Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 19

Axel was furious when he learned about the incident and the curse words he used during their call made her smile and warmed her insides. He went to jail for hitting a guy who talked badly about her and she could already imagine what would have happened if he was present in the office today. It took a good half an hour for him to cool down and Samantha forgot her own anger.

She filed away the evidence for the future purpose for when he tried to create any trouble with her or the company. The rest of the day flew away with the work piled up on her table keeping her busy.

Axel had called at least five times before she reached home to make sure she was all right. He had called once when she was in the car with her dad and she could tell by her dad’s expression he was pleased.

When Gregory learned about what happened in the office, he acted just like Axel and wanted to bust his ass. None of Samantha’s words would cool him down until Narmadha spoke to him.

Men, Amelia mouthed at her with a shake of her head and Samantha chuckled. Eric was not yet home and the third round of fireworks would start when he learns about this incident. Ryan was the coolest of all the guys, so he just confirmed with her thrice if she had tased him for good and chastised her for not tasing him twice more and dry fry his ass.

Samantha felt drained by the time she finished dinner and dragged herself to the bed. Eric was once again late for dinner and he wouldn’t hear the end of it today. They must wait a little longer for his reaction to the morning incident.

After a short call with Axel one more time, she fell asleep, cuddling her pillow.


The rest of the week blurred fast and soon it was Friday. Samantha stayed in office until seven p.m. and left only after they loaded their shipment.

She boarded their private jet at midnight and relaxed on the luxurious bed. She had enough time to sleep and for the first time in years, she stared at the ceiling, trying to catch the sleep that seemed too far.

Her mind was so excited to see Axel and she wondered how things changed so fast between them. The more they talked the more she liked him. She tossed and turned in her bed for most of the night. When the sunbeams penetrated through her window she gave up and went to get ready.

She was glad she traveled in their private jet. The shower was relaxing and she exited the washroom feeling all fresh. She had another one hour before they landed.

She chose a pale green sundress which ended a few inches above her knees. Sasha and Amelia took a full charge of packing her wardrobe during her stay here in Spain. Though she would be here only for two days.

Samantha blushed when her sister packed a few bikinis, despite her telling her she would never use bikini in front of Axel. She took her time getting ready and carefully applied the makeup. She wanted to look good for Axel and, she didn’t want him to get an impression she tried hard.

She got ready just when the captain announced that they were landing. A rush of excitement flood through her veins as the jet bumped on the ground. An involuntary smile spread across her lips and she couldn’t wait to get out of the jet.

Fortunately, there were only a few people in the immigration when she arrived. Her eyes searched the crowd to find Axel and her best friend. She knew Andrea was the granddaughter of Rodrígez and she’d assumed that Axel must be the cousin she spoke highly about during their college days.

A wide grin spread across her face as her best friend barreled towards her with a high pitched squeal, attracting attention from a few passers-by.

“Hey, your ass has gotten huge...” Andrea commented as she pulled her into a tight hug. “How the hell are you growing them up? Look at mine, it just doesn’t get bigger than this,” she complained as they parted.

Samantha chuckled at her friend, who was always envious of her curvy body and round bottom. She always said that she would happily trade her body for Samantha’s.

“It’s hereditary and maybe the junkies I eat now and then boosted it a bit.”

“Now, I am so angry at you Missy. You are dating my cousin and I didn’t even know about it. Hell, I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend. We promised each other to share the details first,” she chastised.

“I’m so sorry, Andy. I didn’t mean to. We just agreed to give it a chance a week before Axel traveled here and I thought I would tell you in person.”

“Hmm... but from now on you are telling me everything.”


“You might want to save your guy from that hawk,” Andrea nudged her suddenly, pointing far away from a girl, who was trying to hold hands with Axel, who was eyeing the crowd in discomfort. “That’s Vannina. Axel had told her off several times and she just wouldn’t accept the fact that Axel belongs to you. She actually believes thinks that she has a chance of changing his mind.”

“Then, it’s time to save my boyfriend,” Samantha winked as she slipped the ring she’d bought earlier in her finger.

“You came ready, I see,”

“Yeah, I have to play the part,” Samantha wiggled her eyebrows before walking towards Axel.

Andrea yipped as Samantha ambled towards Axel, who tried to get free from the clingy girl without gaining any attention from the crowd. The girl must’ve known that he would do nothing to shame her in public, so she was taking full advantage.

“Axel!” Samantha squealed.

Axel whipped around and relief flooded him at the sight of Samantha. She was running towards him as Vannina stood dumbfounded beside him. When she learned about the arrival of Andrea’s friend she tagged along to make sure that Axel didn’t stray.

Now, the way the new girl ran towards him said that she was more than just a girl to him. Axel’s face lit up like a decorated Christmas tree.

“Sam!” He ran towards her meeting her in the middle, he picked her and spun her, earning a fit of giggles from her and when he stopped, she kissed him.

Axel was stunned for a moment when her soft lips touched his and soon he kissed her back with a hunger he hadn’t felt in a long time. He dipped her slightly and deepened the kiss, his tongue gliding past her lips, taking everything she offered.

He’d missed her so much and the kiss was everything he longed for. When they broke apart they were panting so hard and Andrea cheered with a wide grin. “I forgive you, girly. Now, move your ass, let’s get you both home.”

A permanent goofy grin rested on Axel’s face the entire ride. Vannina sat in the front passenger seat gingerly while Samantha claimed her seat on Axel’s lap on the back seat.

Andrea caught Samantha’s eyes in the rearview mirror and winked. Samantha blushed when Axel’s fingers traced the bare skin just above her knees. His fingers drew random patterns on her skin, making her squirm and she clenched her thighs together as a foreign feeling shot through her core.

Axel caught her lips once again and she eagerly responded to his kiss as her surroundings faded around her. She couldn’t think of anything but his lips and his hands, running on her lower back.

They broke apart at the sound of a honk and a door being slammed shut. Andrea chuckled under her breath. “If that didn’t bring her to her senses, then nothing will,” she commented as three other brunettes filled the driveway.

Sara was out of the door the moment she heard the honk and she didn’t miss to notice how close Samantha and Axel were. If their swollen lips and flushed look were not a proof enough, Vannina’s ugly scowl said it all. She smirked internally as she went to greet her future daughter in law, her eyes lit up noticing the diamond ring on Samantha’s finger.

“Sara!” Samantha embraced her.

“Clever girl,” Sara patted on her back and Samantha blushed.

“Good to see you, Sam. Axel missed you a lot.” Henry grinned as he hugged her next. “In fact, we all did.”

“I missed you too. Especially, your pancakes Sara.”

Sara chuckled as she led her into the mansion.

Gabriela, Silvia, and Marina hugged Samantha as they bombarded her with questions about anything and everything.

“Hold your questions, girls. Let’s get her inside first,” Andrea scowled playfully. Her sister and cousins knew Samantha and they stayed in touch even though they never met in person. They talked on Skype at least once in a week.

Samantha grinned and squeezed the hands of the girls as she followed a grinning Axel inside. “Where are your parents?” She asked Andrea and the girls.

“Oh, you know how our grandpa is. They will arrive here in time for the party,” Gabriela answered.

Rodrígez was in the living room reading newspaper when she arrived. He noted her casual dress and flip flops, scrunching his nose in disgust, but made no move to greet her.

None in his family had a sense when they chose their friends or fiancée. Rodrígez scowled internally and pretended to read.

Samantha didn’t care. Her father had enough money and influences to crush the Del Campo’s if needed–she just nodded at him when Sara made the introductions. It didn’t go unnoticed as she hugged every one of Axel’s family while she just nodded at Rodrígez.

Vannina was nowhere to be seen and Samantha relaxed considerably.

“Where’s is grandpa Joaquin?” Samantha asked looking around.

“He is at his physiotherapy session,” Andrea responded. “You’re staying in my room unless you want to share it with Axel,” she commented.

“What?” Rodrígez was on his feet, the paper he was reading scattered to the floor.

“Did you forget anything, dad?” Sara quirked her eyebrows.

“What’s her business with Axel?” Rodrígez boomed in high pitch. If they were small it would have sent shivers of fear down their spine. They would’ve bowed their heads while silently praying that he forgive them and imposes no punishments on them.

This time, Sara just smirked. “Dad, she is Axel’s fiancée. What’s wrong with them sharing a room?”

Her father’s face contorted and turned red with anger. His ears were sending out invisible steam from the pressure coursing through his veins. “Impossible. I would never accept this tramp in my family,” he yelled.

“Dad, she is no tramp. She is going to be my daughter-in-law and you would treat her with respect,” Sara countered.

Samantha just regarded him with a challenging smile and stopped Andrea when she tried to say something. “Andy, I will be staying with Axel.”

“There is no way you are sharing a room with him in this home,” Rodrígez shouted.

Samantha shrugged. “Not a problem. He is very capable of affording a suite in a hotel,” she stated without breaking eye contact.

Rodrígez clenched his jaws, but refrained himself from saying anything and stomped out of the room. If he cannot talk sense into their peanut brains then, he would have to prove his point.

“Wow… that was hot, girl,” Andrea whistled.

Samantha just shrugged with a smile as she went to stand beside Axel. She wanted to smack the old man for calling her a tramp. It took a lot of self-control that kept her from doing so. She didn’t want to look bad in front of her future family.

“Yep, that’s my girl,” Axel beamed.

“Stop popping the ‘p’,” Samantha grumbled earning a fit of giggles from the girls.

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