon hearing her sweet voice.

“Hi… How are you?”

“I’m good. How about you?”

“Good, kind of. If you exclude the small argument with my grandfather and the incident where I had to lock myself in a room to save my virtue.”

“Tell me everything.”

Axel chuckled. The possessiveness and the sudden flare of her anger could not be missed. It was new to him and he liked it.

“Apparently, my grandfather wants me to marry the daughter of his business partner and my mother gave him a piece of her mind, which shut him up.”

“What’s her name?” Samantha growled.

“Vannina Blanco Solís, you know the daughter of–“

“Oreal Blanco Solís.”


“That man has a joint venture with Rodrígez Del Campo. Their company made it to the top ten this year.”

“Wow, Sam… You’re a genius. So now you know that Rodrígez Del Campo is my favorite grandfather,” Axel quoted sarcastically.

“Del Campo is your grandfather?”

“Yes, but he never liked me. My mom fell in love with my dad and eloped with him, so he hates me.”

“Oh, so what did this Vannina do exactly?”

Axel was enjoying this new side of Samantha–her possessiveness only seemed to excite him. “She was doing the stalker stuff and tried to enter my bedroom. I have locked the door with a deadbolt, so she couldn’t enter,” he answered.

“She is so dead when I get there. Stay away from her until then. She is more dangerous than a poison ivy.”

“You’re coming here?”

“Yeah, I forgot to tell you sooner. I am coming on Saturday and I want you to pick me up from the airport.”

“Sure… Why are you coming here? I mean, ah… are you coming just to deal with Vannina?”

“No. Initially I was going to come to meet my friend. Vannina is just an added task.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I am warning you, Axel. You better stay away from her.”

“I will and I wish you were here now. And, I like when you are jealous.”

“Oh dear, it’s not jealousy. I’m simply protecting what’s mine. I will skin her alive if she tried something with you, so if you want her alive you better keep your doors locked.”

Axel laughed out loud on hearing her threat and on the other end Samantha snickered. “You know what, mom told my grandfather that I already have a fiancée and she will never accept his proposal.”

“Aww… She said that?”

“Yes, she did.” Axel grinned, though he knew she couldn’t see him.

“Why do I feel like there is more? What are you not telling me?”

“Well, after the breakfast he met me alone. He warned me to break up with you and marry Vannina or else he would ruin my business.”

“He said that?”

“Yes. And I told him to fuck off. I don’t give a flying shit about his threat.”

“Hm… Do you think he will follow through his threat?”

“He was furious. He may or it’s just a dog bark. But, he has ways to do it if he wanted to.”


“So, how was work today?”

“Same boring stuff. Um… Axel, I am receiving a call. I’ll talk to you later, it must be my dad. He said he would pick me up after work.”

“Oh, sure. Good night, then.”

“Good night.”


Samantha lay on her bed. She was glad to be home after living alone for a while. Growing up with an overprotective father and brother was difficult.

When she felt like it was the time she did things on her own and explored the world without the support of her father or brother, she searched for a job outside and denied the place offered by her father in their company.

Her father opposed her decision to work for an outsider and did everything in his power to block her path. However, her mother intervened and argued with her father, who grudgingly gave her six months’ time to find a job outside. Samantha was over the moon and she finally had the freedom to do whatever she wanted.

Finding a job in New York was like searching a needle in the haystack, especially the companies who recognized her father by her name rejected her saying they didn’t want to get into the bad side of Gregory. Only, Axel seemed unfazed by the fact and she wondered if he ever paid attention to that small detail.

She knew his grandfather Rodrígez Del Campo. Her father and brother discussed their business a lot when they were home much to the dismay of her mother. Rodrígez was headstrong. To him, money and power meant everything. She wondered if he would follow through his threat.

A part of her knew he would try. Rodrígez has done similar things before. He was like a predator, waiting for the right time to attack. He would try to do something immediately just to prove his point to Axel. Her mind reeled as different possibilities popped into her brain. She wanted nothing drastic to happen when the company was under her watch, or even after that.

She must speak to her dad tomorrow. He would know what to do and Samantha was sure, Rodrígez was in for one hell of a ride if he ever tried to mess with Axel.


Rodrígez smiled victoriously as he figured out a way to show Axel what he could do. He had promised Sara’s hand to Oreal thirty years ago, and then she had eloped with Henry, spoiling his plans.

He hated his good-for-nothing Son-in-Law and he disowned them until his father contacted them. His father forced him to accept Sara and her family, which he did as his father provided him with no other option. Joaquin still held the fifty-one percent of company shares and he threatened that he would give it all to Axel if he wouldn’t comply.

Rodrígez typed the email and grinned when he got an immediate response to his email. He was planning this for a year and Axel took the bait by accepting the offer.

When he discovered that Vannina liked Axel, he repaired the damage by Sara. So, he arranged one of his acquaintances to indulge a business deal with Axel. He knew about Axel’s past and he saw this as the only leverage against him.

Axel had invested most of his earnings on his new business deal. He was working harder to send the shipment on time and now Axel’s customer would conveniently send the information to him stating that he no longer wanted to deal with Axel’s company.

There was a clause in their contract which allowed the customer to finish the deal and now he would use it against his dear grandson. If Axel doesn’t agree then he would lose everything he had and must start from the scratch. No one would even doubt his hand behind all this.

Axel would have no other option, but to agree with him, Rodrígez smirked at the thought.

Good luck, Axel.


Samantha furrowed her eyebrows in concentration. It took one day for her father’s team to collect the details about the ruthless Rodrígez Del Campo. Her lips twitched as her eyes found a detail which pleased her.

The mighty Rodrígez was trying to seal a billion dollar deal with her dad. If it happened, then it would boost up his market and his business would evolve into a whole new level. The Del Campo family started with real estate and construction. Later they evolved as hoteliers and now owned several three stars and four-star hotels in Spain.

Other information on page sixteen caught Samantha’s attention. She didn’t know the Del Campo’s had a company that exported seafood. Rodrígez must plan to corner Axel for a long time if not why did he start an export company in the name of his business associate to export seafood.

Something clicked as if the puzzle pieces fell together in place and she smirked. “Busted,” she sang and dialed the number to her brother’s office.

“Mark, this is Samantha. I want you to email me the details of all the communications that happened between Sinclair International and the Del Campo’s. I’ve already spoken to dad and Eric, you can check with them.”

“Oh, hi... Yeah, sure. No problem at all. Anything else you need Ms. Sinclair?” The head of business development inquired.

“Call me Samantha and that’s all, for now, Mark,” she replied.


It would be a long day. She called their logistics department and confirmed that the shipment was on track before calling Axel’s lawyer Jerry and telling him to go over the contract they signed with the European company. Axel has invested a huge amount in this deal, they had ninety days credit period after product delivery. He and Jenson were taking a risk with this deal.

Samantha could see why Axel took up on this deal. If it happened, then it would open the European market for their products. Axel didn’t want to miss the chance, and he went overboard to make it happen when the European company approached them with an attractive offer.

How fortunate, that European company was also one partner of Del Campo. Rodrígez was playing century old game and for Axel, he had her. Axel was the most genuine person she met so far, and he didn’t deserve the deception coming his way.

His heart was broken once, and it took ten years for him to even look at another woman. He has put his blood and sweat into this business and just the thought of Rodrígez made Samantha furious.

She was a calm natured girl. However, she was like her dad when someone messed with something that belonged to her. Samantha stood up and went to the window, staring at the busy city and magnificent skyscrapers. The sun was high up and it was a bright day.

Her mind wandered to Axel. They might be just starting on their relationship, but she already considered him as hers. She smiled at the memory of Sara mentioning her as Axel’s fiancée, which reminded her she would need a ring while she visited.

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