Axel's Revenge

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Chapter 20

Rodrígez power walked out of his mansion aimlessly as anger pulsed through his veins. His daughter married a man who doesn’t even compete with his status and now her son repeated the same mistake. A mistake he wouldn’t allow them to repeat. He pulled out his phone once he was out of earshot and called his business associate.

“Ulises, it’s time. You know what to do. I want it to be done immediately,” he ordered and walked away with a wicked smile.


Axel chuckled under his breath at Samantha’s response as a warm feeling crept into his heart. Who thought his girl was a spitfire?

He didn’t expect his meek secretary to be a Sinclair heiress in the least. However, her talent, vast business knowledge, and strategic mind made sense now. He has only read a few interviews of Gregory and he was a man of knowledge, his daughter, being so good at work was no surprise. It was just in her blood. Samantha though shorter than him for a good six or seven inches stood tall and confident before his terrifying grandfather, least bothered by his aura.

The air of confidence around her was surprising, and to be honest his heart swelled with pride. She was so different from any other women he had met before. His hands immediately enclosed her narrow waist when she leaned towards him and he let them rest on the curve of her hips, a little low he would be tracing her shapely ass–the notion really tempting at the moment.

Axel felt like he was floating when he led her to his bedroom, her things were already unpacked and loaded into his–their closet.

“Hey stranger,” he purred in a low murmur against her ears when they were alone. His hands came around her front pulling her by the waist and his right hand rested on her stomach, drawing patterns over her dress while his left hand roamed down to her thighs.

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t know,” he whispered and felt her shiver slightly against him.

Samantha swallowed nervously as goose bumps erupted on her skin. His hands traced her smooth skin, leaving heat trails in its wake. She wanted to curl her toes and throw her head back as a silent tingle made its way towards her apex.

“Axel...” A husky whisper had him press his hardened lower part against her back.

“Is it wrong that I am unable to keep my hands off you? Now, that I know how those lips feel against mine, I want to know more.” His masculine voice drawled in a low octave sending a jolt of awareness to her lower belly.

“I don’t know,” she gasped as his hands caressed the inside of her thighs. Too close to her comfort. A logical part of her wanted him to stop while the other hazy part wanted to feel his hands on her. Her reaction towards him both shocked and surprised her.

They agreed to see each other and take things slow. However, the attraction they felt towards each other was undeniable and it scared her to a small extent. She was torn between the raging hormones and rational thinking when her back hit the soft mattress.

Her back sunk into the mattress as he hovered above her, kissing her lips with urgency as his hands now took the liberty to explore her curves, which no other man touched before. Her body welcomed his touch as the logical part of her brain shut down with the anticipation building within her.

It was when she felt his lips pressing against belly button she realized that her dress had ridden so high revealing her panties to him. She had never felt so thankful to her annoying sister-in-law for packing a decent looking pair of lingerie before. She’d worn a matching pair of pale green cotton underwear and she was glad she did.

Her breath hitched when she felt his fingers skim around the edge of the elastic holding it together. His lips trailed multiple kisses along her pelvic bone and she let out a moan, bucking her hips when his lips pressed on top of her treasure cove.

She might be inexperienced, but she knew well what he intended to do. Her eyes rolled into her head when his index finger pressed against her bundle of nerves and just when she was expecting his mouth on her something changed.

His movements stopped and she cracked her eyes open, forcing herself to support her body on her elbows which felt like a jelly. She noticed a distant look on his face. His hands clenched around her thighs, and his manicured nails dug into her soft skin without him realizing.


“Axel! You are hurting me,” she called again when he didn’t respond.

A look of pure horror passed through his face as he released her and scrambled away from her, his chest heaved as his breathing got harsher. Axel’s behavior left her perplexed.

However, his harsh breathing and the white knuckles pulling his hair told her a different story. Axel couldn’t breathe. His head reeled as he struggled to cling to the reality. His hands trembled with every movement and he was sweating profusely. His face was getting pale with every passing minute and he knelt on the floor as his knees gave out.

Samantha cursed under her breath as she realized that he was having an anxiety attack. It took a good one hour and a lot of soft talking from her part to bring him back. She brushed aside his apologies and moved to sit on his lap. He seemed to welcome her touch as he leaned towards her and rested his forehead on her cheek.

“Wanna talk about it?” She inquired in a feather soft voice, which sounded both caring and assuring.

“No,” he muttered softly. He knew he should soon come out to her with the truth. His therapist always told him to talk. He advised that he should never bury his pain. And that he should let it out somehow.


Her response made him feel bad. He wanted to tell her everything, and he wasn’t ready to dig that deep. Though he was worried about her reaction it was mostly for his safety. Talking to her would stir the emotions he successfully concealed over the years.

“I want to tell you so badly. But, I am not ready, it’s–” his breath quickened as the pressure he felt in his heart increased. He didn’t know what went wrong.

He remembered kissing Samantha and they got carried away. One moment he was feeling her flawless skin and the next moment he was hovering over her with an aim to please her. He wanted to be the first to bring her over the edge.

At that moment, there was only Samantha. He wanted to show her the pleasure he could give her. Make her realize that how much she meant to him. Then, everything changed as a memory surfaced from the depths of his own mind.

“I understand this is hard for you. I won’t push you for anything, but if you really want to tell me then why don’t we do it this way? You can tell me one thing at a time and I’ll just listen. No questions asked, and I won’t judge you for what happened to you in the past,” Samantha spoke gently.

She kind of had an idea about his past and she remembered her father, saying it took a year for Axel to recover. Knowing about Axel, she was sure of one thing that the break up was not the only reason he tried to end his life. There was more to the story and she wanted to help him in any way she can.

Axel nodded and at that moment he felt so vulnerable. He never felt this helpless in past ten years. Talking about his past felt like slicing his chest with a knife, it hurt. He felt more ashamed than anything else.

Does he want to do this?

He was hurt once, and now he was going to make the same mistake he did when he was a teenager. Opening his heart to another woman was a risk he debated if he was ready to take. His gut instincts said that he could trust her. However, his wounded heart wanted to sink deeper into his rib cage and lay there in the safety it provided.

Will he be able to do this?

He should do what his therapist told him the last time. He couldn’t go on living without actually trusting anyone. The only way to overcome his fear of losing it once again was to risk it.

Could he do this?

Samantha silently watched Axel as he was caught up in his internal debate. She kind of understood his dilemma. She was protected and pampered throughout her life, what she would know about heartbreak and anxiety.

The only knowledge she possessed about these things were from the books she read and the movies she watched before. She could do this. How hard will it be to listen to his past from his mouth? She knew about his past and he didn’t know that she knew.

Her mother advised her not to let Axel know about that until he opens up to her and she also warned not to get involved until he opened up. Samantha couldn’t disagree with the one woman who gave her life.

Her mother was always right. There should be no secrets between the pairs. She should know about his good and bad side before they commit themselves to this. Withholding a secret from a life partner is a thousand times worse than facing them with a bitter truth, her mom said.

Samantha was determined to heal his broken heart and she vowed to herself that whatever he said she would approach the matter with an open mind and would never use it against him. She would do anything in her power to come out of this.

Axel took a shuddering breath and relaxed a little when he felt her hands rubbing up and down the length of his back. Familiar warmth spread through his body and his tense muscles untied its knots under her touch.

“I grew up believing in love. My parents married for love and seeing them every day had me yearning for the same. I wanted a family more than anything,” he took a shuddering breath and she held him silently.

“When I met her, I was entranced by her beauty like every other boy in my class. She became a reason for my wet dreams and my eyes followed her everywhere she went. She was popular and dated the most popular boy on our football team.”

Axel let out a humorless laugh and wiped his face. Samantha got up from his lap and went to pour him a glass of water as he recalled his past events.

“You know that feeling when you feel like your stomach flutters when your eyes met the one you have a crush on? I felt that every time I saw her. Sometimes, I would forget to breathe and my heart would thump against my rib cage at just her sight. I was immensely attracted to her and I knew she wouldn’t look at me twice.”

He quietly took the glass of water from Samantha and gulped it greedily before setting it down. He pulled her towards him gently and she sat beside him–letting him toy with her painted nails.

“Once during the fall, I bumped into her in the locker room. I caught her before she could fall and our eyes met. She was so close to me and it felt like a dream. That day she was there to meet her boyfriend and I felt a ping of jealousy inside my heart when I saw them making out a few minutes later.”

He took a breath and continued.

“A few months later, I learned that they broke up because he cheated on her. She didn’t come to school for two days and I felt bad for her. At that time, I didn’t realize that the sympathy I felt for her will be my doom,” Axel’s voice faltered as he recalled the memory.

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